who’s being punished now?

I do not generally mix sexual pleasure with discipline, although I am always tempted. I try to keep our lifestyle as real as possible for my girl, and I wish to avoid confusion.

When she has misbehaved, she is punished soundly and she is not rewarded with any sexual enjoyment. In fact, not only do I refrain from pleasuring her but I forbid her from pleasuring herself as well. I know that after a punishment is over she may be tempted to do so, but I feel it is a better lesson learned if she must also live with that unfulfilled ache until I decide to take care of it.

I control her sexually. That is, I decide when she will and will not receive sexual pleasures. Sometimes I bestow sexual pleasures upon her at times when she feels she does not want them. Likewise, I will at times deny her as part of a punishment or as a test of her obedience. Because of her misbehaviour today she was sent to bed early and without.

I dressed her in her little pajamas and tucked her into bed. I brushed her hair back from her eyes and kissed her little upturned face, smelling sweetly of toothpaste and soap. Goodnight my girl. I love you.

I could hear her after I turned off the light and retreated to the basement. She wasn’t ready to sleep as it was only 11:00, but naughty girls are always sent to bed early. She was restless, tossing and turning and sighing out loud. I know she wanted to touch herself but she knew better than to disobey after the day she’d had. Time eventually won out and she fell asleep. That was at least three hours ago now. She knows that tomorrow, if she behaves nicely, she will be taken care of.

That leaves one of us still wide awake and hungry, and that one behaved himself most impeccably today. That one now is still awake as it approaches 3 am, thoughts filled with pretty pretty pictures of the day’s events wiggling in his head. Now I ask you, who’s being punished? *groans*

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