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Watching you carry your sadness breaks my heart. Knowing you are unhappy leaves me feeling helpless. I know the next year will bring lots of changes…some good some bad. But I feel safe and stable knowing I can walk that … Continue reading

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Passion, Obsession, Insanity – three concepts intertwined.

Is it merely a matter of degree? Is Insanity merely an extreme obsessive condition? Is Insanity merely a statement that Looks at what lengths I will go to in my obsession – the decadent version of obsession? Obsession itself – … Continue reading

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I need..I want…

your touch. Fingers circled around my throat, teeth clamped on my nipple, hand burried in my hair, to pull my head back and look into my eyes – pain. The kiss of the whip that makes me cry out and … Continue reading

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