100 Things about Angel

1. Angel is a Scorpio
2. Angel has red hair.
3. Angel had her clit pierced bc i wanted her to.
4. Angel has a silver car
5. Angel’s favorite food is mac & cheese.
6. Angel has to take a bath with lots of bubbles.
7. Angel has 4 tattoos.
8. Angel’s favorite author is Stephen King.
9. Angel has 3 children, none which belong to me.
10. Angel has been married twice.
11. Angel will not have sheets below a 400 thread count.
12. Angel likes candles.
13. Angel has one brother.
14. Angel’s father died from cirrhosis of the liver b4 he was 50.
15. Angel’s birthplace was in Pittsburgh PA
16. Angel doesn’t like the ocean bc things that are alive live there.
17. Angel lives in Brooklyn NY
18. Angel’s family is a little “special”.
19. Angel has never broken a bone in her body.
20. Angel likes hair metal.
21. Angel can not speak any foreign languages
22. Angel cums very easily.
23. Angel enjoys giving blow jobs.
24. Angel can’t whistle.
25. Angel wants to have a boob job.
26. Angel is afraid of bugs.
27. Angel has migraine headaches.
28. Angel likes to hear the rain on the roof.
29. Angel likes to have her problems solved 4 her.
30. Angel’s favorite flower is a sunflower.
31. Angel is right handed.
32. Angel graduated from college with high honors.
33. Angel loves thigh high boots.
34. Angel loves to cuddle on the couch.
35. Angel loves to burn incense.
36. Angel wants to go back to work.
37. Angel’s favorite tv show is Six Feet Under.
38. Angel talks on the phone too much.
39. Angel hates feet
40. Angel has cute feet.
41. Angel hates to clean the house.
42. Angel doesn’t like hot weather.
43. Angel’s favorite place is Madrid Spain.
44. Angel’s favorite band is Soundgarden.
45. Angel’s Favorite sexual position is on top.
46. Angel says all men should be like me.
47. Angel loves roller coasters.
48. Angel can hear almost everything going on around her. It’s almost supernatural.
49. Angel hates conflict.
50. Angel wants to go to Japan.
51. Angel will not pay for breakfast out. She says it is a waste of money.
52. Angel had a great dane named Majesty.
53. Angel has no no other Master’s.
54. Angel loves to have her hair pulled.
55. Angel hates canes.
56. Angel normally is very well behaved.
57. Angel is great with my boys.
58. Angel is great with all the men I have seen her with.
59. Angel is a master at the art of give good head.
60. Angel will/has drank my cum from a glass.
61. Angel loves to lick the taste of her cunt off of my cock.
62. Angel likes tall men.
63. Angel likes men with tattoos.
64. Angel doesn’t like to wear perfume.
65. Angel must have a fan running to sleep.
66. Angel must sleep with one leg out of the covers.
67. Angel knows me better than any person on the planet.
68. Angel has blossomed under my direction.
69. Angel loves thunderstorms.
70. Angel has inspired me in ways she could never imagine.
75. Angel has many women that are jealous of her.
76. Angel has slept with around 30 men.
77. Angel has gallstones and won’t have them removed.
78. Angel thinks she is too fat. I think she is perfect.
79. Angel will defend her loved ones.
80. Angel’s favorite color is silver.
81. Angels’ favorite ethnic food is Thai.
82. Angel likes pepsi and not coke.
83. Angel calls rubber bands gumbands.
84. Angel watches football like a man.
85. Angel can not play cards worth a damn.
86. Angel is addicted to the Sims.
87. Angel is a natural night owl.
88. Angel has never wrecked a car.
89. Angel loves to have her hair pulled.
90. Angel likes to have it hard and fast under most circumstances. (sumtimes she wants it slow and soft.)
91. Angel has been married a few times.
92. Angel hates to use public toilets.
93. Angel doesn’t like message boards.
94. Angel likes the autumn.
95. Angel does not like Christmas.
96. Angel has very few female friends.
97. Angel’s best friend is named John and she has known him since she was 19.
98. Angel is afraid going to the doctor.
99. Angel gives herself to me completely.
100. Angel is my love. She has filled the void I have had in my life. She loves me for what I am. Including all of my faults. And she is irreplaceable to me.

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