Hell must of just froze over

She said she drove as fast as she dared. The wreck on the Verrazano Bridge had caused a stand still in traffic for over an hour and when it had started to move it was at a snail’s pace. She was fifteen minutes late. And I was not one bit pleased. She told me she would be home no later than 3.

“You are late.”

“Yes, S, I am sorry.”

I grabbed her wrist and pulled her quickly to the lashing post. Her cuffs still hung there on the chain from long ago when I whipped her for pleasure, but Angel knew that this would be entirely different. This time, she was being punished.

I secured her quickly without removing her clothes. This one post of the many that where designed into the architecture of the house is very close to the wall, so it allows very limited mobility. Her arms were high above her head and she was up on her toes. She was blinded by the black blindfold that I slipped over her eyes and stunned by the next sensation. I took her shirt by the hem and ripped it up the center of the back. So there she stood helpless and barebacked before me.

I took the whip from my back pocket and without stopping I lashed her on her ass, thighs, and back for each minute that she was late, making her count each blow out loud. By fifteen she was quietly crying behind the blindfold.

“I’m so sorry, Master.”

“You are forgiven,” I said as I released her wrists and removed her blindfold.


“Later, my Angel…” I knew what she wanted. She always needs to suck after punishment but first I had other things to attend to. She had served me well and without complaint.

I hate punishing her but… I love the way she gives herself to it completely. I thought perhaps I had been too hard on her… but I worry about her every moment that we are apart. She should have called. That’s all I needed was a simple 20 second phone call.

Angel arrived in the kitchen wearing only her collar as instructed. With her head down she came straight to me. I turned her around and inspected her bottom to make sure that I had not been too carried away, and then I allowed her to kneel before me and suck. Her sucking stirred the fire in me that had been ignited by her lashings. I pulled her to her feet and picked her up. She wrapped her legs and arms around me, holding on tightly and burying her face in my neck as I carried her to the table. I propped her on the edge of the table and Angel quickly unbuttoned my pants to free me fully so that I could take her. I drove into her fiercely and with nothing held back. Pumping her cunt as I held her tightly to me… kissing her deeply, sadly I was cumming in seconds. When my trembling subsided and my cock slipped limply from her cunt, she slid down my body and eagerly licked me clean.

I showed no further interest in using her. She had not been given permission to cum during the whipping because it was punishment and not for pleasure. And because of my premature cumming in the kitchen she found no release there either. So, as we were preparing for bed, she was throbbing and needing release.

“Master, shall I remove my collar now?” She asked, I secretly believe she was hoping that the answer would be no.

“Yes, you may sleep now.”

She seemed dismayed by this answer but would never question it. Never. I know her heart and her body and I would provide for them when it was time.

It took a long time for the need in her to subside enough to let her sleep, but finally, in the comfort of my arms, she drifted off.

I wanted her so badly. Every muscle in my body strained from withholding, I could not sleep. When I felt her finally relax and her breathing was slow and steady, I was able to move a bit without waking her, so I softly touched her hair. I love to look at the silhouette of her face in the moonlight. How had it been that fate finally shined on me and brought her back into my arms? However briefly it may end up being, I cherish every moment. I love her so deeply that punishing her is both agony and awe-inspiring. Watching as she submits to me… fully giving herself over to my demands… trusting me with her body and her soul… was more than I had ever dared to hope for. She was mine, and in taking her… I was hers.

I needed her again. Leaning down I nuzzled her ear and quietly whispered, “Open for me, Angel.”
She stirred a bit and sighed deeply but without waking so I persisted but still only whispering, “Open up my sweetness for me, Master needs his cunt…”

Her breathing grew slightly thicker and shallower but she did not wake. I just waited and watched as slowly… oh, so slowly… her body responded and her thighs parted for me. She was truly mine.

Watching her submit, even in sleep, was more than I could stand. Now I had to know more about how deeply imbedded her commitment to me was. Without touching her anywhere, not even the slightest graze along her open thigh, I laid my finger on her sleeping clit and very softly began to massage it. I was careful not to get carried away because I did not want to wake her. I knew her heart when she was awake, now I wanted to know her submissive soul. I had no intention of waking her completely yet. For now I wanted only her subconscious to answer me. I moved close to her ear again and speaking barely above a whisper I told her, “This clit is mine. It does not belong to you. It is simply a tiny part of a willing slave who wishes only to please me.” Slowly, oh so slowly, the way a child removes a band-aid, I pulled my finger away.

Because sleep is sporadic for my Angel I allowed her to sleep in her blindfold, which provides constant light control. Knowing that, I slipped carefully from the bed to turn on the lamp on the other side of the room. Even in the soft light of a simple lamp I could see the changes in her body. There was a warm glow that had worked its way up and caused a flush in her cheeks, and her clit was engorged. The dark outer lips of her pussy were being pushed apart by the opening of her cunt to her Master. I decided at that moment that I would do this as often as I could without conditioning her to wake. Now I had to have her. There was no way that I could continue without waking her eventually to serve me and if I did it often she would learn to wake at my slightest touch. Tonight, however this was new, and I intended to learn as much as I could before my need for her took control.

I went to the bed again, deciding this time her nipples were to be the subject of attention. Fearing the abrupt change in temperature would wake her, I decided against using my mouth but chose to roll them delicately under my palm. With a flat hand I touched only the tip of her nipple rolling it in tiny circles with my palm. They hardened at my manipulations and drew up tightly erect. Then I leaned in closely to her ear and barely louder than a whisper I told her, “These nipples belong to me.” To my amazement, she sighed deeply and gave the slightest of nods in affirmation. Her lovely lips parted a little as her breathing grew slightly heavier and her legs rolled out just a tiny bit more. Seeing this sent a flood of need through me that I had to fight down so that I could continue.

I knew I could not touch her mouth without waking her so I chose to turn my attention back to her cunt and wait patiently for the day when I would find her sleeping on her stomach. Her lips glistened in the light of the lamp and I swear that I could see an occasional contraction at the opening of her cunt. Possibly a grasping for want of more? Well I would give her more. I carefully inserted my middle finger in her pussy seeking that point of pleasure that I had made my own. Tonight I would reinforce that lesson. Gently, I massaged the tiny egg-shaped spot that I had grown to love so. i dared not try to insert two fingers for she would surely wake, so I set about the task of manipulating the spot inside her with one. The first stroke found her wet and ready and the spot inside full and eager. Puzzled at first and then I remembered that I had allowed her no release earlier. No wonder she hesitated when I told her she could sleep. I smiled realizing that she had not questioned me on the matter. She’d become so skilled in her submission that she was sure that I would give her what she needed eventually and did not question. For now, she could have her release.

Her chest had begun to rise and fall more rapidly and I knew that I would either have to slow her down or release her quickly or she would wake so I leaned in close to her ear again and whispered softly, “This cunt is mine. The orgasm that builds inside you belongs to me. You may have it, but only because I wish for you to have it. Cum for me my Angel! Cum for your Master!” And with that her back arched until only her bottom and the back of her head were touching the bed.

Her orgasm exploded in a release so powerful that she gushed in my hand. I reached up with my other hand to remove her blindfold when, startled from her sleep, she grabbed my hands and at first I thought she was trying to remove them but I quickly saw she was instead holding them in place. “That’s My Girl,” I spoke gently to her, hoping the softness of my voice would explain it all.

“Thank you, Master…” She spoke with the hint of a question in her words but still did not ask my reasons. It mattered not to her why I waited until she was asleep to take her pleasure from her, only that I had.

Now that she was awake I decided I would use her well. Watching her submission in sleep had made me raging hard and this was looking to be a long night. i retrieved her cuffs and bound her hands together with them before hooking her to the swivel hook that is installed to the back of the headboard. Blindfold back in place, she was ready. “Open your legs.” She obeyed. She always did. “Wider.” Again, without hesitation, she obeyed. I stood there stroking my cock at the foot of the bed… looking at her… taking in the sight of her bound and waiting. I watched as her cunt grew wet with excitement… as her urge to close her legs to put pressure on her clit had her nearly jerking.

Her wet cunt pulled at me until I couldn’t restrain myself no longer. I crawled between her legs and began to devour her cunt. Within seconds she was cumming and nearly screaming. I licked and sucked at her clit until she’d cum a half dozen times then I made my way up to her ear and as I slid my engorged cock home I asked her sweetly, “No thank-you’s for your Master?” Her mouth flew open in a gasp and I kissed her deeply. Pulling my hard cock from her , I rolled her over and pulled her ankles wide apart.

“You are not to close your legs. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I reached into the nightstand where I had already stashed a few items I had planned on using. I hastily retrieved them. I popped open the top on the lube and covered the already prepared ginger root with it. Then I very slowly inserted it in her ass.

“Do not close your legs. Try to hold on to this as long as you can. I do not want it slipping out.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her response was always favorable. She had truly come into her place as my slave and nothing made me love her more than her complete submission. She was mine in every way.

I drug the tail of the whip along her back and sides as well as the backs of her legs, letting her come to the acceptance that she was to be whipped again tonight. She was simply hypnotic in her acceptance once she’d been acclimated to the knowledge that she was to be punished again. Surprising her had satisfaction element all its own, but when she knew it was coming… she was stunning. I watched as her body began to respond even before the lashes had begun. Her hands wrapped around the bedpost, her bottom began to relax, and her breathing settled into a rhythmic pattern of lustful need. She was as much a slave to her own needs as to mine. She wanted it. And she wanted it bad.

WHACK! The first lash across her bottom was hard and without restraint. I cautioned myself against hurting her but the sight before me drove my arm back even further the second time. WHACK! She cried out, but to my ears it was a squeal of delight. WHACK! The third lash had her in tears. “Master, Please! I’m sorry!” I rolled her over and drove the dildo deeply in her cunt and forced her legs together before delivering the final three lashes, the first two across each of her tits, WHACK! WHACK! And the last across the front of her thighs, WHACK!

She was crying now, softly sobbing, “I’m sorry,” over and over again, but I was not interested in her remorse just yet. Rolling her back over, I slipped a bedroll under her hips, which forced her ass up in the air. I grabbed the bottom of the dildo and jerked it out to find her cunt dripping wet. In one motion I drove my dick fully home but did not stay. Pulling out I replaced the vibrator as I positioned myself at the entrance of her tight ass. I swiftly removed the ginger root and I grabbed a flaming hot cheek with one hand and forced myself deep into her without stopping to allow her time to adjust. I was completely lost in my need for her.

With my cock deep in her ass and one hand on her to hold her still, I grabbed the headboard with the other hand and began to fuck her unmercifully. Nothing about this was for her. She had failed to show me the proper respect earlier, so her comfort and pleasure were of no concern to me now. I fucked her ass for what seemed to be and eternity, reveling in the vibrations I felt from her cunt. Her ass, gripping me tightly, was hot and silky and I could feel the welts that had formed on her cheeks beneath my fingers. I fucked her that way, without stopping, until my balls tightened and my cockhead swelled and when I finally came in her she screamed aloud, incoherent sounds of lust.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” The soft words of gratitude from the sweet lips of my Angel were what brought me back out of my zone. I am not sure how long I laid there atop her but my softened cock had slipped from her ass and the dildo vibrated the bed somewhere near my knee.
I got up and made went to the bathroom. I drew a hot bath with lavender and vanilla bubbles as the memories of what just happened flooded through my brain. With the tub full I turned the water off and went back across to the bedroom where she was still bound and waiting. I left the cuffs hanging on the swivel and freed her wrists instead. I removed the blindfold to find it fully dampened from her tears. I turned off the vibrator and tossed it aside then I gently slipped my arms beneath her and carried her to the tub. She wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and continued to chant her thank you’s.

I stepped in with her and cradled her in my lap as we sank together into the hot water. I whispered sweet and gentle things in her ear as I bathed her tenderly but thoroughly and despite my quiet resolve to serve her now, I let her bathe me because she took such joy in it. I washed her hair and she stood in the tub to wash mine. I closed my eyes but the red stripes on her breasts and thighs were painted on the inside of my lids. I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply then I tenderly washed her bottom and to my amazement I grew stiff again in the soft hands of my sweet Angel as she washed me thoroughly. I got out first and dried off then left her there to soak as I went about the task of preparing our room. I put clean dry sheets on the bed and lit the candles on both sides of the headboard. I put away the whips, the cuffs and the vibrator, and turned on our favorite c.d while my Angel dozed in the warm water.

I got her out of the tub and carried her back to the bedroom and with only the light of the candles, I dried her, and combed out her hair, and then I led her to the bed where I had her sit on the side while I knelt in front of her. (Yes, I know a little switch action for just a moment.)

“Angel, I…”

She put a finger to my lips and kissed me softly around it.
“We ARE Master and slave, and I serve you willingly and freely and without reservation. You did as you should have done and I am happy for it. You have not hurt me nor have you done anything that was beyond your right as my Master. We are One and had you forgotten that, I would have reminded you, as it is my right as your willing servant to do so. I am yours, My Sweet Possessor… but you are Mine as well.”

Rising from my knees I picked her up off the bed and wrapped her legs around my waist. I kissed her deeply as I carried her to the chair and between each kiss it was me chanting this time… “I need my Angel.”

In the chair she reached between us to guide me home. This was for both of us, Master and slave. Soulmates coupling together in the soft glow of candlelight, we whispered I love yous and moaned in the pleasure we continued to find in each other. I cupped her breasts tightly in my hands and sucked hungrily at her nipples as she rocked slowly up and down on my cock. Finally she arched her back in a release that seemed to go on and on. The sight of her cumming and crying out my name sent me crashing over the edge again and I grabbed her and pulled her in close while I filled her deep with my cum.

In the early hours of the morning with the candles nearly burned out, I lay propped on the pillows as she laid between my legs sucking. I thought of all that we had done this night and of all that we had become together as I traced every detail of her body with my fingers. It was a long time before I slept but when I finally closed my eyes I slept the sleep of a man in love and fully satisfied.

Edited because I decided to add a picture.


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