So. i spent a great deal of yesterday bitching about S yesterday evening to my friends. i just feel… neglected. i’ve been categorizing my old posts and… i don’t know i see how many hot posts i used to have and how they are spread out now and i feel… fuck i don’t know. Rejected.

But, honestly, if you look there are more and more lately and every one of them i seem surprised that its there. Its like i gave up on S. i had no faith. What the fuck? He’s stood by me through some FUCKED UP shit, and i give up on him? That’s pretty damn sorry assed of me.

It comes down to communication again. We have to work on this.

At any rate, i got totally hot, totally undeserved sex.

We were watching South Park when i noticed him eyeing me in that evil way he has. The one that looks like the Big Bad Wolf about to eat Little Red Riding Hood up. i was still annoyed with him, so i ignored him, hoping he’d just decide it wasn’t worth it and go to bed. (yea, right)

He didn’t though. He cut the TV off and said, “Come on, I’m gonna smack that ass.”

i whimpered and whined and tried to get out of it for a while, but finally accepted that he meant to do it and gave in with bad grace. i went and helped him make the bed with fresh sheets and then crawled into it with him.

He turned me on my side facing him and alternated spanking my ass and twisting my nipples while making me repeat in various humiliating ways that i was his. Things like, “i’m Daddy’s little whore.” Or, “i’m your cocksucking slut.” Between the pain of what his hands were doing, the humiliation of what he was making me say, and the look of cruel lust in his face i was dripping wet by the time he reached between my legs.

Then he asked if i wanted to suck his cock. And, i did. Oh boy, i did. i nodded vigorously. He laughed at me. “Do you really think that’s going to work? Beg for it.” And, so i begged. When it wasn’t good enough he coached me. i begged and pleaded and rubbed my cheek against his straining cock which obviously sided with me. And, finally S relented. He lay on his back and allowed me to truly service him. It was one of those times when he didn’t take control, but allowed me to fuck him with my throat. As i ran my tongue up and down the satiny texture of his shaft i had to close my eyes and press my thighs tight together. It was pure ecstasy. Running it down my throat with my nose pressed into his pubic hair i moaned slightly and felt him squirm, i knew he was loosing control and wanted him to. His dominance couldn’t be restrained much longer. Soon he would overpower me and either fuck my face to completion or use another hole. i loved knowing that i could make him feel that good. Another three or four full length strokes up and down his cock and he grabbed me by the hair and threw me back on the bed.

“I want to use my pussy, beg me. Beg me to use it.”

i only had to beg a moment this time. And, i was impaled on his length. And, just like every time the pain shot through me and with a gasp i bit my lip and closed my eyes and thrust my hips up to meet it. Within seconds i had my first orgasm. Orgasm washed over orgasm washed over orgasm.

Then he forced it in my ass. Agony. i finally adjusted and had one more orgasm. Then i realized he was having trouble cumming. So i started talking.

“i need your cum Master. Please Master. Anywhere. Any hole, anything you want to do to me Master. my mouth, my pussy, my ass, the back of my hair (i hate that), anything, anything you want Master.”

And, he pulled out and came all over me, finally wiping what had gotten on his hand on my mouth.


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