Jacking off w/bugs

Angel is stuck in the city tonight so I finally rented some porn that I could/wanted to watch. Or maybe it was my frame of mind that made it tolerable – – extreme buzz. On the sex side, let me just say that my poor cock is sore because my porn watching, masturbation sessions are exercises in control. Given my last, five minute sexual experience, more exercise has been needed.

To elaborate a little, I will beat off to porn but will only allow myself to cum at the scene that I find the hottest. This means watching a, maybe, four hour porn movie, all the while masturbating, and then going back to the best scene to cum.

I know it is odd. But such exercise has served me well in the past.

But it is the bugs around here that have me posting tonight.

As I sit here, fruit flies keep landing, one by one, on my monitor screen and I’ve been eaten alive by mosquitoes.

I do not know what it is. It has been relatively humid here, but jeez.

Tonight, cock in hand, I watched probably twenty mosquitoes fly past the screen, flitting gracefully like a fairy in a cartoon until out of sight and into the darkened corners of my house. And I just knew they were coming to eat me. Do you know what kind of distraction that is?

No, this is not some Hunter S. Thompson “Fear and Loathing in My House.” hallucination thing. They were coming to eat me because mosquitoes find me tasty. Maybe it is because I am so sweet. Or they are alcoholics.

Holy Macaroni! A thought just came to mind: If I was a crack addict, I would be covered in them and I would look like a prune.

Anyway, I did avoid getting bit on my cock, but wouldn’t you know that the fuckers found my ankles as a safe haven for feeding, as other parts were occupied.

This is the only time I think that I would need a bigger penis. If I had a bigger one, there would be no blood to suck from anywhere but my cock.

Oh, wait, That is not good either. And not my ideal way of getting sucked dry.

I can not win. They are sneakily invincible. (Did I mention I chased lizards all day today too? When did my house turn into a breeding ground for all things not human?)

I hope they, and the cockroaches, enjoy the post apocalyptic world.

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