Under his watchful eye

He has no idea what a gift he has given to me. To allow my spirit to fly free under the safety of his watchful eye, it takes my breath away. He’s walking beside me, but at times leading the way. In the darkness, I hear his voice. I reach out and his hand is there, ready for the taking. Teaching me with patience, like a child. Igniting a fire that I have never experienced before and was afraid to light, the flames getting hotter and higher with his commanding words. (sorry, only way I could think of describing it)

Accepting every part of me, even that which I don’t like. Helping me understand when I don’t get it. Guiding me at times with a soft touch, gentle nudge or a firm hand when I can’t find my way to him. He knows when I am weak or afraid, standing down at just the right moment. He allows me to honor who I am.

I want him to take me and make me his, to do with what pleases him. I am giving that to him as my gift. My promise to him is that I will please him. It’s not because I have to, but because I want to. I want us to enjoy this time together. No bullshit. No others. Just us.

Just the mere thought of us being together sends my juices running. I can’t remember a day since we met that I wasn’t wet and ready to beg. He has become a part of who I am right now.

There are no limits. That is his promise to me.


About Mae East

Brooklyn NYC and vicinity.
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