lousy day

i had a kind of lousy day, i don’t know why, i just did. And, although i wanted S, i just couldn’t get in the mood tonight. But, he didn’t let that stop us. He made our dinner, (have i ever mentioned what a good cook S is? Truly scrumptious) then took me to bed. He cuddled with me a little while, and then suddenly flipped me on my stomach. He brought his face close to mine then shoved his fingers roughly into my cunt and his thumb into my ass. It was horribly painful because i was tense and unready. i whimpered beneath him as he ground his fingers into my most sensitive spots. He brought his other hand up and jerked my head up by my hair. “You are mine. MINE. I’m going to use you. You are going to take my cock in your cunt, Aren’t you?” i gasped that i was, still squirming under the pressure in my hair and the pain in my holes. Suddenly he jerked away, and i dropped to the pillows in relief for a second before noticing him on his knees next to me, brandishing his rock hard cock. “Suck it Angel. Service my cock.” i turned and took him into my throat with enthusiasm. No matter what, i always love to suck S. i cupped his balls gently in my hand and worked my mouth and throat up and down his shaft. my tongue lovingly caressed him as i took him as deep as possible. Then he was pumping his hips, fucking my throat. Soon enough he wanted to fuck. He pushed me away from his cock and grabbed my leg, dragging me into position. He shoved into me rough and i cried out. my pussy just wasn’t cooperating and i wasn’t moist enough, and i was extra tight with tension. He rode me several long minutes then pulled off. He pushed on my arm and i moved out of his way. He flopped onto his back and i automatically went to his cock. Ready to suck again. i slurped him into my throat tasting my own juices on him. i sucked him deep into my throat and bobbed up and down, licking and sluping to give him the maximum amount of pleasure. Much too soon, he was dragging me away. “Ride me.” i climbed on him and took his length deep in me. First i tried to ride him in the way that gets me hot. But, i quickly saw it was no good, i just wasn’t going to be able to cum. So i switched to the stroke that he likes the best. He closed his eyes in pleasure, and the look on his face made me warm with happiness. i whispered that i couldn’t, and he said it was okay. Then he put his hands on my hips to still me. “I want to look at it while I fuck you.” So i got on my knees and held my ass high in the air. He plunged into me and rode me hard, drawing cries of pain from me. Then he was still, silently demanding service. So i pumped my hips and drug my tight pussy up and down the length of his cock. Faster and faster, harder and harder, grimacing with the pain. Eventually his fingers dug into my hips and he was thrusting against me. Meeting my every stroke with his own. He reached up and jerked my head back with my hair again. “MINE. You are MINE.” And, although i was in a great deal of discomfort, it warmed me. i felt his ownership. i felt the security of being completely his. i redoubled my efforts to please him. After a long while he climbed off me. He put me back on my back and pulled my ankles far up over his shoulders. Then he made me slide him into me. Soon he was pounding me furiously. He made me grab my ankles and hold them. i could only cry out and whimper. Now longer in a world where a thing like sound mattered. Finally he pumped his seed deep deep inside and continued to make small thrusts as he rode his intense orgasm to its completion. Afterwards i was a bit skittish for a few minutes. As i often get when the sex is very painful and i don’t get off. Then he simply held me. Telling me he loved me and that my mouth tasted sweet. Finally i relaxed against him and drifted on the cloud of happiness i had found. He went and started his bathwater and got the vibrator. i balked a bit and he ordered me to open my legs in his most stern voice. All will to resist fled and i gave in. Then he used the vibrator to make me cum. Hard. Now he is taking his bath. And, i am writing this. Then i suppose we will go to bed. Both knowing. i am completely his.


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