The natural progression

So you have an idea now of who we are. Or do you? Are we all about sex? Truthfully, there is more to us than sex, but I would have to say that sex is the most important part of our relationship. But, it is not ‘just sex’. It has never been ‘just sex’.

Our relationship started at a very busy time for S. Work meant He was often travelling and often tired and He had very little time for anything He enjoyed, including me. He was honest with me about it, told me He wouldn’t be around much, but when He was and when He desired me for sex, He would expect me to be ready. He would take what He wanted when He wanted. I realised that to see more of Him, I needed to make Him desire me more.

I used everything I could remember Him ever hinting about. I bought underwear I knew He would like, pretty lacy girly things, mainly white, stockings instead of pantyhose. I bought tops that accentuated my breasts and short (but not too short) skirts.

And I wrote to Him. A lot. I wrote about things I imagined us doing and things I wanted to try and I would email Him at early in the morning when I knew He was asleep. He would wake and check email and more often then not He would end up at my place and we would fuck, or I would suck Him and then He would quickly leave. I have no clue how many times I made Him late, but I do know that a few times I almost made Him miss a plane.

He had shown up at my place after reading a morning email and pushed me to my knees and fucked my mouth. He had kissed me and left quickly knowing that He still had things to pack and a plane to catch. I had immediately gone to the computer and written to Him about the taste of His cum in my mouth and how I was still throbbing from the touch of Him.

Forty-five minutes later He was back at my door. When I opened it He said ‘I love you’. I replied ‘if you love me then fuck me’ And within moments He was inside me and we both came almost instantly and then again He was telling me He had to go. I kissed Him goodbye.

I got an email from Him at the other end of His flight. He felt guilty. He said that He had wanted to love me but I had said ‘fuck me’ and He could only think of fucking me and there had been no time. I remember getting the email and being surprised at the way He felt. He had come to see me twice before He left. It had made Him late but needing to see me had been more important. I was still leaking the cum He left inside me. I had brought Him pleasure. Twice. I had never felt more loved.

That brings me to another reason sex is so important to me. It is physical evidence that I have pleased Him.

He came to my place one day not long after we had gotten together and I was a complete mess. I had done something which I believed was right but I had received an abusive phone call from my brother over it. I knew it was just misguided anger, but it hurt me deeply that someone I loved could be so openly nasty to me.

S told me to calm down and tell Him about it but my first two sentences made little sense. S put His hand lightly over my mouth to hush me and He gave me the ‘serious look’. He told me He needed to ask me some questions and that I needed to answer Him honestly and I said I would. He asked me what was the most important thing to me. I completely surprised myself when I answered Him with ‘You’. He just smiled. Then He asked what it was that I wanted the most. I knew that what I wanted most was to please Him but I didn’t want to say that. It felt like I was giving up an awful lot of power to Him. He just stood there, waiting patiently and it struck me that He already knew the answer. He just wanted me to admit it to myself. I told Him the truth. He smiled again.

He told me He had an erection I needed to take care of and told me to get on my knees. I did and when I took His cock into my mouth nothing else mattered. I kissed and licked and sucked on Him. I nuzzled Him against my cheek. I licked His balls and caressed Him with my fingers. I loved Him and I needed Him and when I took Him back into my mouth He whispered for me to look at Him and He smoothed my hair and held my head, controlling me without using any force or pressure. I watched Him while I sucked on His cock. I saw how much He was enjoying me and it filled me with a sense of peace. When I thought He was about to cum I cupped His balls and gently squeezed. He growled and filled my mouth. I continued to suck on Him through His orgasm, wanting to make His pleasure last as long as I could. It felt like it lasted a very long time. It filled me with delight to know that I had made Him cum.

I stayed on my knees and bowed my head, a position I find very comforting. He was quiet for a minute, stroking my hair while He caught His breath. He moved His hand to my cheek and tilted my head up to look at Him.

He said ‘you please me, woman’ and I was suddenly so full of love for Him that I started to cry. I felt as though I had to cry or I was going to burst. He pulled me to a chair and settled me in His lap, tucking my head into His chest. I felt so small and loved and protected. I belonged to Him. I felt complete.

He asked me to tell Him what had upset me before He had arrived and I told Him, only it hardly seemed important anymore. I knew that my brother was being foolish and would be ashamed of himself when he had calmed down.

All that matters is the pleasure of my Master. If I have that, everything else is just background noise.


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