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Pulling myself together

So, i am up very early for me. i am sitting here with my cup of coffee and my cigarette, and i’m so much calmer. Things are still a mess, but i have decided that loosing my mind is not … Continue reading

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100 Things about Angel

1. Angel is a Scorpio 2. Angel has red hair. 3. Angel had her clit pierced bc i wanted her to. 4. Angel has a silver car 5. Angel’s favorite food is mac & cheese. 6. Angel has to take … Continue reading

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You know you love him when…

You’ve actually shared your real fears. The ones so deep, you spend your whole life convincing yourself that you don’t have them. Not the romantic ones, or the acceptable ones, or the intriguing ones, not the ones you thought you … Continue reading

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Slut I love a slut. I do not know if every woman has an inner slut, but I love the ones who do. It’s an interesting word, with a lot of connotations. Probably everyone has a slightly different idea of … Continue reading

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my insomnia has kicked into high gear, and so i have been thinking crazy sleep deprived thoughts about tears and and that old cliché about it taking rain to make anything grow. You see, i have this block. i have … Continue reading

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We are

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The thing that I have most dreaded has come to pass: Angel’s s/o has found out about us. Everything about us. I still don’t have a full account of what happened, but it appears that somehow he got access to … Continue reading

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