Cold November Nights always remind me of you.

My darling angel..Oh how i miss u~~
my thoughts have been of only you continuously. you are very strong. god and your friends and family are all here for you…use us..abuse us.

Being in NC the other day was excrutiating. I managed to find time to go back over to the martini bar we went to the first night we meet. Even tho’ it was in a different city. Do you even remember that place? Remember how he had to leave because no one would leave us alone. Remember the freezing cold water fountains we played in even tho’ it was the beginning of you remember how you left me when I went to the bathroom?? Gawd Angel, those things all just flooded back to me like they happened yesterday. Funny thing was it was almost to the date. November 1st. The day my heart began to beat again. I was there again on the second. Not very manly of me to remember dates, is it?? And there I was on the day you needed me the most…stuck in the very place I meet you and you were all the way up here. Life really is a fucking bitch.

I found a new drink on my travels…it’s called Death Wish on Acid. It only takes about 3 of them to plaster me to the floor….

I’ve finally returned home only to find out you have departed and I will not have the chance to see you. These words I believe need not be spoken, but just to remind you, I am here if you need me. For anything. Ever. I can not pretend that I understand even remotely the pain you are facing atm. Nor do I really even know what to tell you, because I know I can’t make this all better. I can’t put a band-aid on this and kiss it and make it better…oh sweetie I would do anything if I could take away your pain. I do not want to sit here and fill this full of old cliches’…so I will end this by doing what I do best…it may/may not be inappropriate atm…but I always want you to know that in my world you are always wanted and welcome

I hear your footsteps behind me.
I turn around, and see you – you’re wearing a silk dressing gown, untied, drifting open as you step towards me, a lustful, inviting smile on your face.
You’re naked underneath.
And you’re very, very wet.
“I want you.” you whisper, “I want you to fuck me. Right now.”
It’s an offer I can’t resist.
I get up and move towards you, slipping out of my clothes.
My cock, you’ve noticed, is already very, very erect.
I pull you close, and kiss you, sensually, passionately.
You feel my hands, touching you, my fingers teasing, caressing, exploring.
My cock is hard and warm, pressing against your belly, wanting your attention.
You’re so wet now.
You know I want you, you know I’m going to fuck you.
I pull you closer, our bodies pushing and moving together now.
I need to be inside you.
You want me. You want this to last, but you know you could cum very, very easily.
You slide your hand down to my cock.
It’s so warm, so hard, throbbing in your hand as you stroke it ryhythmically.
I gasp with pleasure, kissing you again, my own hand sliding down between your thighs, lust washing over you as you feel my fingers touching, stroking, caressing, so wet, dripping down my fingers.
What would you do next…?

I Love You

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