Not exactly chocolate, but not vanilla either

My mother is in town. She thankfully is staying in a hotel, this place has got enough people in it at the moment. She wanted to take the kids away for the night.

Kid-free. We looked at each other, grinning.

“What do you wanna do?” He asked.

“I don’t know. What do You want to do?”

“Let’s go drink.”


We went to a neat little Mexican place where they serve miniature bottles of Corona, in a bucket of ice, a 1/2 dozen at a time. We ate chimichangas and finished our buckets, then headed home. To fuck.

Earlier that day, during my required half an hour masturbation-tease, all I could think about was stripping S down and servicing His cock. Nuzzling into His balls, loving the way they roll and fall over my face while I lick and suck at the skin covering them. If I closed my eyes and thought about it real hard, I could smell His scent, dark and earthy, hidden in the hollow where thigh meets groin, lapping up the taste before moving to devour His cock.

A few beers on top of those thoughts and I was one dripping cunt.

Another aspect of today was the onset of ovulation. An unpleasantly uncomfortable period where pain stabs into my side and I carry the sensation of holding a broom stick up my ass for a few long hours. I am one of the lucky women who knows when this is happening.

So there was me, with an intense burning desire to fuck like a mad woman, but dealing with that really non-erotic pain that seems to prohibit any sort of fucking at all. Quite the pickle.

Perhaps I could have finished Him off with my mouth, stroking and sucking until He burst down my throat, thus satisfying His lust. And perhaps He’d have allowed me to vibrate my clit until a nice, low-key orgasm washed over me, thus tampering my own lust, and neither activity would have disturbed my stupid ovaries.

But then, perhaps that would knock us out of the running for Sadist and masochist. Can’t have that, now can we? 😉

He flipped me over, and took me hard, ramming in deep, causing me to cry out as the broom stick sensation boiled over. Each thrust sent waves of pain rolling through my insides. Over and over again He commanded me to spread my legs as they seemed to want to close and press up, holding Him away. Over and over again I cried out that I was trying, and fought the instinct to protect my innards, pulling my knees open, giving Him unobstructed access to pound me into oblivion.

And damn if I didn’t come. Repeatedly. Eyes squeezed shut, hands locked behind my knees, gasping in that heady mixture of pain and pleasure. Until finally, unavoidably, pain overtook pleasure. Seeing the transformation across my face, that of real pain, He finished, emptying into my mouth, and flopping back on the bed, as I whimpered a bit, waiting for the intense cramping to abate.

“Did I wear you out again, slut?” He mocked me. He loves to hear me detail for Him how sore I am, how I couldn’t possibly subject myself to another fucking. It makes Him puff and swell and smile smugly.

But I was lost, stuck in a pain-filled haze, with my clit beginning to direct my words.

“I could go again.” I said slowly, and not entirely sure that I *could* go again. What I was sure of was that I wanted to be taken again, with my legs pinned behind my head, and fucked, slammed, ridden like a cock-whore through the pain that filled my cunt. I was suddenly craving it more than I’d craved anything in my life ever.

He laughed. “Whatever! You were just begging me to stop a minute ago.”

That was true, I had been. And was sincere in wanting it to stop then too. This wasn’t the usual pain that I felt after a good hard fucking. It wasn’t a surface pain, no tender clit or stinging vagina. This was deep pain, way up inside pain, the kind that makes just the process of sitting down a slow and easy maneuver.

And I wanted it worse. I wanted it poked and prodded and slammed with the head of His cock. I wanted that uninvited pain in my ovaries to pale in comparison to how bad He could make it. I wanted fucked.

I switched tactics. He’d just finished fucking me as it was. Getting it up again would take work, but I also knew that once up, getting Him to come again would be brutal.

“Are You going to admit that I beat You?” I grinned, rubbing against Him. “My cunt out-fucked Your cock? Tsk tsk.”

He yanked the blankets off of His naked body and slapped my lips to His nipple. “You’re going to have to work for this one.” He said, clearly challenging me. With my hands all over His cock and balls, my tongue working His nipples, I rubbed my raw, wet pussy up and down His leg.

It didn’t take long and He was perking right back up.

“On your hands and knees. NOW.” He barked. Springing up into position I had just a moment of regret. This position was going to guarantee Him freedom to pound as hard and as deep as He wanted. I’d expected to be on my back, where I was afforded some small amount of blockage, even if it was as little as tucking my pelvis into the mattress.

I’m notorious for biting off more than I can chew. His first wicked slam into me proved that I’d done exactly that again.

I scrambled to grab a hold of the headboard, squeezing it until my knuckles turned white, the pain in my vagina and abdomen much more intense than my fantasy had been.

“Oh God.. that hurts.” I breathed, the words hitching as He thrust them out of me. I struggled to not be fucked right out of the bed.

“I know it does. Now get back here.” He growled, yanking me back to Him by my hips.

I understood then that I was in it til the end, that He was going to make it bad, very very bad, and that I was going to stay exactly where I was, on my knees with my ass cocked in the air until He was done.

All I could do was hold on, and try to remember to breathe. My hair fell over my face, was sucked into my mouth as I gasped, my arms shook with the effort of holding myself in position, and always, the constant stabbing throbbing pain in my stomach.

I think it was the pure animalistic way He was hammering at me that broke through the pain. Maybe it was the fact that He wasn’t going to slow down or back off, no matter the agony He was causing me. Or, maybe it was simply that I had asked for it, begged for it, wanted to be taken and pushed through this. I wanted to be brutally fucked in spite of whatever else was going on in my body.

Whatever the reason, I was suddenly thrusting back against Him. Arching my back and cocking my ass up even higher, silently offering my holes, spread wide and available. Grunting in appreciation for the pain, meeting His thrusts. He used my efforts well, increasing the speed and force, until finally He grabbed me by the hair as He came.

Afterwards while basking in the glory, I had to go off and ruin it.

I told S that he has been to vanilla. He didn’t like this, not one ittie bittie bit. He said it is His decision when and if we are to scene. My job as His slave is to obey His decisions. I don’t have to like them. He knows what is best for the both of us. That is why He is the Master and I am the slave. He said I have forgot my place, and that I am purposely behaving like a brat to get what I want. He said I have gone through too much both physically and mentally. I need time to heal. I argued with him for a moment and He told me that I am now on speaking restrictions and can only speak when I am spoken to and that my response when I am asked a question can not be negative.

Because the word ‘no’ is not stricken from my vocabulary, when S asks me a question, wants my opinion, or gives me a choice, I am allowed to respond with ‘no’ (preferably ‘no Sir’ but that’s a different lesson.)

When S tells me to do something, I do not have an alternative choice. There is no other possibility and therefore, a negative response is forbidden.

Another thing we talked about was an issue I have with expectations and the subsequent disappointment. This has been an issue before and He’d gotten a pretty good handle on it, as had I.

It doesn’t behoove me to have expectations of what I want to happen in a scene. That seems to be a very basic and fundamental truth of slavery. At least, the kind of slavery I have. S doesn’t take too well to ‘topping from the bottom’, it’s going to be done how He wants, no more and no less.

We went round and round with it, my expectations vs. His ‘right as the one in charge’ to change His damn mind if He wanted to. Though I was never arguing that He didn’t have the right to change His mind, I was only expressing that it did indeed have a negative effect on me when He didn’t keep His word. It was as damaging to me as any other broken promise would be. Because I’m high-maintenance like that.


He said that I should be very careful what I wish for. He asked me if I could go back into a TPE relationship like we had before. He clarified for me what TPE means because He seems to think I no longer know.

So, here it is, it’s back.

Master and Angel will:
Always communicate our honest feelings, needs, thoughts, desires and fears

Never prejudge the other, but accept, always assuming the best, never the worst

Always support the other in whatever multitude ways out of pure love

Always show love for one another

Master will:
Always fulfill his extremely important roles as Head of the household, making all important decisions regarding finances, priorities, decisions and fulfilling all other leadership roles.

Always fairly and when it’s possible (kid’s are in bed or we are alone) deliver Domestic Discipline (physical or non physical) in whatever fashion is the most effective teaching for any of Angel’s shortcomings insofar as failing to follow clear orders and expectations.

Always fairly and immediatly accept and correct his own mistakes.

Angel will:
Always fulfill her extremely important roles of mother to the children, slave to her Master, and follow His instructions for her betterment.

Always without exception immediately accept her due Domestic Discipline (physical and non physical) as judged by Master and if needed and are alone proceed to whatever place the DD is to be delivered or decided. She will never complain about what she receives, nor resist. Disputes about fairness of judgements will be heard, but the final decisions rest with Master. DD will be delivered with explanation always. slave will understand why she is being punished and how before punishment is delivered.

Specific Rules:
These rules will evolve and change as neccessary for our advancement and growth:

1. Angel will follow any and all orders given to her by her Master whenever she is able

2. Angel will come and kiss her Master to greet him every time he comes through the door

3. Angel will defer all decisions, commitments etc. that arise to Master when possible

4. Angel will at all practical times wear her rings and at least one of her five collars. Only exception is in the bath/shower. Angel has inside and outside collars so she should be wearing one of them always

5. Angel will always have dinner or plans for dinner prepared weekdays. Weekends Master will decide what Ange is making for dinners

6. Angel will always act respectful towards Master, who is in fact her manager and Boss

7. Angel will always be available to be reached when Master is unavailable during the week. If she’s out, she must have cell phone on and be able to be reached.

8. Angel must ask permission to go anywhere other than Acme for groceries

9. Angel must ask Master to make her appointments for her. Let him know when to make them (Dentist, chiropractor, Doctor etc..)

10. Angel must keep Master up to date on daily activities. Her cell phone is her leash. If she leaves the house it must be on and she must be able to get a hold of

11. Angel must not take medications or drink alcohol without permission from Master

12. Angel must not change her hair without permission. Or looks. (any manicure, pedicures or such must be asked for first)

13. Angel must try to look feminine and good for Master. Nail poish on, fresh look, make up on, hair done, showered/bath every day. I want my Angel to look good for me and be ready for Me. When we are going to fuck, Master will tell Angel how to dress for him and what panties to wear or outfits.

14. Angel’s time is His anytime he is home. she can talk on the phone when Master is not home. she is encouraged to have lots of women friends but any male friends must go through Master first. Master must know them and approve.

15. Angel is allowed to be with a woman sexually but must tell Master first if she plans to do that.

16. Angel is allowed to dress how she wants but Master can change her outfit if he so choses.

17. Angel is a slut for Master in the bedroom. He has full control. Angel has a safeword but this must only be used in extreme emergencies. She must only use this if she is in pain or unable to continue with a scene. Master will decide if things should continue or not at that point. she is to do as she is told in the bedroom and act out any of Master’s fantasies that he desires. Angel must be open to new experiences.

18. Angel must have her pussy shaved for Him at all times. It must be ready when he demands it. If he wants in in public, Angel must be ready for that also.

19. Angel must not raise her voice to Master. she can address him issues with patience and not getting angry.

20. Angel must never hang up on her Master at work. she did it once and remembers what happened to her ass. Master will not tolerate disrespect from a distance nor in His presence

21. Angel must let Master know right away of any concerns or problems with people, especially her family.

22. Angel has no privacy but what master deems she needs

23. Angel must be respectful towards Master around the public or in private. Addressing him by first name in public. Master or Sir in private.

24. Angel must always get him his drinks or coffee should he desire it each night. This will be directly served to him.

25. All plans must be approved by Master first before Angel can agree to any plans or requests.

26. Angel must not cum without Master’s permission.

27. Angel must ask for permission by waking Master up before leaving the bedroom from the time she is put to bed to the time she is woken.

28. Angel must wait til Master eats first before eating her food on her plate

29. Angel must let Master order food when they are out

30. Angel is not allowed on computer at night after dinner unless special permission is given. Angel’s time belongs to Master always.

Master’s word is law. Remember this. He will listen to you but final decision rests with Him. This covers situations not addressed elsewhere in this contract.

As I was crawling in back into bed, after going to get him a drink, He stopped me, took my chin and stated, rather forcefully, “It’s going to be about ME from now on.”

To which several replies zipped through my groggy little brain.

1. “This is not new information.”
2. “And that’s different from any other day how?”
3. “Yeah, You just keep telling Yourself that, Buster.”

Thankfully, I rejected all three of those and answered with a very proper ‘yes Sir’. I am a slow learner but I do learn! 😀

Under the covers I went and fuck me He did. Some little while later He took my ass. Now, the interesting (to me) dilemma that I’m having with anal sex is that it’s starting to feel amazingly good. So good that from the very minute He’s fully in and pumping smoothly, I’m right.on.the.edge of one of those breath-stealing pig-grunting orgasms. The problem is that as soon as I come, it no longer feels so good. In fact, it starts to feel like I’m being rutted with a splintered 2X4.

So I try to hover and try to wait for Him but He can take so damn long! And I’m a really spoiled whore who is used to coming and not used to waiting! Tonight I begged, with honest to goodness desperation for Him to come because damn it, I was coming and couldn’t stop it for one more second!

Something about me begging for Him to please, please Master, please cum in my ass Right Now! spurred Him on to do just exactly that and did you know that you can feel the penis pulsating so very much easier in your ass then you can in your cunt? And if that’s not enough to make your own orgasm a little harder, I don’t know what is.

I can hear you cheering. 😛


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9 Responses to Not exactly chocolate, but not vanilla either

  1. i_maybe says:

    Dear Lord…let me catch my breath and wipe the sweat from my brow. You’ve got me all horny now!!

    Just a suggestion…you may want to look into the benefits of flax seed to help with the that, sounds like you have cysts. My gyno recommended it to help with some fibrous cysts that i had in my boobs a few years ago. It’s supposed to help all kinds of things. It comes in several different forms and is available at most drug stores and health food stores. i think Wal-Mart carries it as well. It’s not too expensive either.

    Now, i’m going to go wait not so patiently for G to get home so i can throw myself at His feet and hopefully He won’t be too tired to ravage my body!

    Damn girl!

  2. ancillia100 says:

    i get bad ovulation pain too and i can imagine oh too vividly what this must have been like. 🙂

  3. hislilstar says:

    So how is the tummy pain now? hehehehe. You are a pain puppy chick. I suffered with that for years. I could only tell Master with each thrust it felt like he was bottoming out and creating a hole where there wasnt spose to be one. Very painful and yet I also found myself wanting it. Sometimes I noticed the pain was better the next day.

    I feel for you yah slut!!


    PS: will you make sure that your Master got the email from my Master as to the last one got lost somehow.

  4. kayt says:

    Damn wench! I have to wipe down my chair now!

    Talk about hot and spicey!

  5. angstlover says:

    Do you know if i wasnt in training and on orgasum restriction i would so want to be fucked right now..WHEW! What a post…

    am glad you had finally got to the point of no pain..and thanks for the post. ..

  6. xanna says:

    Because the word ‘no’ is not stricken from my vocabulary, when S asks me a question, wants my opinion, or gives me a choice, I am allowed to respond with ‘no’ (preferably ‘no Sir’ but that’s a different lesson.)

    When S tells me to do something, I do not have an alternative choice. There is no other possibility and therefore, a negative response is forbidden.

    That’s more or less exactly my rule, although we’ve never actually discussed it. I know I am allowed to say the word ‘no’, but I am not allowed to use it to REFUSE anything. The distinction sounds particularly silly when he’s reinding me of it, thus:
    “You’re not allowed to say ‘no’, are you, slave?”
    “No, Master.”
    (usually prefaced by a slightly baffled ‘Err…’

  7. leann_30 says:

    that is just the best post ever. 😛

    ps hope you got my email

  8. breathless1 says:

    That’s my kind of night out!! I can’t wait for Master to come home..I wanna be a fucktoy too!!

    giggling naughtily!!

  9. angyldown says:

    @ Tia

    S said He did get the message from your master and will be responding when He gets a chance.

    @ Leann

    I did get your email. Thanks

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