my dirty little girl

You’re being a bad girl again, aren’t you.
Are you reading this to get off?
I know you are.
I can see you there right now, I can see exactly what you’re doing, so I know what a dirty girl you are, what you do when you think no-one is watching you, how you touch yourself, thinking no-one can see you.
I can see you. I’m watching you. And I know you’re getting aroused. I know you’re getting wet. I know you’re touching yourself, down there, between your legs, where it feels good. You think I can’t see you, but I can. I know exactly what you’re doing. Dirty little girl.
If you keep misbehaving like that, I’m going to have to spank you. Spank you very, very hard. And if you keep misbehaving, I’ll have to teach you a lesson. I’ll tie you down onto the bed, very tightly. You won’t be able to move, won’t be able to struggle. Then I’ll show you what happens to dirty little sluts like you.
I’ll fuck you, hard, over and over again. But I won’t let you come. If you try and come I’ll spank you. I’ll take you for my own pleasure. I’ll take you any way I please. And then I’ll cum all over you, spurting my cum all over your belly, over your breasts, all over your pretty little face.
Then I’ll leave you there, tied up on the bed like that, naked, wet and trembling, my cum dripping down your body, like the dirty little slut you are.
So you’d better behave.

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