Why oh why??

First things first, (for those of you that don’t know this is Angel’s Master)……..Per Angel’s request I’d like to warn “everyone” I’m about to be talkin shit! Don’t be so self centered I’m not singling ‘ANYBODY” out! I just had some shit on my mind & figured that’s what our blog is for…expression, so I think I will take advantage of that. Besides I figured that everyone is talking about it but no one will say it so I will. So for the sensitive or weak minded I’d advise you “stop reading NOW!”

Where will I begin? I’ll start with friends. It’s rare to find a real friend. You know some who will always have your back & never fuck you over. I look around in this world at all of these great friendships. & believe it or not some of these people have I never met! but yet their bond is soooo tight! & as friends do they chat, & they exchange personal information with their close friend(s). And as I do in life I sit back & observe. Just like I watched their friendship grow I watched it fall. & these mutha truckas are CRUEL! they bring up everything that was confided in them as a friend & turn it into their biggest weapon against them fuckin hitting below the belt, & you wonder why My Angel & I are Mostly anti-social with exception to a small few. But you “REAL” people you know who you are!

Now that I’ve laid the wood down……..let me attempt to start this fire. Next is for those people that like to play with the lifestyle. I’m not talking about the weekenders or the people that are experimenting….. My angel over my shoulder is asking me to cut this paragraph short. She enjoys the peace & does not want this paragraph starting shit. So I’ll give her that. You mutha truckas are lucky though! Cause I have deep seeded problems with the things like people I was about to speak of do. So here’s me re-wording this paragraph.cause I sure can’t skip it!

I take our lifestyle very seriously, & so does my Angel! It’s not about the sex, or the whippings, slappings, & all that other freaky shit we love to do. No it’s about love! it’s about a woman serving her man. It’s about the Love & Patience that this lifestyle has brought out of me & the respect that it brings out of her. Most importantly this lifestyle & our relationship wouldn’t be anything without “TRUST”. of course she is human, so i do not expect that because she is my slave that she cannot have emotions such as sadness, anger, or any of the others. & if she is angry you better believe that I ensure that she maintains that respect, but that’s as much as our M/s comes into that. At that point we are people in love with a problem that needs to be resolved! whether that problem be a “Punk Ass” family member, or a “Bitch Ass” friend! & some of this shit that I see others doing is not enough to disturb me at all yet I can say often leaves me in disbelief.

Since I’m trying to start a fire……..let me add some fuel……Men… you are gonna hate me for this: Just because you are a Master doesn’t give you any more right to be a DOG! It’s like because you have more control over your bitch you can REALLY wild-out! A dog will be a dog….A MAN WILL BE A MAN. But the way I see it if that woman is gonna sit around & let it happen “Do what you do!”

Yet again in my ear..Angel says in the defense of a woman…….”sometimes they can’t help it that’s all they have….they may be a no good asshole but they are theirs…the heart wants what it wants!”

But in my opinion you better take a stand & don’t make any room for that nonsense! Since when does Slave/Submissive equal weak? I admire Angel’s strength… cause some of the shit I put her through…………Man I couldn’t take it…..Then again that’s why I’m on top! (no that’s not a sexual joke). Now I consider myself to be a freaky mutha trucka, but some of the things you people are into is crazy. At this point I’m gonna focus on one thing in particular. That’s cutting up the titties. For those of you that do it do it Hard & Safe, but I just can’t get down like that! I mean come on Man….Not tha titties!! ANYTHING BUT THE TITTIES!! Alright, alright I’ve said enough, besides an enticing being keeps wandering by, I can’t be seated no longer. Well my fire ended up turning into half charred wood, Cause Angel pissed on it, so now I think I’ll go piss on Her! So for those of you that were looking forward to more……she’s to blame!
Payback’s a mutha trucka,


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