I was punished last night for the fireplace situation. A gas fireplace is not complicated and I think people misunderstand the simplicity of it. Switches on and off, encased in fireproof glass. They’re made with safety in mind. So sometimes I feel as though there’s an overreaction. Regardless, I know the rule and I have broken it more than once.

And so I was punished. I was in pajamas when He got home, as He told me to be. And we ate dinner together without mention of what was to come. Frankly I was hoping He might have forgotten, not that the fuzzy flannel provided any kind of a reminder.

After dinner He sent me to the bedroom. I was spanked soundly over His knee. Punishment spankings are always difficult to endure, so much so that afterward I rarely feel like protesting if he sends me to bed. Tearstained and redbottomed, I was tucked into bed just before 11:00.

I love my master. Even when I am punished, even though I dislike being punished, I love Him for His careful ministrations to my needs. I never regret the life I have chosen except for when I am over his knee. Afterward, I remember how worthwhile these pains are and how they soothe the pains in my troubled heart.


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