Comfort Zone

Ahh. Back in my comfort zone. my ass and thighs are a mass of belt bruises. Flogger marks are clear on my upper back and ass. i’ve been fucked raw and my clit tortured until i can barely stand to sit with my legs decently closed. i am in heat and all i can think of are ways to please him. Well, honestly, please him or if i’m being naughty (and i’m all out of practice and often a naughty girl) how to get him to touch my aching throbbing cunt or hurt me somehow. Slowly my feeling of security is returning. i feel wanted, needed, useful again. the house is getting clean. Things are getting done. i can focus more. i’m not so terrified of him. Or of anything else. It will be a long while before i relax again totally. But, being able to let go even just a little. To trust just a little. All of it feels so fucking good. And, i couldn’t live without this.


About Mae East

Brooklyn NYC and vicinity.
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