Seems that

Everyone reads my blog and NO ONE leaves comments.  What gives?? Speak up already, damn!!!


About Mae East

Brooklyn NYC and vicinity.
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2 Responses to Seems that

  1. jade says:

    i have read every post, sat here transfixed, mesmerised, for hours.
    i have cried for you and for S.
    i have laughed at your stubborness, so much like my own.
    i have cringed and flinched during moments of punishment.
    i am wet with imagining.
    i have felt jealousy and relief.
    i am relieved that you have moments of doubt.
    i have felt your need and breathed a sigh at your relief.
    i love that you, like i, have a life filled with messyness and bullshit.

    Most of all, i want to thank you, for revealing and sharing the part of you that is so much like me.


  2. scott says:

    you are able to see freedom authenticly. thanks for opening us to the possibility.

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