Russians and Norwegians…oh my!!

This morning S and I spent a long time playing with each other. We did that thing we love to do where S weaves a fantasy into my mind while we are having sex. This fantasy was very powerful. It was about the Russian that has become such an intrigual part of my life. S accepts that if this Russian had asked me to go with him there is a damn good chance I would have gone. For at times, the Russian fills my mind. Often, my fantasies revolve around the Russian. Maybe they always will. I admitted this to S.

He was a little jealous. He was also hugely aroused. The idea that someone could take me away from Him turns Him on. He becomes determined to fill me full of His semen and to mark me as His. It becomes about possession. We have teased each other with fantasies about the Russian before and in truth, I know he is nothing like the Man S and I have created.

So early this morning, S started to touch me and while He touched me He started to talk about the Russian. He talked for about an hour, stopping when I had Him at the stage where He had to concentrate not to come and when He wanted to just enjoy my orgasm. At times He touched me and at times He made me touch myself. At times He fucked me and at times I was sucking on His cock. I came many times, so many I doubt either of us could even come close to guessing. I got so a single touch from Him would send me into convulsions. He didn’t come until the end though, after a full hour of foreplay.

The fantasy went like this:

I bring the Russian home with me, and meet up with S in the kitchen. S watches me, and I am unaware that I can’t stop touching him, my hands resting on the Russian’s arm or thigh as we talk. S says little, just allows me to take the Russian’s hand and lead him demurely to the bedroom.

Later S and I bump into each other in the kitchen again. I am wearing nothing more than a tee shirt. We talk.

‘Hi babe. You ok?’ S asked.
‘Yes. He is sleeping.’
‘Worn him out huh?’
‘Yes. I am just making me some coffee. I want him to sleep a little, then wake for…’
‘You know after tonight you can’t have him again…yes?’
‘I know. That’s why I want as much of him as I can tonight.’ I move closer to S and tell Him my tee shirt is soggy.

He reaches behind me and touches the back of my shirt, lifting it so He can slide His fingers down between my ass cheeks.

‘Ah, I see he likes to use your ass.’
‘Yes, he loves my ass.’
‘I can tell, his come is still hot.’
‘That is the last place he came before he fell asleep.’

I take my coffee back upstairs and S follows to stand in the doorway. I climb onto the bed and drink my coffee as I stroke the Russian’s hair while he sleeps. The Russian’s cock is lying against his thigh, moist, big, but not erect. As S watches I reach between my legs and trail my fingers through my cum-soaked pussy and bring them to my mouth.

I put the coffee on the bedside table and shift to the feet of my dark haired giant. While he sleeps, then slowly oblivious to everything else, I kiss his ankles, his shins up slowly, slowly, over his knees, his thighs, taking his soft cock lovingly in my hands, just holding it against my cheek licking delicately at the tip, holding it daintily in my fingers and licking and nuzzling his balls.

As S watches, the Russian’s cock becomes erect in my hand as I lick over his tummy, kissing his belly button, breathing in the scent from between his legs and whimpering to myself. I kiss up over his chest, licking softly at each nipple then over his dark jaw, rough on my tongue. I look up and catch S’s eye. My eyes are glistening.

‘So much, I love him so much.’ I whisper and I bend to kiss his mouth. He is awake now and my tongue slides between his lips and his cock pulses in my hand. S closes the door and walks away.

All night I am awake. He sleeps after each orgasm but I don’t. S hears me padding around occasionally, knowing I just want him to wake and come in me again.

S sees me again later and I lean against Him. I am naked this time and I reek of the Russian. When S reaches between my legs I am hot and swollen. My breasts are full, engorged still with sex.

‘I am not sure if it is enough, one night. I have had him all night and I want him as much now as I did before I brought him home and love him more.’ I cry quietly as I speak.

S just touches my pussy again and lets me lean against Him. His fingers find my clitoris and He holds me up as He makes me come. It only takes seconds, as I am so aroused that the slightest touch is making me shudder and come. S sits me on the kitchen table and tells me that He needs to come now too. I open my legs and slide my tongue into His mouth. I wrap my legs around Him and pull Him into me.

S comes quickly, hard, shuddering and I bite His lips and squeeze His cock, pushing against Him so that I come too. His cock filling me is more than a slight touch.

As S withdraws we become aware of a shape in the doorway. The Russian watched. He saw it all and now He stands there, not knowing what to do. He is enraged at the affection between us, but his cock is engorged. I smile at S and then at my Russian and walk slowly to him. I gently take hold of his cock and lead him to the bedroom.
‘Come,’ I say. ‘A girl is not going to waste this.’

His next orgasm is with him leaning against the inside of the bedroom door, his cock thrusting into my mouth, his hands in my hair. My grunts and gurgles of lust are audible downstairs, as are his and S listens as I make him come again.

It was here that S took a deep breath and knew that He Himself could not hold back much longer. I was in a whole other world that He had created living each experience in my mind and reacting to the words He was giving me. He pulled me to Him again and slid His cock inside me. I shuddered and came on Him. He whispered gently in my ear.

‘Tell me, if he had been on lying on his tummy when he slept and you licked him like you did when he was lying on his back, would you reach for his balls with your tongue?’

I managed to gasp out ‘yes’ then I started to tell S of what I wanted to do. This is actually a really hard thing for me to do. I can write about sex without a problem at all but talking about it, especially while His cock is filling me is near to impossible to me, but I was there, living it with the Russian. It was my turn to make S come and I wanted Him to come hard.

I spread the Russian’s legs apart and lay between them, gently tonguing his balls. When he woke and became hard I slid my tongue between his ass cheeks and pressed it into his ass. I asked him to kneel on all fours so that I could tongue fuck him properly and jerk his cock. I grunted and moaned and whimpered as I licked His dangling balls and caressed his cock. I wanted to lick his ass, his balls and his cock all at the same time, desperate to make him feel everything. I wanted him to come again, even though he had already filled my ass and pussy and mouth with his semen, some places more than once. I rubbed my breasts over his ass and jerked his cock. I slid my tongue back into his ass and squirmed a finger in beside it, using my finger to fuck him deeply, and I jerked his cock.

S’s body had tightened and I knew from the way His breath caught that He was on the very edge of coming and I slid a finger into His ass and continued to whisper to Him.

‘When he starts to come, I will lick his balls, fingering his ass and I will rub his come back over his cock and I will moan and shudder.’

S came with an intensity I have rarely seen in Him before. His whole body shook and all I could do was hold Him to me and caress His face and nuzzle against His neck. He lay on me for the longest time, just trying to catch His breath. I held Him and kissed Him and used the time to compose myself. I couldn’t stop myself from clenching on His cock. I had no control over that part of my body and He eventually withdrew from me because the feeling was too intense for both of us. My mind was racing.

‘You wouldn’t really let me do that, would You?’ I asked.
‘I wouldn’t fucking let you enjoy it so much!’ He answered and we both started laughing.

A while later we dragged ourselves out of bed and went for something to eat and drink. We sat together at the table and talked about all different things and neither of us talked about the sex we had just had. He had me laughing and I had Him laughing and it was just good fun to be together. We were both feeling drained and S said there was nothing he had to do today that couldn’t wait until the afternoon so we headed back upstairs and climbed back into bed and fell asleep for a little while.

S woke before I did and when I woke He was stroking my cheek. I opened my eyes to see His watching me.

‘Hello gorgeous,’ He said. I felt my heart burst open. How on earth can I keep falling more in love with this Man? He asked me what I felt about the fantasy He had told me and I blushed. I held His hand against my cheek and told Him that I honestly felt a little guilty about it. He asked me why I felt guilty, was it because I love the Russian so much? I smiled and told Him that I only love the Russian as much as He lets me. He just happens to let me love the Russian a lot.

S kissed me and told me that He didn’t mind me being in love with the Russian because no matter what, I love still love Him also. He felt no threat from our fantasy so He could let me revel in being in love with another man. He asked me why I had cried when He told me He had closed the door and walked away and I told Him because I knew I should open the door and go to Him, but I wanted to stay with the Russian too. He smiled and kissed me again.

‘Angel, I have to go soon, but I want to make love to you before I go, ok?’

My eyes filled with tears. I pulled Him close to me and held on to Him as tight as I could. We made love, just as Us, two people that sometimes just can’t get close enough to each other even when they are a part of each other. We showered together and dressed while still touching each other and when S pulled away from me to go I felt like a piece of me was missing.

I love it when I feel like this.


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One Response to Russians and Norwegians…oh my!!

  1. Circuslad says:

    Wow! I just loved reading that! It was so hot and then so loving!
    You and S are great together!

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