I need..I want…

your touch. Fingers circled around my throat, teeth clamped on my nipple, hand burried in my hair, to pull my head back and look into my eyes – pain. The kiss of the whip that makes me cry out and writhe. The crop singing its melody of anguish on my ass and thighs. The inescapable firey fury of your cock. The satiny skin of your cock exposed to my tongue’s worship. The burning ripping joy of it being thrust into my dry resisting cunt. The splitting agony of being taken anally. S. i want to be held as your good girl, treated as your bitch, used as your whore, and loved as your complete partner. i want to feel you grind me into nothingness and hold me close and tight and make me everything. i want to see myself reflected in your eyes as the most beautiful special being you have ever known. i want to be dragged down and crawl as an objectified cunt you can never replace. i want it all. i want you in all of you multisided glory. Soon. (my spell check does not seem to be working – fuck it.)

i know we parted abruptly and on bad terms and I know this is a hard time for you. please be well/safe and sane on your journeys – and know that I will miss you while you are away


About Mae East

Brooklyn NYC and vicinity.
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