He knows my needs…

I lay next to him aching for his touch. I knew he was asleep. I could tell by his breathing. But oh how I ached to reach out and touch him. My mind wandered to naughty things. A few times my hands would wander almost to my girlie bits but I stopped myself. There was no way no matter how much my pussy ached I could finger myself while my Master lay next to me. For me it would be so wrong.

So I lay there next to this wonderful man who has so much control over my pleasure and my pain. Aching trying to sleep. I finally got my mind to calm and my body started to relax when I feel a strong hand parting my thighs. It was like he read my mind. I so needed him.

His voice was harsh his hands demanding. He grabbed me hard by the hair. Forcing my hands onto my needy pussy. Demanding that I cum. I don’t know how many times he demanded it and my body responded. He shoves my fingers into my mouth and I know to lick them clean. He smacks my pussy and my thighs. He demands my pussy to cum yet again and somehow it does as if the nerves there are connected to his voice. I cry out from the pain he is inflicting upon my tender nipples.

I soon find myself laying against my Master’s shoulder touching him. His voice is still hard telling me I must beg to suck his cock. He talks in his demanding voice. I know this voice I know what it wants. So when he asks what I can do to please him. I know what to say. Pleasure his cock. He tells me I may but I must beg. Then he asks me where I think he will want to shove his cock when I am done. I give the easy answer even thou I know from his tone exactly where he wants to put it. So I say. Whatever would please him. He presses me. I finally say my ass. So he gives me my instructions to beg to suck his cock and then beg to have his cock in my ass. So I did. When it came time to beg to have him fuck my ass he pulls me up and lays me on my back. As is my Master’s right he changed his mind and plunged into my wet and ready pussy.

It was a magical experience. He said he could sense my need. It is amazing what kind of connection can be built when you try. When you submit and surrender.

A note on begging….It turns me on but I always trip over the words. It is not that I don’t want to. When I beg I feel so overwhelmed and humbled.


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