You know you love him when…

You’ve actually shared your real fears. The ones so deep, you spend your whole life convincing yourself that you don’t have them. Not the romantic ones, or the acceptable ones, or the intriguing ones, not the ones you thought you had. The real ones.
– He has seen you at your worst. The kind of worst you do not want to remember. If you had a magic eraser, you would erase that part of yourself out of life.
– You’ve hit every kind of shit in life together and held hands under the rain looking into each other’s eyes in silence… and realized you share a bond now stronger than blood
– he lets you be who you are.. and when you are something he doesn’t like… he still lets you be who you are because he loves you that much
– You realize one day that you would die to save his life. And it is not just words. You would. Not because you are a hero. But because you would never be able to bear the memory of losing him.
– You’ve said the wrong things, done the wrong things, thought the wrong things and believed the wrong things
– he never left

– when you just know.

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