I have slutitude.

I was told this evening that I suffer from a condition called slutitude!! It’s a terrible thing.

Definition of slutitude? This term was coined for the mental anguish that comes from a submissive when not handled by her master for a very long time. In extreme cases, could lead to slutty delusions or slut psychosis. Now that sounds like it could be interesting!!

Symptoms: Extreme sarcasm, sassiness, horny, erect nipples, dripping pussy, throbbing anus, urge to masturbate more than normal, urge to wander

Treatment: Master must administer bdsm medication immediately.


About Mae East

Brooklyn NYC and vicinity.
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2 Responses to I have slutitude.

  1. mzhunyhole says:

    Well..I’m sure he’ll administer a big ole dose..lol.

  2. fun4fun101 says:

    MZHUNYHOLE and I agree but if he needs help…WHOOHOOO

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