Plates be damned

This afternoon, after the gentleness last night, the sex was hungry and raw. (but still very much had a vanilla flavor to it.) I was walking across the kitchen when S grabbed me from behind and spinning me around He sank His teeth into my neck. I dropped a plate and it shattered on the floor. I practically jumped into His arms at the sound. I tried to look at the mess I had made, shock and horror registering equally in my mind, but S already had a hold of my hair and He wasn’t about to let a broken plate make Him let go. He pulled my head back and thrust His tongue into my mouth and I could taste the adrenaline running through my veins. I was hyped, wired and then completely caught up in his lust. Suddenly it was my tongue pushing it’s way into His mouth. He accepted it without complaint.

He lifted me onto the edge of the table and I lost all composure in my need. I pulled His pants down and gripped His cock while pulling my panties aside. I didn’t have the patience to take them off. In an act of wanton whorishness that is right now making me blush, I did my absolute best to stuff His cock into me. I shoved and I pushed, whimpering and grunting through my desperate need. Somehow, S managed to enter me. I grunted more and lifted my shirt and bra and begged Him to bite my tits.

We were like two animals rutting, devouring each other in our heat. I tried so hard to grind myself against Him and I quickly grew frustrated that it wasn’t going to happen in the position we were in. The strength of S’s thrusts were skidding me across the table no matter how tight my legs were wrapped around Him. He growled. He was frustrated too.

He grabbed my ass and lifted me from the table, turning and slamming my back into the wall.

‘Deeper,’ I begged. ‘Oh god please deeper?’ and I ground myself against Him.

I had no choice but to grunt each time His cock was forced into me. It felt like He was trying to break through me and I still wanted more. He bit my neck hard and I must have almost forced my head back through the wall. My fingernails broke His skin when I came.

He thrust His tongue into my mouth and I tasted my own blood and I sobbed as His cock exploded inside me. His knees buckled but He managed to hold us both up as He swallowed gulps of air. Nothing is more beautiful than a man mindless with pleasure, especially when it is pleasure I have brought Him.

S turned us back around and rested me back on the table. Neither of us was ready to let the other go. We kissed softly, whispering words of adoration and love, Him reassuring me that I was cherished and safe.

He lowered me to my feet on the floor and He held my face in His hands.

‘Sorry about the plate.’ He said. It took me a moment to figure out what He meant. I looked down and there were pieces of it everywhere. I have never known anything to shatter so completely, except, maybe, me. There were not even big enough pieces for us to attempt picking up any with out fingers, I had to go and get a broom.

S stayed home and worked in His study. I was across the hall working in the bedroom. We had a number of conversations during breaks between emails, calls and documents that needed immediate attention. He named me the serving wench and demanded coffee and food when He required. I called Him a lazy bastard when I brought His dinner to Him and He swatted me on the ass.

‘Be gone wench. There is serious men’s work to be done.’ He said in His loud voice.
‘You are an arrogant and sexist pig.’ I said. He shrugged.
‘You love it.’ He said. (I did love it but I wasn’t about to admit that to Him.)

Later He called to me across the hall and as I walked to Him I wondered what it was that He wanted this time. Turned out it was me.

‘Angel, I have a hypothetical question and I want you to be as honest as you can be.’ He said, giving me a serious look.
‘Ok.’ I looked seriously back at Him.
‘If you could have total safe free rein for a day would you want to go to a bar to fuck one guy then look for another? Then another?’ He asked.
‘Hmmm’ I said, obviously giving it some thought. ‘Only if each was rougher and harder than the last.’
He cleared His throat. ‘Would you shower between each one?’ His voice was thick with lust.
‘God no, I would want to smell like a slut and feel like a slut.’ I moved across the floor towards Him. ‘I would want their sweat on me and their cum soaking into my panties.’ I was standing directly in front of Him and I licked my lips at the sight of His hard cock bulging in His pants. ‘I would have to find a man willing to suck the cum through my panties and bring it to my lips for me to taste.’

There was an insistent throbbing between my legs, almost like I had captured my heart beat there. S grabbed me and pulled me to my knees in front of Him then pushed me back onto the floor. There was no tenderness in the way He handled me. He kicked His chair out of the way and positioned Himself between my legs. He sucked at my panties while I held His head to me and pushed my hips up into His face. His tongue pried at the edge of my panties and I pleaded with Him to pull them aside and shove something inside me, His fingers, His tongue, His hand, His cock, I didn’t care what.

He knelt and pulled my panties off me with a roughness that made me cry out. Then His cock was inside me and He was spitting in my mouth and fucking me with such brutal force that the sex in the kitchen would be called gentle if the two were compared.

Now my pubic bone is tender from us grinding together and there is a sore place on the small of my back that was driven into the floor. There are teeth marks on my breasts, thighs and neck and bruises on my breasts and neck as well. My cunt is a little raw.

In spite of all of this, or maybe because of it, I clearly remember lying beneath Him, holding His sweat soaked face in my shaking hands, licking His lips while He was still shuddering in orgasm and whispering the famous words of young Oliver Twist.

‘Please Sir, I want some more.’

I don’t think I will ever be able to get enough.


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