100 things about S

100 things about S

So it occurred to me today, that you guys know virtually nothing about S. So i decided to make a list of 100 things about him. i tried to put things on this list that tell you all about him, not just the ways he is perfect, but the ways he is not, which makes him even better. 1) S is handy. He can figure out how to do most anything from auto body work to webpage design. 2) S is a LOUSY carpenter, but he tries hard. 3) S is into classic cars. He owns a 1968 Red Camaro. 4) S expects coffee when he wakes. 5) When S was a child they thought he had Marfan’s 6) S is one of eight children. 7) S loves cum shots, it is his favorite kind of porn. (YUCK) 8) S loves Chinese food, and would eat it everyday. 9) S’s favorite veggie is brussel sprouts. 10) S is an excellent cook. 11) S has a beautiful singing voice. 12) S likes alternative rock music, stuff like Nickleback and Staind 13) S is a big man, he is 6’6″. 14) S’s parents got divorced when he was 11. 15) S has just planted his first ever garden, he is excited about it. 16) S has to have a movie on to eat, we always eat in front of the TV. 17) S doesn’t like spaghetti unless i make it. 18) S is not afraid to cry at sad movies, he is secure in his manhood. 19) S has a beautiful mouth, soft and sensual. 20) S has only came to embrace his inner sadist within the past couple of years… Before that, he had a very hard time dealing with it. 21) S is only one year older than me, which makes him 38. 22) S is the kind of guy who will take strays. 23) S tends to blow up and throw a fit when he gets angry, then get over it quickly. 24) S is a good father, and has always done his share with the parenting, from changing diapers to giving medicine. 25) S cannot swim and is afraid of water. 26) S is very forgetful, he cannot remember birthdays where he left his pants or when the bills need paid. 27) S is willing to listen to other people’s opinions and will sometimes even change his mind. (not often) 28) S’s nipples are extremely ticklish and he cannot stand to have them touched. 29) S doesn’t feel he has to be emotionally unavailable to be a Dominate. 30) S truly doesn’t care what others think of him, he is truly only guided by his own sense of right and wrong. 31) S does not like controversy and will avoid it if he can. 32) S’s favorite beer is Labatt’s. 33) S is from Canada. 34) S is very reserved, it is hard to make friends with him. 35) S can admit when he is wrong, without feeling like a failure or letting it get him down or letting it make him feel less like the Master around here. 36) S cuts up his spaghetti with a knife, he refuses to twirl. 37) S has bad nosebleeds, and has since he was a child. 38) S’s relationship with his father was very strained. 39) S always clean shaven. 40) S should wear glasses but won’t. 41) S secretly likes to cut the grass 42) S drinks milk from the gallon. 43) S doesn’t smoke, and never really did beyond trying it during adolescence. 44) S will hold me after a nightmare, no matter how little sleep he has had. 45) S has a massive comic book collection. 47) S doesn’t dance despite years of me begging him to try. 48) S can laugh at himself. 49) S is a thoughtful person who rarely makes snap judgments about anything. 50) S absolutely loves going to the movies. 51) S goes commando because he doesn’t like to have his equipment restrained 52) S has only been to countless concerts in his life. 53) S loves computer games, especially Diablo II. 54) S was EXTREMELY upset when Motor City Online lost its servers. 55) S is prone to depression. 56) S has lots of tattoos. 57) S owns a Harley. 58) S once hit a parked car head on. 59) S loves to be the center of attention. 60) S is a dog person. 61) S is a recovered hypochondriac, meaning he no longer has a problem, but oh boy he once did. 62) S is an excellent lover, he loves to give orgasms. 63) S doesn’t trim his pubic hair, he aint gonna start, and he doesn’t care if you don’t like it. 64) S takes care of me when i am unable to take care of myself. 65) S has never bought me flowers. 66) S is man enough to let me comfort him. 67) S’s favorite candy bar is a Milky Way Dark. 68) S has a subscription to Playboy. 69) S almost always reads this journal. 70) S knows all the worst things i have ever done and he loves me anyway. 71) S is a terrible liar. 72) S is bad with money. 73) S is nice to my friends and family, even when he gets annoyed with them. 74) S can holds a grudge but he will forgive you if you make an effort. 75) S is a procrastinator. 76) S will watch Spinal Tap over and over and over. 77) S doesn’t mind watching chic flicks. 78) S has an excellent relationship with his mom. 79) S’s vehicle is a corvette. 80) S has a photo album with nothing but pictures of cars in it. 81) S likes to watch Scooby Doo 82) S is generous, he donates money anytime he has it. 83) S has a cruel streak, and he is finally starting to explore it. 84) S can draw as well as sing. 85) S is not afraid to admit when he is afraid. 86) S’s favorite part of a woman is her eyes. 87) S loves to go to the shore. 88) S likes to bite. 89) S is flexible, he can usually go with the flow. 90) S is adventurous when it comes to eating, he will try new things, and will make me try them too. 91) S’s favorite drink is sweet tea. (Iced tea that is, Southern Style) 92) S is a Aries. 93) S likes to buy stuff to decorate the house with. 94) S once wrecked a car in his driveway and it burned up. 95) S will have philosophical and political discussions with me, and listen to my tirades. 96) S cannot go to the grocery store without spending WAY too much money. 97) S holds in his sneezes and one of these days i fear he will give himself an aneurysm. 98) S has a good sense of humor. 99) S never leaves the toilet lid up. 100) S must have a bar of soap; he hates to use body wash.


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