Leaving the fireplace on

Leaving the fireplace on when I’m not at home is unsafe. It’s like leaving the stove on. Even if I’m only running to the mailbox for a minute, it’s not okay to leave it running.

S and I have a special home together. To do anything to jeapordize our home or our safety is very wrong.

I’m sorry S. I know it’s not the first time you told me about this, and it was just thoughtless of me to do it again in spite of your warnings.

You asked me to tell you what the consequences of my behaviour should be and I believe I already know. I know repeated warnings are more serious.

I think when you get home tonight you will probably spank me and put me to bed early. *blushes*

I feel embarrassed when you punish me, particularly when you spank me like a little girl. And I feel sad when I do not meet with your expectations. But I am so fortunate that you will take the time and effort to discipline me for transgressions. I love you.


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