They’re kidding right?

I went shopping yesterday for some, um, naughtier attire that I wanted for when master comes home. You know, the kind that they don’t sell at Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood. In fact, I think even Freddy himself would turn his perverted little nose up at the sight of the kinds of things I bought.

NJ has hundreds of these tiny little mom & pop stores that service a more “exotic” clientele. Of course, being that their product is lingerie, they need to have a strict return policy. Hygiene and all, you know. However, there’s strict, and then there’s down-right funny. Here’s an actual picture of my receipt. I swear, this is real. I couldn’t make this shit up.


If you need anything for you bdsm lifestyle I would highly recommend Dressing for Pleasure in Montclair NJ. Really nice ppl, really good hard to find products. Funny thing about Master he loves my submission however he prefers I look like a leather clad whip yeilding dominant. He always says look innocent and Be My Slut.

2 and a half weeks. That is all before he finally comes home for a rather extended time. Okay it’s really only a few weeks he’s back for but OMFG I can’t wait. Of course our time together will mostly likely still be not what I would like. So often I want to run completely away from this mess that is otherwise known as my life and just melt into S’s arms forever. But do to forces beyond our control we can not do that. At least not now. I have no way of predicting the future and what may happen later in my life. All I know is that I love him and I miss him. This is the most he has had to be away for work since I meet him and it drives me insane. You know the saying Absence makes the heart grow founder? Well I believe that now..I also believe it makes the Cunt quiver in anticipation. For the record I do not really like the word cunt..and the only reason you have seen it used here as much as you have is at Master’s request.


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