The restaurant is crowded. So crowded, there are no free tables. And once again, they have overbooked. I glance around the room, and notice you. You are sitting alone, sipping a glass of wine. I feel a twinge in my body. I want you. The waiter is at your table, I hear murmurs. You look over at me, and nod. The waiter returns to take me to your table. I slip in across from you. You kiss my hand, and it sends shivers through my body. I can feel myself being turned on. And I think you know it too. Dinner is fun. The conversation flows. I want you even more. I dare to brush my leg against yours, and watch your reaction. Your eyes meet mine, and I blush a little. I can see you want me. You move to sit beside me and whisper in my ear, your hand brushing up my leg. When it slips beneath my skirt, I smile, and gasp softly when your fingers brush against my panties. I glance around, wondering if anyone else in the room can smell my desire. Your fingers move my panties aside, and slip into my wetness. I bite my lip to keep from moaning as your skilled hands tease me. I am so close to the edge, I want to come. I need to come. But not here. I know if I did, I would cry out, and everyone would know our little game.

You lead me out of the restaurant and in 5 minutes we are back at home. You haven’t touched me since the restaurant and it is driving me mad. We are no longer through the door when I kiss you hungrily, my tongue darting into your mouth. My bag slips to the floor. You pull me up against you and I can feel your hard cock through our clothes. No waiting, I whisper, I want you now.

Our clothes are gone within seconds, and your hands roam my body as I moan. I hear your sharp intake of breath when I wrap my hand around your cock. I stroke you slowly, loving how you feel, but its not enough. I want you inside me, and I want it now. Pushing you back onto your couch, I straddle you, my cunt inches way from your cock. Your mouth moves to my breast and I moan, sliding down over you slowly, feeling you deep within me at last. My hips begin to move slowly, and I savour the feeling as you thrust inside me. “Sebastian, I need you badly. I want to make you come. Hard.” You groan as I change the pace, your hands on my hips pulling me roughly down onto your cock. I cry out in pleasure, begging for more. “Fuck me” you whisper. “Hard. I want to come for you, and I want you to come for me.” I lean into your body, and begin to ride you. Each movement makes me gasp in pleasure and I know I am going to come. But I want you to come first. I need you to come first. Our movements are hard and fast, your hands play with my breasts, before one moves down and finds my clit. I scream, crying your name, and bite your shoulder. Fuck, im cumming. Ooohhhhh…….. Your finger works my clit as my hips buck against you, and I cum hard on your cock. Its all you can take, and you cum too, your hot spunk spurting deep inside me as I grind against your hips. I collapse on top of you, breathing hard, the last of your cum still spurting inside me. I need more of you…I slip off your lap, and kneel between your legs. You cry out as I take your cock in my mouth…


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