the desire of my obsession

There’s always one thing that never leaves my mind & heart, & that’s my love for My Angel! She completes me in every way possible, you could say “soul-mates” like God made us for one another. And the sequences of our lives meticulously brought us together. “Fate”

I received an email from Tia’s Master about Dom Space.  I decided I would answer it here so others could benefit from it.  Concerning “Dom-Space”: some people don’t even believe that it exists. But I will bare witness that it does! I would describe it as getting lost in the moment, time stands still, & your environment/surrounds become invisible. As we are enraptured in one another “Becoming One!” & getting lost in one another, senses are heightened, & no part of her body goes un-touched. As M/s we make love, fuck, & scene all at once…..our movements “FLAWLESSLY” intense. My sadistic animalistic side consuming me entirely!!!

I think about labels, how they are necessary yet sometimes “FALSE” Dom-space is relevant to dominants but before our D/s relationship grew…..the same deep overwhelming love that I described was still present. So sometimes labels are full of Shit. But one thing’s for sure, I’m a lucky Man to have My Angel who completes me, and to have that deep & rare passionate love we have

So tonight with the house all to ourselves, we embraced that animalistic side……the environment subject to our abuse, pushing My Angel’s limits! “MMMMH I LOVE THAT!!!” Tonight I planned on giving my baby one of her special nights. Which would be “The Works” The bath with the candle lit bathroom, sexy scented bubbles & beads…….before and after. See… My Angel serves her Master better than great, and is more than pleasing to me in every way, we always complete each other’s sentences (which is cute but sometimes a BITCH!) and her knowing me soooo well gives her the power to never stop amazing me. She knows and does everything she is required to without being told. & then some! But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t fuck up, Oh she’s my little BRAT, sometimes she’ll pucker her lips, & be a little bad ass “BABY!” & I do mean “BABY!!!” she’ll throw her little fits, not because of lack of attention, but her submission is insatiable & sometimes she just needs to be thrown around & put in check, but that’s my Angel! But being the man that I am …My love is never in short supply!

But getting back to where I was… such a good woman deserves to be pampered & shown appreciation. So while I pour hot water watching it bead off of her body a little devil appears on my shoulder, the angel no where to be found, devious thoughts fuel the fire that is my lust! being consumed I too end up in the water, yet again being overtaken by that animalistic nature. Sooo…….here after her aftercare, I sit here & write this. Perhaps giving you a deeper look into our lives than before. This is US! This is what WE’RE about! It’s hard to believe that life can get any better but with I know it will.

Until next time…………..


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5 Responses to the desire of my obsession

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mr -S-,

    I must say that is some sexy—-hot—romantic—–gotta get darkstar to come & read shit! Angel is a lucky woman & you a lucky man!


  2. angyldown says:

    Hi My Sexy Sir,
    Thank you! You are without a doubt the “BEST” thing that has ever happened to me. You are my strength, my support, my inspiration, my encouragement, my teacher, my guide, my best friend, my corrector, my protector, The best Friend, Lover & Master, I love you with all that is in me & all that I am. I breathe for you, To serve you, to honor you, to love you. Belonging to you makes me whole, submitting to you makes me complete!

    I love you Master.
    Your Angel

  3. karyn says:

    I think this speaking thing of yours is just too cool!lol
    I love a man that is Proud to express the love he has for his woman! that is the ultimate SEXY! thanks for this post,,,,,,,(angel I am sooo jealous! (smile)
    Thanks -S-


  4. James says:

    My chick throws a fit if I want to watch the evening news report just to check the latest scores on sports events! LUCKY Man INDEED!


  5. Mike says:

    we all know much your angel loves, adores, & just can’t live without you! But to hear your point of view & expression of your love for her just puts the icing on the cake! May your love continue to grow! I knew you two were ment to be! & youwords further prove my assumptions


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