Passion, Obsession, Insanity – three concepts intertwined.

Is it merely a matter of degree? Is Insanity merely an extreme obsessive condition? Is Insanity merely a statement that Looks at what lengths I will go to in my obsession – the decadent version of obsession?

Obsession itself – why? Is the idea that by pouring so much of yourself into one thing that something amazing can happen, something that does not happen under normal treatment? What price is paid for this hope? Does the more you pay mean the more you love?

The thing obsessed over- what does it think? Is it flattered but at the same time appalled, at the same time burdened by the obsession?

The sane people you both envy and abhor the obsessed. You both long to be them and are very glad you are not them. So you try to have it both ways – you are sane in public and party/get drunk/go crazy when the time is right.

But I will tell you that it is not the same thing. Not even close. Sorry to crash the party.

The sane are destroyed by experiencing something so important to them that they will pay with the degradation of themselves to obtain it.

The obsessed are destroyed by either obtaining their obsession or abandoning the pursuit.

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