S came home late last night. Really late. We had an argument earlier so I wanted to be awake when he got back. Brook-lyn had been asleep for a many hours before His car pulled into the driveway. I knew He would be tired but there was something else I had heard in His voice when He had called to say He would be late. He sounded more than just tired, He sounded like the world had beaten Him down. Sometimes it happens, things get on top of Him though rarely does S let it show. I waited up for Him in spite of Him telling me not to. I felt it was important for me to be there for Him. When you love someone, being there for them is something that you just do. For me, at least, it is what feels right.

So when S came in late last night, I was kneeling in the hallway waiting for Him. I didn’t have my head bowed. Instead I watched Him as He put down His stuff and hung up His coat. He didn’t say anything to me, just smiled softly. He walked over to me and held out His hand to help me up. I took it eagerly and followed Him to the couch. I curled up next to Him, saying nothing. I just waited for Him to talk or stay silent. Whatever He needed was ok with me.

He didn’t bring back up our earlier disagreement. That is not his way.. He needs to sort things out for Himself and fix them before He tells me what is going on. He just let me know that it was life in general that was getting to Him and His mood and His tiredness had nothing to do with us. I knew that it wasn’t exactly the truth, but I appreciated the reassurance anyway.

So we sat there together while S let Himself unwind. I kissed Him and we held hands. He started to unbutton my blouse. I undid His jeans. He lifted Himself so I could pull them down. He lifted my bra and freed my breasts. It wasn’t sexual, not really. It was just touching and enjoying being touched. I didn’t stroke His cock. I gently caressed it, running my finger tips up the shaft and over the tip. He didn’t fondle my breasts. He just let His fingers trail over them. It was being together in a way that we would not be with anyone else.

S told me that He was glad that I had waited up for Him. I told Him that I was glad that I had too.

“I needed to be with you.” He said. Then He smiled. “How is that for an admission? I need You.”
I just smiled at Him. It is not something that He will often allow Himself to admit.
“Now that we are together, everything seems better.” He murmured.
“I love you, endlessly.” I said.
“God,” He groaned. “What a beautiful way to end the day.” And His cock started to spurt over my fingers. I wrapped my hand around Him and helped His orgasm through to the end.

“I wasn’t expecting that!” He said when He had managed to catch His breath. I looked at Him and He smiled sheepishly at me. “It just snuck up on me.” He shrugged.
I smiled rather smugly and said “Uh huh.” I made a show of examining my nails.
“Oh, so you think it was all your doing, don’t you.” He accused.
I looked around. “Well, there is no one else here.” I smiled smugly again.
“Smartass.” He smirked. “Come here.” And He pulled me over the top of His legs.

He kept His hands on my hips so He could move me to where He wanted me and He lowered me onto the streaks of cum that had landed on His thigh.

“Show me what a greedy little slut you really are.” He said and He made me rub myself against His leg. Then He stopped making me do it, but I didn’t stop. I leaned forward so that it would feel even better and I kissed Him, open mouthed, using my tongue.

I came quickly, moaning loudly, giving myself up to the pleasure I felt. Then I hid my face against his chest, suddenly full of embarrassment for my indulgence, my decadence, for rubbing myself so wantonly against His leg.

He put His arms around me. One of His hands rested on my back, the other on the nape of my neck. “Angel, you are so utterly delicious. I love you.” He said. And although my embarrassment didn’t entirely go away, (I am blushing even now as I write) I was filled with warmth at His words.

I know that S will find it a little embarrassing that I wrote of His vulnerability here, just as I find myself blushing at what I did. But it is important for me to say that who we are is not about giving orders and having them obeyed. Our relationship goes so much deeper than that. We trust each other, respect each other, we know that when we are together we can let our guard down and be ourselves however we are feeling. We allow each other the safety to need and to be needed. Neither of us will use it against the other.


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