Today i am sporting a hickey on my neck that looks like a teenage girl trying to piss off her parents. Everyone i have seen has commented on it. Someone even called it a hookie (a play on hooker i think) because she said it was too big and red to be a hickey. In short, i have a nasty looking mark on my neck that makes me blush and want to hide in the house for the next week or so.

But, i’ll tell you, getting it was a HELL of a lot of fun. We did try out that pinwheel. (Note: you should be sure your pubic hair is gone when playing with pinwheels, if it is will snag and im sure it will HURT!) We also went all the way around the world, blowjob-pussy-ass. Today, i am sore. But, then… we had sex again today.

S came home and Before i knew what was what he had me on the bed with my clothes off. He had me lay on my stomach and used the nice black flogger to warm my back and ass. Then the strokes came harder and stronger and faster leaving me panting and slippery between the legs as the pain began to intensify. Soon i was squirming with both lust and pain.

Then he rolled me onto my stomach and shoved the vibe into me. i was beyond caring about any old hang ups and pumped against the toy with abandon. Finally i began to beg him to suck his cock and he allowed it, still jamming the vibrator hard against my clit and into my pussy. After a while he made me turn around hold my ass high in the air in front of him. He pulled the vibrator out and handed it to me.

“Suck on that. Suck it like a cock.”

So i am sucking my own juices off of the vibe, fucking S, being pounded when the fucking phone rings! We decide to ignore it and continue. He grabbed my hips and really rode me as hard as he could, driving me into the bed and i whimpered with pain and pleasure, nearing my orgasm.

Then he flipped me onto my back, grabbed my ankles and pulled them over his shoulders. After a few minutes of amazing thrusting he pulled out and replaced his cock with the vibe and used it to bring me to a mind numbing, earth shattering orgasm.

Then he put me back on my knees and rode me hard. i rocked my hips in rythm to his motions and came again twice, shuddering and moaning beneath him before he pumped his cum into me. Using my muscles and rocking, i milked every last bit of his pleasure from him and we rolled on our sides together.

Damn, its nice to be back in our house.


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