Domestic Discipline/TPE agreement between Master and slave

did someone forget about this?

Master and Angel will:
Always communicate our honest feelings, needs, thoughts, desires and fears

Never prejudge the other, but accept, always assuming the best, never the worst

Always support the other in whatever multitude ways out of pure love

Always show love for one another

Master will:
Always fulfill his extremely important roles as Head of the household, making all important decisions regarding finances, priorities, decisions and fulfilling all other leadership roles.

Always fairly and when it’s possible (kid’s are in bed or we are alone) deliver Domestic Discipline (physical or non physical) in whatever fashion is the most effective teaching for any of Angel’s shortcomings insofar as failing to follow clear orders and expectations.

Always fairly and immediatly accept and correct his own mistakes.

Angel will:
Always fulfill her extremely important roles of mother to the children, slave to her Master, and follow His instructions for her betterment.

Always without exception immediately accept her due Domestic Discipline (physical and non physical) as judged by Master and if needed and are alone proceed to whatever place the DD is to be delivered or decided. She will never complain about what she receives, nor resist. Disputes about fairness of judgements will be heard, but the final decisions rest with Master. DD will be delivered with explanation always. slave will understand why she is being punished and how before punishment is delivered.

Specific Rules:
These rules will evolve and change as neccessary for our advancement and growth:

1. Angel will follow any and all orders given to her by her Master whenever she is able

2. Angel will come and kiss her Master to greet him every time he comes through the door

3. Angel will defer all decisions, commitments etc. that arise to Master when possible

4. Angel will at all practical times wear her rings and at least one of her five collars. Only exception is in the bath/shower. Angel has inside and outside collars so she should be wearing one of them always

5. Angel will always have dinner or plans for dinner prepared weekdays. Weekends Master will decide what Ange is making for dinners

6. Angel will always act respectful towards Master, who is in fact her manager and Boss

7. Ange will always be available to be reached when Master is unavailable during the week. If she’s out, she must have cell phone on and be able to be reached.

8. Angel must ask permission to go anywhere other than Acme for groceries

9. Angel must ask Master to make her appointments for her. Let him know when to make them (Dentist, chiropractor, Doctor etc..)

10. Angel must keep Master up to date on daily activities. Her call phone is her leash. If she leaves the house it must be on and she must be able to get a hold of

11. Angel must not take medications or drink alcohol without permission from Master

12. Angel must not change her hair without permission. Or looks. (any manicure, pedicures or such must be asked for first)

13. Angel must try to look feminine and good for Master. Nail poish on, fresh look, make up on, hair done, showered/bath every day. I want my Angel to look good for me and be ready for Me. When we are going to fuck, Master will tell Angel how to dress for him and what panties to wear or outfits.

14. Angel’s time is His anytime he is home. she can talk on the phone when Master is not home. she is encouraged to have lots of women friends but any male friends must go through Master first. Master must know them and approve.

15. Angel is allowed to be with a woman sexually but must tell Master first if she plans to do that.

16. Angel is allowed to dress how she wants but Master can change her outfit if he so choses.

17. Angel is a slut for Master in the bedroom. He has full control. Angel has a safeword but this must only be used in extreme emergencies. She must only use this if she is in pain or unable to continue with a scene. Master will decide if things should continue or not at that point. she is to do as she is told in the bedroom and act out any of Master’s fantasies that he desires. Angel must be open to new experiences.

18. Angel must have her pussy shaved for Him at all times. It must be ready when he demands it. If he wants in in public, Angel must be ready for that also.

19. Angel must not raise her voice to Master. she can address him issues with patience and not getting angry.

20. Angel must never hang up on her Master at work. she did it once and remembers what happened to her ass. Master will not tolerate disrespect from a distance nor in His presence

21. Angel must let Master know right away of any concerns or problems with people, especially her family.

22. Angel has no privacy but what master deems she needs

23. Angel must be respectful towards Master around the public or in private. Addressing him by first name in public. Master or Sir in private.

24. Angel must always get him his drinks or coffee should he desire it each night. This will be directly served to him.

25. All plans must be approved by Master first before Angel can agree to any plans or requests.

26. Angel must not cum without Master’s permission.

27. Angel must ask for permission by waking Master up before leaving the bedroom from the time she is put to bed to the time she is woken.

28. Angel must wait til Master eats first before eating her food on her plate

29. Angel must let Master order food when they are out

30. Angel is not allowed on computer at night after dinner unless special permission is given. Angel’s time belongs to Master always.

Master’s word is law. Remember this. He will listen to you but final decision rests with Him. This covers situations not addressed elsewhere in this contract.


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