My submission

My submission is mine. It is not compared to anyone else’s. My submission may not be seen as the “traditional” way but that is how I like it.

Firstly and foremost, I am me. I am a strong woman with ideals, morals and a zest for life. Being a submissive does not change this. When I first entered this lifestyle I read everything I could get my hands on, memorised every detail and spent hours searching online. The more I read the more I found myself challenging my submission. I had so many questions and no answers.

My submission is something I give to S. It is not only a gift but a part of me that only he is privileged too. When I say privileged, I mean just that. He has a part of me that no one else has or will ever have. I trust him enough to accept this about me and help me grow with this knowledge, not abuse it.

We have left the lifestyle and returned. It has been trial and error for us. I have also learned to accept that our relationship is ours, that no two are alike and we need to work towards a better relationship for ourselves.

Being submissive has made me stronger and more aware. More in tune to myself, S, my needs and his. I am far from perfect but as long as I am perfect for S I do not give a shit what others think or say. My life is that. Mine!. My submission is S’s. I swear, sulk, do the funky chicken dance over the littlest things and I will not change. I cannot and will not back down when I know that I am right or have strong beliefs or opinions on things. S respects this. I am his partner in crime, his equal and his life, just as he is mine. S being my master does not change this. We do not demand respect from each other, we earn it. Just as any person expects too. Our life is full of ups and downs and M/s is just another aspect that.

Our daily life consists of kids, work, school, my rules and the odd punishment. I love every bit of it. The days I feel like I am a failure as a submissive are the days that S reinforces in me to stop comparing. To just be me and accept that. To accept that he loves me, desires me and needs me just as I am. Not how society should see me.

I am here soley for my family and S. I wish to be the perfect woman for him. I am honored and privileged that he has taken me under his wing to help me and guide me. We have a long road ahead of us. We will never stop learning about this lifestyle we have chosen or about each other. That is more than I could wish for.

And I do not have to explain it to those of you who do not understand or approve.


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