Old Feelings

In the last few days I have found my mind wandering towards thoughts of play. Thinking about dressing up for Master. Fantasizing. It has been a long time. I don’t have to explain why Master knows. It is nice to have the mental energy to think beyond sex. To be able to dwell on the “kink” side of things and not feel guilty or overwhelmed. It seems that for so long everytime spanking or roughness comes into play I cannot control my emotions. I want to get past that feeling. To be a pleasure to my Master. All in all I am so happy to have these thoughts returning. I am sure it will please my Master as well.

Everyday I become more and more grateful that my M/s relationship is built on more than just that. I have always been a firm believer in having more in common than just the kink side of things. Over the years that has proven true again and again. I am so happy to have someone in my life that is all things to me. A Master, friend, lover, disciplinarian, counselor, mentor, teacher, shoulder to cry on, leader, comforter…so many things and so much more. Tonight I am grateful for the person I have in my life. So grateful that I have found what I need in him.

I kinda got off track but I guess my point is that even when the kinky things we love get put on hold it doesn’t change us as a couple. The glue that holds us together is us not what we do. That said I am still happy to again be feeling the stirrings for the physical side of things.


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