Where I’m Happy

S and i seem to be coming to the end of our rough patch. i hope. At any rate we finally had good sex. He started with the vibrator. The sex has not been very good for a while and my body had just naturally turned itself off. i couldn’t feel it. “Try to feel it.” “i can’t.” “Just try.” So i did. It was hard, but finally it began to break through. And he used the vibe to hurt me worse and worse until i had and explosive orgasm that left me limp on the bed. “Again,” he insisted. i didn’t know how i’d do it again. But soon my clit was burning aching agony and my inner walls and muscles screaming in protest and i climaxed with a gasping yelp, squirming beneath him. Then he took his belt off and whipped me with it. my upper thighs front and back and my butt. He kept going until he made me cry and ask him to stop. i was ashamed but he said not to be, that he had wanted to push me to my limits. That i had done exactly as he wanted and there was no shame in that. Then he made me beg for his cock. By then i was quite into it and the feeling of gratitude that swept through me when he began to fuck my throat was sublime. He buried it deep and just rode my face for a while, telling me the whole time how he loved me, how i was his, how no one else could please him the way i did. And, then he started to fuck me. On my back first, legs high in the air, pile driving me, drawing cries of pain and satisfaction from me. It hurt badly, but with each thrust, each word he spoke, i felt something in me begin to heal. All i wanted was to be wanted. And, want me he did. He rode me doggy style, he got me on my back again, he turned me most painfully onto my side. He used my pussy every which way. i have been reclaimed. Thank goodness. It was lonely sitting on the lost and found shelf. i hope to enjoy life back under S’s command. It’s where i’m happy.


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Brooklyn NYC and vicinity.
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