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It’s been awhile

i’m tired of fighting about that whole issue that came up yesterday. i’ve decided to just say fuck it and let it go. Either he accepts me or he can kiss my ass. i am what i am, i have … Continue reading

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It’s been too vanilla around here

I begged Him. Honest-to-God, down on my knees at His feet, hands clasped to the heavens, begging. A steady and heartfelt stream of “please please Master, please please please”. Pure grovelling. S gazed down at me, slightly bemused at my … Continue reading

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Something odd (I meant old) and something Blue??

Lips tingling from entirely too many alcoholic beverages. I went to a wedding today. It was beautiful. White dress for the bride. Peach dresses for the bridesmaids. Cake. And there was the chicken dance. (I did look for P, naturally … Continue reading

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So was your birthday really that bad??

I am going to post here a warning. I only do this because I know some may find my content hard to handle. So if you find rape fantasies offensive or upsetting, today might be a good day to skip … Continue reading

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Infinity is more fingers and toes than you can count. Infinity is untouched by the grains of sand in an hour glass. Infinity is intangible but encompassing. Infinity is that one golden memory that imprinted itself on your brain in … Continue reading

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A few days…

I think I have decided to take a bit of time away from the blog. I am not sure for how long or even if I can do it. Usually when I think I will need time off, I find … Continue reading

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I am in the middle of writing something for here, but my mind is faltering right now and I need to put it aside until later tonight or tomorrow. I need to tell the truth, but I am not sure … Continue reading

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