I got ravished and brutalized. Yummy. Last Night I went to work and when I came home S was not around so I decided to take a bath.  By the time I finished up He was home playing His computer game. I went to the living room and tried to find something to watch on tv. But, there was nothing. After a few minutes He joined me and we flipped through the channels.
“See what’s on the porn channels.”
I turned to those and we watched two girls eating one another and using an enormous glass dildo on each other. After a few minutes He sent me to get the vibrator. A few minutes after that He sent me to the bedroom. And, for a long time He used the vibrator on me. It took me a long time to reach orgasm, but when i finally did it was extremely intense.
Then S layed on his back beside me and i cuddled close and stroked His cock. When it was hard He jerked me to His crotch by my hair and hissed at me to suck His cock. i did so gratefully. i delighted in the feel of His length deep in my throat, His scent, the soft satiny texture of His flesh against my stroking tongue. All to soon He growled at me and shoved me on the bed on my back.
He nipped at my breast with His teeth as He forced his cock deep inside me in one thrust. The sharp thrust hurt, delightfully so. Soon He was fucking me viciously hard, and i was thrusting my hips back against Him.
Oh i’ve missed it. The smell of my arousal, the wet smacking sounds of our joining, the brutal shoving thrusting and painful ripping sensation. Heaven.
Eventually He turned me onto my knees and I held my ass high, giving Him easy access to my throbbing cunt. He became increasingly violent, finally bringing one leg up and entering me crooked, stretching me in an awkward and agonizing angle. Burying His hand in my hair He held my upper body up and pounded me so hard I could only whimper and moan and finally plead.
Finally He pulled His cock out and stroked until His cum was all over my back and ass. He wiped His hand off on my face and dropped me back to the pillows in a cum soaked mess.
Afterwards we cuddled. Damn… i’ve missed that. That hard unbridled fuck. No impliments of pain, yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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