when memories haunt you

Each morning that I awoke next to this man in his bed, I immediately felt flushed with desire. The cool morning breeze against the thin cotton sheets would gently caress me into full wakedness, and I could feel a tingling sensation throughout my body. What’s incredible to me is that the type of desire was pure pleasure. I did not aspire to reach orgasm, ever. I merely wanted touch. The repeated rise and fall of sensory experience was what I yearned for; just the pleasure of his skin against mine, his lips anywhere on me, and even the simple pleasure of looking into his eyes as we shared space silently. Without getting too carried away, but in the spirit of honest expression, I want to say that during these intense moments of intimacy, I felt a love between us that came into a fullness unable to be articulated.

Evenings, back to back, of sucking on lips and necks and chests and fingertips, interspersed with feeding and drinking and walking and holding hands and hugging. Oh, but the kissing and licking and touching — his touch was marvelous! his hands alone brought me so much pleasure, the type of pleasure that stays with you, that I find impossible really. rocking my body against the grasp of His palm, scratching away at my insides, driving me, moving me, making me feel like I could seriously cum at any moment, whenever He wanted, again and again. I want to see Him again, if only to feel Him. He romanced me across multiple planes, and damn the sensuality of it all was overwhelming. His eyes. His beautiful eyes would watch me. He would give me pleasure, I would be floating somewhere outside of my consciousness and with the twitch of an eyelid, I could see He was watching me take that pleasure He was giving. His fingers were inside me and without blinking, His eyes set on my face, watching me in ecstasy.

on our sides, facing one another, his fingers driving me to a frenzy, for hours we were slow, kissing, licking at an unbearably light pace, the torture was delicious. he eased into me, gentle and kind. for hours we lay there, taking turns pleasing one another, tapping into a magnificent geyser of eroticism and passion. how long I could gaze into His eyes… we would go hungry. hunger for sensory excitement, hunger for touch, hunger for the soft padding of each other’s lips, hunger for drink, hunger for food, desire in such a raw form as hunger.

We unraveled one another, and I don’t really want to be put back together any time soon. this is indulgence, and relishing every moment after.


About Mae East

Brooklyn NYC and vicinity.
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