Who’s is it?

I was talking with a gf the other night about how dirty he can sometimes talk to me. And how incredibly fucking hot I find it when he does. I thought I would share a little bit of how our conversations usually go. I’m just adlibing here because it seems to have been so long my recolecttions could be off. OMG I FUCKING MISS HIM.

Every word he say is always punctuated with gasps and grunts and groans.

“Who do you belong to?”
“Oh god. You Master.”
“Uh huh. And whose cunt is it?”
“Your cunt. It’s Your cunt.”
“‘It’s your cunt, Sir,’ ”
“Master. It is Your cunt, Sir. Oh god. Sir. I need to cum.”
“No, you don’t. It is my orgasm, isn’t it? You only have it to please me, don’t you?”
“Yes Sir.”
“So you need it when I say you need it.”
“Yes Sir. Oh god. Please?”
“Whose orgasm is it, ”
“It’s Your orgasm, Sir.”
“Beg for it. Beg me and I might let you cum”
“Oh god. Please Sir? Please let me cum?”
“Ask nicely”
“Sir please, please let me cum.”
“I said ask nicely.”
“Sir. Please let me cum. Please?”
“Who do you cum for?”
“You Master. Please let me cum for You?”
“Are all your orgasms mine?”
“Yes Sir. God. Yes. This slut is Yours. Everything is Yours. Please Sir? Please? OH god. Please?”
“Then give me my orgasm. Christ. Cum with me. Cum. Do it Angel. Fucking now!”


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