at long last…

So, i am still a bit shaky, but my feet are definitely on firmer ground. Last night Christian went to stay with friends of the family, finally giving S and i some blissful time to ourselves. We had some friends over for awhile and watched movies then afterward as we laid in bed and cuddled, and i was crying a bit with relief and happiness. It felt so good to lay in his warm protective arms and know unequivocally that at least for a bit, i was safe and only had to worry about doing exactly what he said to do. i don’t think he saw me crying, to took great pains to hide it, because he would have seen my tears as a problem, and i was so happy. When he began to run his fingers between my legs i stiffened, i wanted to please him, but i felt very shy suddenly. Fortunately, S rarely pays much attention to my bashfulness. He demanded that i part my legs, and when i refused to comply, he began to count down from 5. i immediately gave in and let my legs fall open, trembling a bit and blushing furiously. He stroked me until at last i began to moisten and then let me give him a blowjob. Have i mentioned here how much i absolutely love to suck cock? i have a hard time with having my throat fucked, but when he lets me do it, lets me service him i am in heaven. Way before i was ready to stop he buried his hand in the back of my hair and jerked me up, putting me on my knees. He entered me hard and fast, in the way he knows is most painful for me. It took several minutes for my body to adjust, and just as i began to get into it, the telephone rang. Since Christian wasn’t at home, he decided to let me answer it, because i worry so much. It was a family member, and i spent about 5 minutes trying to disentangle myself from the conversation. S walked out of the bedroom and looked at me, cock trembling with need and glistening with the juices from my sex, and i gave up trying to be polite, and bluntly said, i have to go. When i hung up the phone, he commanded “suck.” i dropped to my knees and crawled to him. Soon i had his cock buried deep in my throat, bobbing up and down on it, the scent of my own sex enveloping me. After only a few minutes he pulled away from me and told me to crawl into the bedroom. As i climbed on the bed, he smacked my ass. Then he was in me again. He used me in his three favorite positions, letting me have about 4 orgasms in the process. Finally, i was back on my knees and he was still, having me fuck him, instead. He dug his fingers painfully into my hips and i could hear his indrawn breath as he came in a gush. Afterwards, he lay on the bed and held me. Reassuring me that all was well, that i was safe, and that he would take care of me. i felt wonderful, and i finally began to relax the iron grip i have had on myself for the past week. i let myself draw comfort and strength from him, and told him about the frustration, exhaustion, and terror that had plagued me all week. It felt like i was laying down some unbearable burden.


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