Drunken public displays of affection

Last night I got drunk. Actually, I didn’t just get drunk, I got completely, utterly, smashed. That is very very unusual for me. As a general rule, I don’t drink. If I do drink, I rarely have more than one glass. So I didn’t actually have to have a lot of alcohol to get so rat-faced. I had a few fast glasses of wine and suddenly the world was all skewed.

S, of course, held me upright and kept handing me glasses of water and making me drink it in between my fits of laughter. It didn’t do a lot to sober me up, but it kept me away from more wine and my head was grateful to Him this morning. I had no hangover as such, though I was wide-awake at 3am saying goodbye to the food I had eaten.

I am actually not embarrassed about my behavior, we were at a party, the celebration of a friends wedding. It was mostly close friends and we have all seen each other at our worst. It is hard to be embarrassed about not being able to stand up when you have had to lend that one a shirt because they threw up on their own, and this one a pair of pants because they forgot they needed to pee. When you are with friends, you let your hair down and shit happens. It is never a big deal. At least I am pretty sure I didn’t tell anyone their ass looked fat so I am still ok with them.

S’s behavior though, considering He was (mostly) sober, was probably what I would expect from Him. I was almost totally incapacitated, so He did what any guy would do in that situation. He took advantage of me. He took me to a bathroom and bent me over the vanity and I somehow managed to hold onto it while He fucked me witless. (He will say I didn’t have far to go.) I almost want to call the party host and ask if there are finger indentations on that cabinet because I remember holding onto it for dear life. The world was swimming before me and that vanity was my rock, I wasn’t going to let it go. I think S had to pull my hands off it after He had put my panties back in place. I don’t remember saying much during that particular fucking, maybe a few choice words did pass my lips, but I know that I grunted and groaned a lot and I think I may have begged though I am not sure what I was begging for.

We rejoined the party and I was a little bit steadier on my feet but even more importantly I was sober enough not to tell everyone we had just fucked. I must admit the thought did keep popping into my mind and it was very possible I might have blurted it out given half a chance. Eventually I turned to S and slid my arms around His neck.

‘My panties are full of Your semen.’ I whispered.

He grinned at me and took my hand and led me away around the corner of the house. We went a short way down the path then He pushed me against the wall. I panicked. He kissed me hard. I gave in. He undid the buttons on the top of my shirt and bit at my tits through the bra while His hand cupped the hotness of my pussy. I suppose this is part of the reason he insisted on picking my clothes for the wedding. (He knows I’d rather die than wear a skirt.) I could hear people talking just around the corner and I kept freezing up.

‘Relax,’ He said. ‘It’s not like they don’t know we fuck.’

In my drunken haze that made perfect sense to me and I found myself spreading my legs wider to give Him better access. He knelt between my legs and sucked on me through my panties and me, sweet gentle girl that I am, ground herself onto His face.

‘Suck my cunt.’ I demanded. I told you I was drunk. I do NOT ever talk like that to him.

He turned me around to face the wall and peeled my panties down. His tongue dove into the folds of skin and He licked from my clitoris to my ass, fucked me with His tongue, then licked me all the way back again. His fingers pressed up inside me and I came and came again. Then once more. I said things that would have made a sailor blush but S took it all in His stride. It’s hard to make him blush, I know, I have tried. He stood up behind me and slid His cock inside me and held my hips and fucked me until I came again. Then He withdrew and pulled me off the wall by my hair. He turned me around and pushed me to my knees.

‘Suck my cock, slut.’ He said.

I sucked on Him, fucking Him with my mouth while He held my hair. He came in moments, His semen shooting hot into my throat. Probably only about five minutes had passed since we had gone down the path. He helped me to my feet and we cleaned each other up the best we could and then we snuck off to the bathroom and did a better job.

We rejoined the party and if anyone had noticed that we had been missing, no one commented on it to us. We didn’t stay much longer, S was hopelessly suffering from lust and He kept biting my neck and whispering rude things in my ear so that my nipples would stiffen and I would giggle and blush.

He ended up taking me back to the B&B so that He could use me at His leisure and by the time He had finished the buzz of the alcohol had worn off. I felt sick. I left S to sleep and I sat up for a while and let my tummy settle and then I went back to bed and we sleep well past check out time.

So even though the post is late, the good news is that I am not hung-over and I really had fun last night. I don’t think I will be doing it again in a hurry.

At least, not the drinking bit.


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One Response to Drunken public displays of affection

  1. Daddy says:

    Wonderful. This is what I need in my life!

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