All you need is love

Tonight we went out to dinner, just the two of us and we talked. S called it taking stock of the last three years. It wasn’t about material things or how much more we seem to own, but about just how much the two of us have grown together and all the bullshit we have managed to survive. I shan’t dissect the whole conversation, it is enough to say that our love is deeper and our bond stronger than it has ever been.

When we got home we took it easy. He let me lay all over Him on the couch though I got into trouble for wriggling once or twice. (I always get into trouble for that. He threatens to smack me in the mouth or throw me off the couch, but He has never done either yet.) I calmed Him down completely by playing with His hair. (The secret of soothing the savage animal!) He watched some show on television and I watched Him until He said it was time for us to sleep.

He made it into bed before I did and when I reached for Him, He was already moving into my arms. I tried to see His face with my fingertips in the almost dark. He moved His mouth over mine and His tongue slipped past my lips. He kissed me with such tenderness that I felt choked up on love inside. There should be a law against possessing such grace. I have no defences I can use against Him when He loves me like this.

He moved down and sucked at my breasts, causing them to swell and ache. He licked beneath them and kissed around them until I was writhing on the bed. His hand slid down and I parted my legs and He lightly brushed over my cunt. It was enough. I came with a strength that stole my breath away.

S nuzzled into my neck as He moved His body over mine.

‘You love to be brutally and forcibly fucked but you cum just as hard just being loved.’ He said.

He pressed His cock inside me and I lost myself in the pleasure He found there.

It wasn’t energetic sex and it wasn’t slutty sex but it was just perfect for the night we shared.

I have never been more in love.


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