dinner with CB and Dan

We went out to dinner last night with friends. S was working at the studio yesterday so He decided to meet me there. A friend of ours, Christine, picked me up as her husband was meeting her at the restaurant too. We got there before the men and we settled into the bar to wait. Other friends joined us we were all talking and joking and generally having a good time. Christine’s husband, Dan, arrived and he kissed her and she fended him off, complaining about her makeup, he told her she looked beautiful and she told him not to be so silly. She complained about him being late and that everyone had had to wait for him, even though we were all still waiting on S. Dan mumbled an apology and stood off to his wife’s side like a chastised child.

S walked in a good ten minutes later, greeting everyone noisily and asking what they were waiting for. He put his hands on my waist, kissed my lips and told me I looked delicious. I grinned up at Him and said thankyou. I was wearing the dress He had suggested, a short black dress. I had added stockings, high heels and hadn’t bothered with panties. S knew without me having to tell Him. He boomed out an apology for being late and grabbed my hand and led everyone to the table. He made sure I was sitting beside Him.

I watched as Dan trailed along behind his wife and as she told him where to sit. Menus arrived and while everyone was reading Christine announced loudly to Dan that he had better not order anything to fattening, he had to watch his weight. She continued through the meal to make fun of Dan’s receding hair line, tell everyone he had not gotten the recent promotion that he had applied for which is why they couldn’t afford a new car and generally put him down every chance she got. I felt so sad for him but he didn’t react to it at all.

S was His usual boisterous self. He had the whole table in tears laughing at stories about Christmas at His parent’s house, keeping everyone entertained. His hand kept sneaking under the table and up my skirt to feel how wet I was, which of course only made me wetter. My hand kept sneaking under the table to feel how hard He was, which of course only made Him stay hard. He kept leaning into my ear to whisper wicked things about where He wanted His cock and I kept whispering back about what I would do to His cock when it was there. We were keeping each other close to the edge of orgasm.

After dinner I excused myself to go to the bathroom and Christine came with me. She was touching up her makeup when I went to wash my hands and she told me how lucky I was to have S, as He was so male. It was all I could do to bite my lip so I didn’t tell her that maybe Dan would be more male if she stopped treating him like a child. I just smiled and went back to the table and kissed S’s cheek.

Why is it that some women can treat their man that way? Why is it that some people seem to have forgotten how to accept a compliment and affection? If S wants to show His appreciation for me I am going to let Him. If He wants to kiss me, I want His lips on me. I can live with messed makeup if it means the feel of my skin and the way that I smell is teasing His senses. I will not call Him silly or push Him away. I will not belittle Him ever, let alone in front of other people.

If you love someone, why would you want to bring them down? When I am with S I want to make Him feel good, I want to tell people how proud I am of the Male in my life. I wouldn’t tell anyone that He didn’t get the promotion. I wouldn’t mention that His hairline was receding but tell Him He had really sexy eyes and if I was worried about His weight the last place I would say it would be amongst friends.

I wish I could say that Christine and Dan are the only couple I know like this, but they are not. I see it often enough for it to bother me. You don’t have to be submissive to show your partner respect. You don’t need to lower your eyes or be a sexual slave to accept the gift of their compliments graciously and show them that you care about them.

S would be S no matter whom He had at His side. He would not tolerate any woman treating Him the way Christine treated Dan. He would move along pretty quickly. But I would like to think that I give Him something when I show others the respect I have for Him, even if it is just a sense of satisfaction that this relationship is right.

When we got to the car last night, He was ready. He pulled my head to His lap as soon as I sat down and He came in my mouth almost immediately. He had had over three hours of build up, as had I. He told me to pull up my dress and masturbate but not to cum until He said. I did as I was told and while He drove He told me what He would do to me when we got home. When we stopped at a set of traffic lights He leaned over and pushed two fingers into me and told me to cum. Again I did as I was told and the intensity of my orgasm left me shaking. When we drove on He told me to keep masturbating and the next time He had to stop He did it again, and then again. I was actually relieved when we got home because my stomach muscles hurt from cumming so much. But of course, by that time, S was hard and ready again. When we got inside He made me work for His orgasm and now hours later, I still ache from being used. It’s a lovely ache to have.

I wonder if Christine allows Dan to fuck her? I think she would, as long as he promised not to mess up her hair.


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