I’ve given away my heart,
So it could be torn into pieces.
You left me with the feelings of betrayal and being forgotten.
I’m so in love, yet so alone, with many years thrown away.

Feeling your absense hurts the most.
My constant urge to call is almost taking over, while on the other side, my cycle of feelings starts with rage.
Slowly going into sadness, rage again, desperation, devastation, and finally denial.

Every morning I open my eyes to emptiness.
Seeing a long black hallway with nothing in between.
This so-called love has taken over my life leaving me distracted.

Days pass by and now my emotions are going crazy.
Leaving me no choice but to vomit.
To empty my pesimistic thoughts.
To stop thinking my life is over.
To stop my tears everynight from falling.
To stop feeling like my heart has shattered into fifty pieces.

The hardest part of moving on is the jealousy on top of all my misery.
But soon enough I’ll go to bed realizing I survived this struggle.
I need to escape my depression to continue breathing.

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