There’s something that I don’t believe I have ever truly said in a post….that is how proud I am to own and have Angel as my slave. Yes, we have our ups and downs. Yes, sometimes we don’t get along. And Yes, sometimes the sailing isn’t as smooth as we would like. BUT through it all…thick and thin..I am still proud to call her mine. I am proud of the way she acts and her ability to please and pleasure me.

When we first met, we were just talking about a booty call, maybe….friends or maybe something a little bit more. From that point on…she accepted me and I accepted her, without being in a Master/submissive relationship. After countless discussions, scenes, play sessions and what nots, we both came to the conclusion that she wanted to be a slave and I wanted to have a slave. I am glad we took the chance and explored both our pervertions if I may call it that.

It was a long and uphill battle to get where we are now..and will continue to be. We both feel the day you quit learning is the day to call it quits. We don’t have all the answers to/for our lifestyle, but those are the fun parts of our lifestyle. The trials and tribulations to find what works, what doesn’t. Have that open communication to express ourselves to a degree and push our limits to the full extent.

I have a lot of stuff going through my I apologize for the jumping around and maybe some stuff not making sense.

How to describe the love and desire and YES LUST I have for my lil cunt..Mmmmm.. Some of you have met me and I hope you could see the love and how spoiled ROTTEN she is..hehheeh..but I like her like that…she takes very, very good care of me. and I can’t wait to take care of her fully later on in life…Fuck all,  is all I can say..for the plans and desires we and I have planned for her. Cunt in a cage, suspension, Diet restriction, collared, chained to the bed, sex/fuck toy for my pleasure, furniture – be it for holding a plate of food or maybe a drink or used as a foot stool, needles and nails, clamps and clips, whipping post..or maybe just an extra target while playing paintball..a foot warmer by footing my cunt. Hand warmer as well. We just have tons of stuff that we will be doing.

I enjoy having her share our lifestyle with you. I enjoy reading your journals as well. I get inspiration from some of you and I hope we do the same to you.

WELL I think I rambled enough. Again I am very proud of her..she’s been an EXTREMELY good girl…..even following through with the Sir / Master stuff as well.

Take care and be safe,


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  1. pepes_slave says:

    i always love to see a Master write about how much he loves and values his slave and how that love underlies everything they do together. (in fact, i just did a post to try to explain to some who don’t understand why my Master handles me as He does that His love for me underlies all of it.)

    Perhaps if those who leave nasty anonymous comments on various lifestyle journals could read more posts like this, maybe just maybe (no i won’t hold my breath waiting) they would be able to look past the way the media sensationalizes so much about this lifestyle and see that is is actually based on love and trust and integrity.

    as i have written to angyl before, i have learned much that has helped me in my own journey by reading what she writes (and what you sometimes write). This post was truly a pleasure to read. It won’t surprise those who care about you and angyl but maybe it will open the eyes of a few others.

  2. Anonymous says:

    THIS warmed my heart. i’m always interested and intrigued when Master’s become involved in publis support/encouragment/praise of their slaves. It was very uplifting to hear, although, we all collabortively know this between you two… such a beautiful thing you two possess together.

    Warms me up. The best to you both.

  3. i999shadow says:

    Thank you so much for allowing her to share with us, for adding to that sharing, and for all your kind words.
    It is a joy to read, to laugh, to learn.


  4. autumn_sage says:


    Thank You Sir for Your posts and allowing angyl to post; it helps one keep the faith about finding one’s own Master.

  5. tracytris says:

    To me it is clear how very much you two love one another.
    Often when I read Angyl’s posts I am envious, not only of the deliciously painful perversions you two share with all of her readers but also for the sheer amount of love you both hold for one another.

    *sighs like a schoolgirl*

  6. Paul1510 says:


    thank you for this post. It’s obvious from everything that she writes that the love and trust between you two is phenomenal.
    Angyl is a wonderful slave and woman and I have learned a lot from her posts.

    Warm hugs,

  7. zin says:

    Wonderful words. The best to the two of you!


  8. darkfire004 says:

    *hugs* to both of you
    In reading angel’s journal, I have learned things about myself and my own submission to my Sir. I am so glad you let her post and I love it when you post to bring other matters to light.

    Thank You

  9. penguinskitty says:


    it’s posts like this that make my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. you two are just wonderful for each other.

  10. loki_n_nephtys says:

    thank You so much for posting here. it means a lot to me to ‘hear’ You say these loving things about Your Angel. my Daddy and i have both learned and grown so much from peeking in on Y/your lives.

    Daddy’s pidgeon

  11. Anonymous says:

    I wish to offer thanks also S. It warms me to read of how You feel about angyl. I am sure that sometimes it is hard for Masters to articulate their feelings, but You, Sir, do a fine job. You and angyl are perfect for each other. Please keep sharing your lifestyle. I have learned so much as I venture forth in my relationship with Sir.


  12. Anonymous says:

    I was thinking of posting earlier just how much I enjoy reading angyl’s journal and learning (either by reading or contemplating what I’ve been reading) from it all. This was just the perfect post to attach it too.

    Thanks! I look forward to reading more… and hope you keep enjoying one another so much!

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