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I’ve decided not to force myself to forget or down play what I still feel for you. Because I know I can’t. It would take forever. I will find a way to mend myself but it’ll take a while. A long … Continue reading

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A five letter word

Doubt. There exists no doubt about her How can I doubt My feelings How can I doubt the sense that she has always existed at the edge of My consciousness – waiting for the moment that she reveals herself to … Continue reading

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Why oh why??

First things first, (for those of you that don’t know this is Angel’s Master)……..Per Angel’s request I’d like to warn “everyone” I’m about to be talkin shit! Don’t be so self centered I’m not singling ‘ANYBODY” out! I just had … Continue reading

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the desire of my obsession

There’s always one thing that never leaves my mind & heart, & that’s my love for My Angel! She completes me in every way possible, you could say “soul-mates” like God made us for one another. And the sequences of … Continue reading

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There’s something that I don’t believe I have ever truly said in a post….that is how proud I am to own and have Angel as my slave. Yes, we have our ups and downs. Yes, sometimes we don’t get along. … Continue reading

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If I could paint. I would paint you. With wings. Wings that look fragile–yet are not. Like you. I don’t know if anyone sees your soul like I do. I think that’s a crime.

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Amazing How These Things Begin

I was sitting eating a sandwich… And I began to fantasize about forcing myself on you, ignoring your pleas and ignoring you when you say “No.” Squeezing your nipples and watching them become hard, then playing with them all the … Continue reading

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