I am a submissive woman

I am a submissive woman
~Author Unknown


i find pleasure, joy, and fulfillment from being submissive
to my Master in a loving relationship.
i am not weak or stupid. i am a strong woman,
with firm views and a clear concept of what i want out of my life.
i do not serve out of shame or weakness, but out of pride and strength.
i will look to my loving Master for guidance and protection, for never
will i be more complete than when He is with me.
i know that He will protect my body, my mind, and my soul
with His strength and wisdom.
He is everything to me, as i am everything to Him.
His touch awakens me and His thoughts free me.
Only in serving Him do i find complete freedom and joy…
His punishments may be harsh, but i accept them thankfully,
knowing that He has my best interests always foremost in His mind.
If He desires my body for pleasure, i shall joyfully give it to Him
and take pleasure myself from knowing that i have brought Him happiness.
However, the pleasure of the flesh is but one facet of O/our relationship.
The love, the trust and sharing, the words spoken and felt,
those are all parts of this relationship.
My body is His, and if He says i am beautiful, then i am.
No matter what i look like to others, i am beautiful in His eyes,
and because of that i hold my head high.
If He says i am His precious jewel,
then i am that…a beautiful, sparkling gem.
If He says that i am His pet, His slut, His whore, then i am that..
as wanton and dirty as He wants me to be.
My mind is His, to expand, to explore, to know only as He can.
i have no secrets from Him… for secrets are a thing that would
keep me from being more perfectly His.
Secrets would put a wall up between my Master and myself…
and i do not want walls.
His lessons are not always ones i would seek on my own,
but they are lessons He has decided that i need, and so i learn from Him.
My soul is His, as bare to His touch as ever my skin could be
when i kneel naked at His feet.
Never a moment goes by when i do not feel His presence,
be He miles away or standing over me.
If i were to ever displease Him, His displeasure would be a blow to my soul,
worse punishment than any lashes could be.
The anguish of my soul that i feel when i disappoint Him
is harder to bear than any physical anguish i feel.
i am grateful that he cares enough about me to spend
His time and energy so freely on me.
i have the easier job, to feel, to experience,
to let myself go and abandon everything to Him.
i am His pleasure and His responsibility, and He takes both seriously .
i am a submissive woman.
i am proud to call myself that, my submission is a gift that i do not give lightly,
and can only be given to the One who can appreciate that gift and return it tenfold.
Only to my Master who has that strength, will i give myself fully,
because i am strong and proud.
i am a submissive woman.


~Author Unknown


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  1. Anonymous says:

    this is such a beautiful verse, it touches every sense of what it means to be.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have converted and it works so well for me. I am a strong women who grew tired of demanding control and changed my position to be submissive and controlled. I am shocked to say it has changed my life and relived lots of stress. I love it !

      • Anonymous says:

        so true..

      • Anonymous says:

        Beautifully written…I was scrolling through all the comments, and i must say i am a little confused by all the negative remarks. It amazes me why a person who does not understand or agree with this wonder type of union would even bother to search for sites such as these…just an observation …they definately are not trying to understand

    • Anonymous says:

      This is called Slavery! Its not love. Its a confusion of fear & intimidation this man has instilled in her. You can give yourself to “God” (if you believe) but never to another undeserving human. Love is strong, but its also blind. This woman is “broken”. Something about her upbringing and lack of support allowed this to happen.

      • Anonymous says:

        my my, aren’t we bitter…

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s not slavery when the submissive chooses to be loved by her Master. It doesn’t have anything with being broken.

        I was living a very lonely and lost life. I failed many relationships until I met my Master. He loves me and cares for me more than anyone on this earth.

        In his hands, I am set free… I am beautiful and strong and not weak. I do NOT fear my Master, I respect him and honor him.

        I honor and obey my Master, just like the wedding vowels state you should do with your husband and that is under “God”.

      • Anna Davis says:

        Seriously??? Get a life. Ignorance is no excuse to demean and belittle someone. Maybe you should learn a bit about the subject before you speak meaningless comments

      • Anonymous says:

        You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m a submissive and I long to find a master who will love me, cherish me and protect me. I’t a beautiful thing. If you hate it so much leave it alone.

      • Anonymous says:

        I dont think so ….we are told to submit…to our husbands…by god….in many ways this is a truer submission than that…most men will never understand truly what it means to have that submission and how to care for it, except many in the community. I tell you for most it is indeed a love submission and a loving mastery…I have not seen it ever in marriage..but it can be…and yes…a woman should submit first to God then to the one she loves…some of us have asked for someone from god that would love us as he would…and I found that in this manner…I am strong woman…and as he said I am his strong woman and he is proud of me.

      • Anonymous says:

        what is ambrosia to one is poison to another. and certainly “love” has as many definitions as there are lovers. you views are socially acceptable, politically correct, and boring as a Mary Tyler Moore re-run. begone to your realm of the Everyday, and revel in your mediocrity as best you can.

      • Lee says:

        It is not out of fear or intimidation that a submissive/slave knowing whom and what she is.

        Life is about choices, and the author of this poem, made a choice about her life. She also made a choice about a Man/Master who is worthy of her submission.

        Aerosmith – I could spend my life in this sweet surrender. (yes please)
        Slavery is:

        about letting go.

        It’s not about what can be done for you. It’s about what you can do for others.

        It’s not about abuse. It’s about acceptance.

        It’s not about punishment. It’s about

        Slavery is about how much you care.

        Slavery is not about denying yourself.

        Slavery is not about bondage.

        Slavery is not about being unable to escape.

        Slavery is about being committed.

        Slavery is about obedience.

        Slavery is not about fear. Slavery is about trust

        Slavery is about openess, honesty, Respect and being real.

        Author unknown.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do people ask to be born the way they are? I know i didn’t. Do we ask to be hetrosexual? gay? lesbian? Black or white? no, we just are the way we are, Just because our way of life is different that doesn’t make it wrong.

      • Anon says:

        It is true that you do not choose to be black or white but it is also true that you must choose whether you will be submissive to your husband as well. As for the homosexuality plug right before my reply, how absurd to claim nature over nurture when no empirical evidence exists to support such. Look into the Human Genome Project and you will find that a “gay gene” was in fact sought for and to this day remains non-existent. Also, submitting to your husband is a Biblical principal that can be found throughout the old and new testament. Proverbs 31:10-31, 1 Peter 3:1-6, and Ephesians 5:22-24 just to name a few. Feminists are sickening.

      • Anonymous says:

        You want to call this slavery, when do you not do the same damned thing? You kneel, pray, bow down, call on him to care for you, tell him what is wrong, learn lesson’s he is “bringing” to you. The only difference is we choose to submit to a Man/Woman. In physical form. It is no different. You seek God for guidance and protection. For love. Your worship him.
        Read the words above again.
        This woman is telling us that she has a love for a man that nobody will EVER understand unless you get into a relationship like this. If you do not agree with how others feel, then do not be ignorant and post on this page.
        Do not judge. That is for your God to do.
        You. Are. Not. God.

      • Anonymous says:

        i think this is one of the most amazingly Beautiful writing that i have read, i agree totally and thank you so much for sharing this. it does not matter what anyone thinks do what makes you happy and for someone that said that this submissive business is not honorable…pffft to each their own i say… how dare any one come in here and point fingers and judge… how dare you… i am a submissive woman and i am happy with who i am i would not change a damn thing… if i thought that there was something wrong or any kind of unhappiness that came with me being a submissive woman then i would not be in the relationship that i am in.. be who you are and those who judge you says nothing about who youyou are but everything about who they are …………….about who they are…abwho you
        are therelationship that i am in.. i am a strong woman and i feel that this is where i belong… i sasubmissive woman and let me tell you that i have the greatest life and i am happy i am

      • James says:

        As ever it has been, There are none so blind as those who will not see!

      • HuntersShyness says:

        It is not slavery, it is freedom. It is the freedom to be who and what you truly are. I loved the poem but do not believe to give your self is a gift. It is the completion of two parts making a whole. When you are on your knees thanking your one and whispering words of love, who do you think has received the gift?

      • LoyalSub says:

        Oh my! I’ve never been broken and I love pleasing my partner, and lean towards the submissive nature in the BDSM world.

      • annonnnnnn says:

        Dear… Lee.

        THE SOUTH 1800s
        no slavery has no fear at all..

      • sylwia b bowes says:

        i guess than you never learned how to reall love and trust your partner i was not allways a sub and belive me i was the last one that anyone who know me would thing i would give myself to a nother humen but i was also missing something in my life now i know what love is only blind if you keep your eyes closed i love my master and it took time for the relationship to build the kind of trust we have but he knows me better than i do myself if someone really cares about you as much even the bible shows that women are being submasive to there husbands dont bring god in to this i was raised in church and i had planty of stability in life but now i have what my life allways was missing piece and someone who truely love me for who im

      • Jkbshkris says:

        Oh calm down. I’m sure you are slave to no one nor submissive to no one . Try a little

      • Anonymous says:

        You got it so wrong

    • freedomonly says:

      When I look inside myself, their is something missing,when i came across this verse it was only then I found the missing part. I only want to let go and be safe.
      My husband does not know how deeply I feel, its hard both of us being submissive and it always tends to be me that does the promting. How I envy her.

      • Anonymous says:

        How do you find a submissive partner I am not into the heavy stuff but I know what I want and would like a relationship where this wouldn’t be an issue and in return would treat this person with the utmost respect

    • sarah7505 says:

      Hang on its coming to me, yes ,yes, NONCE !

  2. Woman says:

    Strong? No.
    Proud? Hell no.
    Don’t try to fool anyone. This “submissive” business is not honorable, is not human, is not intelligent.
    Any “submissive” who wants to say that s/he is strong and powerful is deluded. When you hand over your power, independence, and *dignity*, or allow it to be taken from you, you cease to be human. You are then weak and subhuman.

    • Christin says:

      I guess that when you have never experience real dominance in your life, be it in work or your personal life. You couldn’t begin to understand what giving your complete self means.

    • Master says:

      I feel sorry for you, to think that a submissive is not something to truly be held. To have someone submit thier very being to you, to truly love them back and guilde them with a careing heart is greater then any earthly pleasure. You fool yourself if you think they give up any power or independence. A true Master and Dom takes thier Sub or Enslaved Love and holds them higher then themselfs. I think you have heard the wrong information about the lifestyle. There are people out there who use it in BDSM and exploit the true nature of the Dom/Sub Reationship. Its not about so much domanting the body as it is the mind. I ask you this, are you married? hmm? doing such a think also surrenders your independence, you are no longer single, you are co-dependant on another. think about your own sins and flaws before casting a stone at one’s life that you truly know nothing about.

      • amanda says:

        I don’t know much about this world I’ve always been interested in it but I fiind that I like the idea of surrendering my self that way. To know that you can truely count on that person that way, to know that they will take care of you that way. That seems like a good life to me.

      • His Submissive Princess says:

        Your reply was exactly what I wanted to say..lol..You are so right about what a true Master is..I believe alot of people when they hear the word Master and Submissive they right away think of chains,whips and handcuffs.
        It’s a whole different level..It’s a shame that we are labeled this way.

      • Anna Davis says:

        I have never known a love like the love I share with my Dominant. I have never known a level of trust and openness like what I share with my Dominant. For those who think we are not strong, you do not know us so do not judge us. For those who think we are deluded, if females, put yourself in out shoes with a caring, loving Dominant and tell me you do not feel the same things that I feel. For the men who believe this to be nonsense, you are not Dominant so you could not possibly understand. Maybe find yourself a Domme and submit to them…then tell me your commenst.

    • Anna Marie says:

      I truly feel sorry for you. You obviously have no idea what you are even talking about. Giving of yourself, mind, body and spirit is the most selfless thing anyone can do to show their love, respect, admiration and love to another.

      I have a mind, I have opinions, hell, I am a female business owner. Is that a weak, less than human in your eyes? If so you are more uninformed than most people who are ignorant to any other way of life.
      I am sure your relationship allows you so much more than a simple orgasm from sex…right? How sad for your ignorance. Care to debate this on another level, post again and I will provide you with my personal email address so you can personally tell me how deluded, weak and sub-human I am…..

    • Christian says:

      You Must Be Black…..You Bitches Sicken Me. You Really Do Disgust Me. That’s Why Black Men Are Leaving Us Now. Why Is It So Hard To Be Submissive To A Man? That Is What The Bible Says A Woman Should Do…And You Can’t Be Married…Or In A Relationship With A Man….You Are One DUMB BITCH!!!!

      • Vi0l33t says:

        I’m fairly puzzled as to what you’re trying to accomplish here. Are you trying to sound ignorant and offensive, or are you agreeing with this post. I dare say that if you’re agreeing with the women who are submissive, you’re agreeing for completely wrong reasons. Go back, re read the post, then take a neutral stance, re post sans racism and hate.

        Thanks, Vi0l33t

      • Anonymous says:

        ir’s no shame, in wanting to be with a Man who will love you for who, you are and what you do in life. if your a submissive girl/guy it’s ok to show love and trust to your Master/Dominant. it is of beauty not of slavery, thoughs who are willing to give what they have are at peace with them self and are kind to others and love each-other, sub/Master. it’s all by choice we all have choices in life. if you don’t want to be submissive or a Dominant its up to you. live is a chance to explore your wants, desires and needs. like a Master, having a submissive, at His side, helping Him out. that is a strong girl/guy becasue there realy is not such thing as week people. we are all strong in many different ways.


      • Anon says:

        How sad is your view of the world. Did you know that if you are dying on an operating table, needing an organ of some kind, that they may just get one from a Black or White organ donor? The doctor doesn’t have a preference, that’s because underneath the skin, we are all the same! Maybe the Black/White women around where you live are feminist but that doesn’t mean they are like that everywhere. You’re no better than Al Sharpton, a Black racist. It is a COLOR! Like in a CRAYON BOX! It’s like watching toddlers fight over crayons. Racism = Insecurity, Black or White.

    • Proud Submissve Woman says:

      Its only sickening to you because you are probably incapable of feeling such a strong emotional and sexual connection with another person…….. Believe me i am a Professional woman with a mind and opionions of my own and have never found anything more beautiful than giving myself completely to My Master, and nothing I have done throughout my life has ever filled me with more pride than being able to serve my master and feel his happiness and love for me…… I now find myself single, without a Master to serve and without purpose in life…….. I’m certainly not sick, i am strong and very proud of who i am………

    • Allison Taylor says:

      I am disapointed to read the response to the verse.I am a newbee to BDSM and in a very loving relationship with a man who cares for me,spoils me,listens to me and protective of me.He is also my Dom.
      I have noticed a huge difference between a Vanilla relationship and a BDSM one.Vanilla is predictable and the man is more out for their own needs and desires.A DOM will make sure that his Sub has her needs fullfilled above his own.
      I suggest you do some research on BDSM relationships before comming on here and condeming us who are naturally strong minded and caring individuals who just look for and need a bit more from life.

    • Vi0l33t says:

      I suppose you aren’t Christian then. Considering every word carefully I see so very many similarities between this life these people choose and the life that Christians choose. There’s nothing wrong or sick about it, unless you believe everyone should be autonomous and independent of one another. That my friend reeks of anarchy and insanity. Order and peace is a beautiful and desirable want. I see nothing more than the love of order, peace and sanity here.

    • Anonymous says:

      you do not understand people.. simpel so you are how you are , you pick on them..

    • Slave to my Master: Electra says:

      I am new to this and just learning and I would not trade my Master for anyone. He has brought me to life after being used, abused, and cheated on by what YOU consider normal men all my life! He is teaching me to leave the past bihind and work on changing tomorrow. You probably can not even imagine how it feels to have someone care enough about you they want to know where u are and what u are doing 24/7. Yes my Master tells where I can and can not go and for how long I will be there, yes I am punished if I disobey, and yes I would have it no other way! When you have been kicked to the curb over and over and have walked in our shoes then and only then do you have the right to talk down what we have found to be a beautiful existance!!!

      • Anna Davis says:

        Amen sister! If you have not walked in a submissives shoes, then do so before you pass judgement

    • annonnnnnn says:

      You go, sister. 😉

    • Jkbshkris says:

      I surrender myself to my man. He would never disrespect me. He is the love of my life. I am not subhuman nor weak nor ignorant. I’ve had enough power and control in my life to last 2 more bitchy, bossy lives. No thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Holy hell! What a bunch of shit! How dare you call submissivesand slaves inhuman!! You have no idea..get off your high horse and join the rest of us that have an open mind on life. Damn

  3. angyldown says:

    we all are entitled to our opinion.

  4. Anonymous says:

    well i find this as interesting and really very noble and nice well some people can find it annoying because its beyond their understanding its very pure and looked very good and something new to read

  5. sex says:

    I used to think the same way as woman does regarding submissive behaviour until I met a man who told me I was submissive and for
    3 years I denied I was. How could I be? I am that strong , opinionated
    woman who would never , could never be a submissive. Then one day
    after much thought on this subject I realized he was right and when I
    accepted that, my love for him was overwhelming and joy in being
    with him multiplied. I even went as far as suggesting we register me
    as his sub. I think we have this picture in our minds of masters and subs
    and its not that way with us. He makes me so happy. He fills me with
    love and spoils me. But the truth is, I couldnt be submissive with any man,
    just him. So what I am saying is open your mind to what is out there, you
    just might be pleasantly surprise.

    • Anna Marie says:

      Being submissive does not take away from the type of person you are. It is so nice when someone finally realizes that being a submissive does not change who you are but how you are. Congratulations on finding your true self

    • Inanna says:

      I agree with you. I feel that no woman could really be expected to understand the complexities of a relationship based on the female submission until/unless she is fortunate enough to meet a man that has the strength to accept his role as her sole and lifelong Master. I am a very sucsessful business woman in my own right and would never have entertained even the posiblity that I may be a submisive however, from the moment my Master and I first met, I handed over to him all that I am and have never stopped being gratefull to him for his acceptance of me.

    • Jenny says:

      I so totally agree. My Master and I have been reading these posts together and I actually saw tears in His eyes at the ignorance of some of the posts.
      I also am a very strong and confident woman, being a submissive takes nothing from that. My Master/Husband and I love each other very much, we have been together for 23yrs. and I can’t imaigne being a sub to anyone else; He loves me unconditionally and spoils me beyond belief, yes, I am punished if I am “bratty”, most of the time even when being punished I am put on a pedistal.


  6. Ruth says:

    How cute…that one person doesn’t understand what it is to be able to trust someone so completely.

    Submissives have the most control, but you wouldn’t know.

    It’s so easy to judge, right?

    And here I am, happy every day in a love that surpasses anything I’ve even known. I pity couples around me who argue and fight over nothing, and are suspicious of each other and don’t trust and don’t communicate. A dominant/submissive relationship requires the most trust and communication than any other relationship.

    Good luck with what I can imagine is a relationship that works for you.

    But don’t judge someone who sounds so happy and fulfilled. She has what she wants, and what works for HER. I believe she is strong and perfectly dignified because I am the same.

  7. Ruth says:

    How cute…that one person doesn’t understand what it is to be able to trust someone so completely.

    Submissives have the most control, but you wouldn’t know.

    It’s so easy to judge, right?

    And here I am, happy every day in a love that surpasses anything I’ve even known. I pity couples around me who argue and fight over nothing, and are suspicious of each other and don’t trust and don’t communicate. A dominant/submissive relationship requires the most trust and communication than any other relationship.

    Good luck with what I can imagine is a relationship that works for you.

    But don’t judge someone who sounds so happy and fulfilled. She has what she wants, and what works for HER. I believe she is strong and perfectly dignified because I am the same.

  8. Caitlin says:

    This poem encapsulates every dimension of what it feels like to be a submissive woman. In finding my Master, I have found myself, he raises me above all others and has set me free from the normal constraints of relationships that used to make me depressed, resentful and angry.

    Do not judge it or be afraid of it because you don’t understand it, the world is made up of humans with many facets and what pleases one will not please another.

  9. Carol says:

    I found this verse by chance and fell in love with it. It has inspired me to be everything I can be and to trust a man and a relationship that I had doubts about.
    I published it in a small group in Scotland and it has inspired a few of us to open our own little dom/sub group for discussion and information. Thank you for opening a new door, not only for me but for many others too.

    • Jules says:

      Can I ask where in Scotland? We are a couple new to this way of life who would appreciate the support of a group!

  10. Nzlovergirl says:

    Wow, This verse encompasses alot of things I have felt within myself but have enver ben able to put into words. To whomever wrote this: Thank you.

  11. Amanda says:

    Wow. That is all I can say. Wow. That may as well have reached down into my soul and snatched out the very essence of myself and put it on paper. Thank you so much for sharing that, and the rest of the glimpses of your life, with the rest of us. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you again.

  12. tray says:

    I am a man and i know what ur all goin to say so save it i think she is proud do serve her master as she sees fit and she loves him enough to submit her self to him and i think that takes courage and strength to do it and i believe she loves him as much as she says she does and neone who disagrees dont wish to even understand how she feel and i praise her for she is proud to be a woman. and if there were more like her then this world would be a lot nicer place and thats all i have to say


  13. spooky says:

    Eveb though i knew i was submissive i fought it and hid it. i adore the poem, took a special master my true master to let me find my submissivness no pressure no demands non needed i am his.

    I now love myself like i have never before, i know who i am, like who i am, at last i am me, a strong beautiful woman who can love and be loved

    • His Submissive Princess says:

      Spooky I still fight it sometimes also…But little by little Im accepting it..he is so patiant with me…and I feel more beautiful than ever. So protected by him. Its a feeling that you must experience, its unexplainable.

    • Danielle says:

      Is this my sister? Lol.

  14. spooky says:

    Even though i knew i was submissive i fought it and hid it. i adore the poem, took a special master my true master to let me find my submissivness no pressure no demands non needed i am his.

    I now love myself like i have never before, i know who i am, like who i am, at last i am me, a strong beautiful woman who can love and be loved

  15. asubslife says:

    Than you for this, I am just going through training now and have the same feelings that you do.

  16. Lyds says:


    Every word touched me. That is the beauty of beeimg submissive.
    The combination between being a strong woman and serving your Master.
    Beeing a woman with strong opinions and doing everything that pleases him. It is magical, sensual and overwelming the feeling of satisfiying and serving the man that you love. And him, respecting, cherrishing and protecting you the whole way. It is a deep connection between the Master and submissive. Deep and powerful. Sadly not everybody can understand it.


  17. RaiulBaztepo says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

    • Kawarider says:

      I first read this several years ago as my wife and I were contemplating the D/s lifestyle. To those offended by D/s: are there petty abusive men out there who give themselves the title of Dom or Master? Of course there are. Please understand, the difference between a D/s relationship and an abusive one is choice…nothing more and nothing less. A submissive chooses to submit. It is not forced upon her. Indeed, in the sense in which the term is used in the BDSM community, submission cannot be forced. It must, by definition, be a matter of choice. Perhaps my situation will provide some insight.

      My wife and I have been married over a quarter of a century. I have a professional career in which I am regarded as a leader and I am her Dominate. So, is she a weak and spineless woman whom over whom I exert a control she is powerless to resist? Well, let’s see. In addition to being a wife and mother both now and while the military was sending me all over the world she:
      1. Has more advanced degrees than I
      2. Runs her own company with offices and distribution point all across the nation
      3. Serves as a leader and trainer for other businesses I. our community
      4. Is sought out by other successful business and community leaders for her advice and insight

      Hardly the picture of a weak and powerless woman, I think.

      She has chosen to submit to me and I am honored by her decision. I suspect most people, especially those unfamiliar with D/s and opposed to it because of their lack of familiarity will tend to discount her abilities, her drive, her skill and her accomplishments, calling them flukes or worse yet signs of her struggle to overcome a poor self image. To those determined to see D/s as sick and twisted my wife must not be healthy, happy, successful, accomplished, powerful…and submissive to me. The reason, of course, is that if there is no pathology in her submission and in our relationship, then D/s might be a good thing, at least for some people. Finally, if you think she’s weak, then if you have occasion to interact with her, feel free to try to push and overwhelm her. I’ll try to not chuckle when she hands you your head.

  18. PiterKokoniz says:

    Hello !! 🙂
    I am Piter Kokoniz. Just want to tell, that your posts are really interesting
    And want to ask you: will you continue to post in this blog in future?
    Sorry for my bad english:)
    Thank you!
    Your Piter

  19. Neil Kadri says:

    Wow I was pleasantly surprised by reading this article, so there are still women out there who know that being submissive is not showing weakness, its doing what is natural, what woman does best to get the best from her man. It’s sad that modern media and business are hell bent on painting being a woman as bad and to be looked down on. But what women probably do not realise is that by being submissive to her man she is touching a cord deep inside him that makes him go nuts over her, makes him love her more, makes him want to do anything and everything possible to make her happy, are there women out there who think like that ?

    • angyldown says:

      yep yep, so it seems there are a few!!

    • J says:

      Its not just women either, I know many submissive men who feel exactly the same way. I don’t think it has to do with “nature of the sexes” but more inclination of the self. I also has nothing to do with a sexual orientation either, I know many Queer couples (in all incarnations) that are in the D/s lifestyle where the s is completely dedicated to his/her/their Master/Mistress or Dominant.. however they choose to define their relationship. Its a beautiful sentiment.

  20. kamachattel says:

    This is an absolutely wonderful poem. This writer has brought to light everything that it means to be a submissive. So many people have misconceptions about D/s relationships. Hopefully this will help explain it a little better to some of those misinformed people and show them that it is an extremely loving caring and respectful, beautiful relationship if it is lived in this manner.

  21. Slay says:

    Wow….This is a Beautiful, Amazing Poem…..If I ever get a women that feels this way I would never do anything to loose her.

  22. Erebus says:

    I think this verse is stupid and the person who wrote it has mental health issues.

    When In a relationship I want an equal partner, not a slave or mistress.

    Woman’s reply was right on the money, no one should ever control another

    • Sophie says:

      So if anyone wants something different than what YOU want, they have mental issues? LOL Small minded people amuse me. Please, keep posting. You entertain me 🙂

      • Erebus says:

        Nice way to twist thing out of proportion. Being submissive is not a good thing. It is not empowering. Corporations want employees to be submissive. Governments want their populations to be submissive. Pimps want their hoes to be submissive. Kidnappers want their hostages to be submissive. Terrorists want their target populations to be submissive. Being submissive leads to all kinds of things, none of them good. Submissiveness is not a good thing. I’m not the one being small minded here.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lady, nobody with a spine or a strong will would be submissive. It’s a sign of being passive, weak, and dependant. Dependant, for those who dont know, is the opposite of strong. If you want to be some boot sniffing bitch who can’t take of themselves, fine, but don’t try and twist words to make yourself look strong by being weak. That’s the fattest crock of shit I’ve ever heard. Now get your fat ass over here and fetch me a beer before I spank the shit out of you lol

    • Todd says:

      one should really know what one is talking about before they open there mouths slaves are forced into submission, a submissive is submissive by choice not by force there submission is a gift a very precious one and places a great responsibility on the master for he or she must place there submissive first for they are there responsibility one the dom. dose not take lightly
      can you say the same do you come first in all things who makes the decisions in your relationship who dose the burden of responsibility fall on or is it a joint thing so if the wrong decision is made you can argue as to whose fault it is and point fingers

      • Kj says:

        Corporations and governments do not want “submissives” in the lifestyle sense. I am a new submissive and it is completely different from any role I’ve ever had to take on in an institutional (government/corporate/etc.) setting.

        Being a submissive to my Master means that I choose to defer to his judgment on many things. However. I also have the control to leave at any point. Everything that I do is a CHOICE. When we are contemplating new rules, it is a negotiation between us. He has no desire to hurt me or interfere in my regular life, so we make sure that the rules don’t do that. For a while I was to refer to myself in 3rd person in his presence, but I started slipping up and doing it in public too. We decided together that we needed to stop that rule because it was beginning to interfere. I trust him completely to take care of me and put my needs above his own. He trust me to anticipate his needs and always be there to support him. We communicate in an open way that I’ve never managed in any other relationship.

        Corporations and governments do not want to negotiate with you. They do not put your needs above their own. They do not make sure that you are taken care of. They don’t care what you think or how you feel.

        If the lifestyle isn’t for you, great. However, that doesn’t make you right and everyone else wrong.


    • Vi0l33t says:

      it is equal, that’s what you don’t understand.

    • goodyoungwife says:

      Well…we are all free to have an opinion about any work of art put out in to the world…

      I find it (the verse) so touching and honest. But how can a person who probably has a job and submits every day to one master or another…job, bills, boss, responsibilities…judge a person who by CHOICE submits to the one source of trust and adoration that is truly genuine? We are slaves to one thing or another. But when you make the choice out of love and trust…does that make you a nut? I highly doubt it.

      I was born submissive, and spent a short lifetime trying to be otherwise. When I met my husband, I knew it would be foolish to continue the act when it was making me miserable (and was also a lie and exhausting)…four years in, I am still discovering the depths of who I am as an individual…and as a wife. The more I submit myself to him, the more I am rewarded in ways I could never have imagined.

      I am treated like a princess/pet/goddess, and for once in my life, I feel normal and safe and powerful. Finally making the choice to go all the way has proven very easy and natural for me. Should have done it sooner. Perhaps I am simply lucky. It has given me the energy to start my own company, become best friends with my sister, and get rid of all of the poisonous people around me who were trying to control me for their own selfish reasons, leaving me drain and frustrated.

      I look forward to the best years of my life now that I am finally realizing who I really am….a beautiful woman placed in a man’s highest most unconditional regard. I have been treated like the only woman in the world. I cannot think of any other way to live. Rock on subs! We are the ones who get it!!!

  23. james says:

    Ever since my wife read mayers book on becoming a submissive woman our lives have changed drastically for the better. She is my queen but at the same time I am her master and in doing so we have come to a mutual agreement and hence have less fights and we get along better. My wife is a beautiful woman that I could never think of leaving because I know she will follow me through hell and back. If the world had more submissive women that made men feel like gods I really don’t think there would be as much killing and suffering in the world.

  24. kitty says:

    thank you …. these words are worth sharing with the man who wants to be my Master …..

    i wish there were friends like you in my circle.

  25. Hislilone says:

    This is beautifully written. I would like to respond to the comments made by Erebus. Someone who is neither Dominant nor submissive has no right to say whether it is healthy or not. Being a submissive has lead to “all kinds of things” for me. It has led to a healthier relationship with my husband, it has led to a great deal of healing for me, and it has led to a happier, more fulfilling life for us both. Now let’s see-great relationship, healing old wounds, overall happiness-geez, what an awful and unhealthy thing.

  26. Kelli Garner says:

    Great site, how do I subscribe?

  27. Nicole says:

    this poem is crockery! no woman should bow down to a man and refer to him as “Master”. thats just purely degrading. . it sickens me even reading it! being submissive to a man…please
    this poem strikes a nerve with me. poorly written. but hey maybe you less weak minded women like being told what to do because you cant make your own decisions. this is BS….tis all

    • Kj says:

      What constitutes a “weak minded” woman? Is it one with little education? One who can’t make choices? One who doesn’t know how to be independent?

      What would you think of a woman who’s been completely on her own since she was 18, has had tons of medical problems that she’s battled back from ON HER OWN, who decided to return to college as an adult, who is working towards her PhD in psychology, AND who chooses to be submissive?

      I am not weak minded. If anything, I am one of the strongest people I know. I have survived more in less than 30 years than most people ever face in a lifetime. I have had several long term relationships in traditional form and all have failed.

      How can you judge something you know so little about? It is so easy to look at this from the outside and claim that it’s deviant. I am more than capable of making my own decisions and I still make them regularly in my daily life (college, family, social, extra-curricular). However, I also defer to my partner who I do call Master.

      Does it matter that we rarely fight because our roles are laid out clearly in the relationship? We have no ambiguity. I know that he puts my needs before his own and always makes sure that I am taken care of in all ways. At the same time, I put his needs and wants above my own to make sure that he is comfortable and happy. How many “traditional” relationships are characterized by selfishness and resentment? Master and I say often that we each feel we are getting more out of the relationship than we are giving, so we both try to give more.

      Why does submission have to be about weakness? Can’t you understand that some people in the world simply want to be happy and accept that they’ve found a way to do that?


    • Rain says:

      Nicole I say this to you and I hope that you realize you may have no understanding at all about ….Master/slave relationships. It is the unknown that people have fear of. It is not your place to form judgment or opinions on another What works for me may not work for you. As long as you have not walked in another persons shoes it is best to keep your opinions to yourself. I have lived both lifestyles and find that M/s is better for me in a lot of ways. I have found comfort, pleasure, love, protection for both my inner self as well as my outer self, understanding, happiness, comfort, trust, along with a lot of other things I have not listed here. I have found so much more happiness since I have a MAN that knows what is best and I have left the other way of living I have found so much more happiness since I have decided to give my all to my MAN. We both are so much closer to one another than I was with other men in my life. This by no way means that I am not a strong woman it just means that in this life I feel so much more fulfilled. It takes a strong woman to serve her man and do what is required to make him happy. So before you be so quick to judge others take a deep look within yourself and than you may come to realize that you really don’t have any understanding or room to form opinions

    • Allison Taylor says:

      I would like to ask Nicole why she is on this site reading BDSM material.???She must surely be showing a curiosity on the subject.but in self denial.
      A year and a half ago I was feeling exactly the same as her,as she does now and I am a very strong minded,independant woman but also a natural Submissive.I would never turn the clock back to my old lifestyle as I now know what true love,companionship,mutual understanding and communication truly is now.
      I think if there were more Dom/Sub relationships in the world then the divorce rate would be next to zero.

    • goodyoungwife says:

      Jesus was a servant, by the way.

      Is that sickening as well?

      Religious people bow their heads in prayer.

      Many religions around the world throughout history teach the practice of submitting your will to a higher power/belief/whatever. Why not love. Why not the person who supposed to love you above all others? Does your man wake up every morning and worship you? Mine does.

      If more women opened themselves to the natural power of true femininity, they would have experience more of the true power of a REAL MAN…which I hear my misguided girlfriends moan about all day…”oh…there are no real men out there…blah blah blah…” I spend my working hours directing a company of men and women…and I cannot wait to get home and wash my husband’s feet.

      Try it just once…Nobody even has to know. You just might feel differently if you just let go of that ego of yours, hun.

  28. Rogue says:

    To the author of this wonderful work I bow my head and thank you for having the strength to share such a deep and personal thing with the world.
    To those of you who cannot understand her, you have no right to judge her. You only succeed in making yourself look small when you do so.


  29. myimako says:

    I am a fifty yearold woman, and with out being a submissive woman I am lost, as though smething is missing in my life.

    I do not understand why those who do not unerstand our way of life, feel the need to condemn it, why not just accept who we are and what we are. Just because you do not agree does not make it wrong.

    Maybe it is you that have the issues rather then us.

  30. angel says:

    i am a submissive and we are anything but weak. do you think weak people can endure and tolerate the restraints for love? they don’t let anyone walk over them, and though they are sometimes ordered to do things, it takes strength to swallow your so called pride and do it to please another. we ae not doormats, we are not property in the sense we are not human. we are human, we are allowed mistakes, and we are allowed happiness. we have our own minds and may express ourselves freely, if in a true relationship. if anything, the sub has more power in the relationship than the Dominant. it all depends on her to please the Master or Mistress, and to submist. also the Dom must allow the sub happiness. they are not to be abusive. weak women allow abusiveness. strong women allow Domination. there is a difference. i would know.

    ~angel, pet to Mistress Rai

  31. carla says:

    I think it is the perfect ediscription of love and trust. I am submissive but i juwt can’t deal with the word master. To trust someone so completely is a gift and to w3ant to give so freely is truely love. I feel the same about my man but i just don’t call him Master. Been there before and it was a very bad few yrs. So going by the name master or not it is a beautiful thing.

  32. Butseapse says:

    Sorry for writing off topic … which WP theme do you use? Looks stunning!

  33. nwslave says:

    i hope that the people that do not understand Master/slave relationships could make two choices ask questions respectfully or say nothing at all. We all know that the unknown, or what is different is often viewed as scary so people say hurtful things to lash out. i usually find that is about insecurity in themselves. There is no need to try and put someone else’s choices down. What i do know is we are a diverse world and we are not going to all agree and what we need to know is that it is okay. we need to choose the relationships that work for the individuals in the relationship. There are a number of cultures in this world that i do not understand yet i want them to have every happiness in the world.

    There is good and bad in all things. i wish we could have all the evil in the world gone. However because a relationship is different from what you understand that does not mean it is wrong, it is simply different.

    While there are corporations that would want to profit by a person being submissive. Being submissive in your employment maybe is what you are good at and that is not a bad thing either. However most corporations want strong people that know their skill well and can make competient decisions that will benefit the corporation. If you are not happy in your situation then it would be good to find a situation that you find fulfilling.

    Some governments want their populations to be submissive i am sure that is very true. Not every government does some are set up to respond to what the people want. Politics is not my forte what i do know is that it is never what we think it is. Interesting choice of terms for your next comparison, pimps want their prositutes to make money. It is all about the mighty dollar and if it required the person to be dominant then they would want that to. Pimps want the role to be played what ever it is for the almighty dollar. Some kidnappers get off on the fact that their hostages fight back. Terrorists want their target populations to fight back so that they can continue to fight. Terrorists are consumed with the battle of control and power.

    Being submissive is just what it is a state of being. As any state of being it has the potential for good and the potential for bad. Those that can corrupt and use a state of being, or change a state of being to evil they will find a way to do that.

    However what is being discussed here is the beauty in a state of being that is nurtured and respected. The sharing of honesty, devotion and deep love. Also what i hear over and over is honor.

    It is okay that you don’t understand. i celebrate the people that have amazing relationships in life.

    What i have learned over the years is that i have met amazing submissive/slaves. They are leaders in our communities, you would be surprised who might be a part of your submissive community.i have been blessed to be an active member of our community. i host a discussion group and i host a yearly retreat.

    i love what this submissive writing had to say. For myself my relationship has empowered me to be all that i can be. i have become a leader and support to others in my workplace. i have become a leader and support person to those in my community. There is no way to explain to someone that does not have an open mind. Demonstrating this kind of intolorance is what breads hate and you are back to where you started.

    i for one say everyone should find what brings you joy in everything you do and be happy, then share that happiness with others and maybe someday the happiness will out shine the negative and hatred.

    i hope other keep posting. Happy Holidays.

  34. Lady Eve says:

    My husband and I have been married for 11 years… I thought we were happy… I’m a strong, independent woman… I speak my mind and like things to go my way and happen when I want it to happen… I never thought I was submissive…. My husband always allowed me to do what I wanted and gave me what I wanted… We had our arguments but never anything serious ….. longest argument lasted about half an hour and they never happened often… Then this year we had some serious problems… And I must confess it was my fault… I stared to talk to someone online and he showed me a side of me I didn’t know about ….My husband found out and all hell broke loose…. My husband has taken this very well.. I must say…. He says he always felt like he wanted to dominate me but he didn’t know that I would allow it… I’m still learning to be submissive and I love it…. I feel so loved and beautiful… I feel sexy… I have realized although I am submissive I have all the power… and that feeling is.. overwhelming at times… I think he loves me more now… I know I have never loved him more than I do now… I still like things to go my way… but I have learnt somethings are worth waiting for…. I just want to say thank you… for your beautiful poem… and to those who don’t understand what it is like to be submissive …. Don’t knock it until you have tried it…. I have never felt more like a woman than I do now….

  35. Beatiful poem, I love it. I wish many womwn read it. Submission it’s a gift of God for women and a present for his Master. I love submissive girls. They are the peace of men

  36. Vicki says:

    Just beautiful!

  37. master mark says:

    hi, well up to chat and go from there? im rocketman3641 on my yahoo messnger, and mark crawfish on my myspace page add me will chat some, u may like master mark

  38. xyna says:

    in response to this comment: “Sickening.
    Strong? No.
    Proud? Hell no.
    Don’t try to fool anyone. This “submissive” business is not honorable, is not human, is not intelligent.
    Any “submissive” who wants to say that s/he is strong and powerful is deluded. When you hand over your power, independence, and *dignity*, or allow it to be taken from you, you cease to be human. You are then weak and subhuman.

    Woman – March 21, 2008 at 10:18 pm”

    i’m new to the “lifestyle” in the formal sense but i’ve always been in it and just never really knew or called it any kind of name..but i have news for you..i give myself completely to the Man i love by choice and yet if anyone out there challanges me by calling me weak or sub-human trust me when i tell you if you ever came up to me physically and tried to attack me you’ll be dealing with a woman in the martial arts so might want to rethink the weak and not so strong part again before you say things without really known an indidvidual..hence the feamous quote :Judge not lest ye be judged”..

  39. robert says:

    just Beautiful!!!!!!!111

  40. Peaches says:

    I really like this. My man is into being the master and I am willing to learn anything he wants to teach me. Does he want a slave? NO. He just wants me. I am so many of the things this lady has described in her poem. I always thought being submissive and having a master was dirty, until I was shown that its not in any way shape or form.

  41. samantha says:

    To the writer, thank you.

    To those in disgust, i’m sorry you have been disgusted.

    To everyone else, i am grateful that i’ve finally find people who feel the same way as i do.

    The hope that one day i will find a master lives as a sanctuary in my mind.

    • Michelle says:

      Thank you to the person who wrote this beautiful poem. Deep down I have always known I was a sub, but never met the right man I trusted. I am with a man who is a dom and I love it!!!! I totally and completely trust him and have never had a bond this strong with anyone!

  42. renee says:

    I have always loved this poem from the first time i read it. It explains the way i feel in terms i couldnt.

    To those that find this disgusting – go away. Submissives are strong, proud people, who give themselves fully to their Master or Mistress out of strength, not because they cant decide for themselves. I have never felt more respect, love or admiration since i was collared by my Master. I hated myself. Now i have learned to love myself by being submissive to another who is stronger then me. Why is that so wrong?

  43. gwilym says:

    i like sometime to chat to you about desire to be a submissive .Iam a master and like to explore your views

  44. Newly submissive says:

    I have recently entered into a relationship as a submissive woman. I have never felt a deeper connection with any male, than I feel with him. Still new at this, I tend to forget myself and I displease him. The only way I can explain the feeling of him being displeased with me is torture. I give my whole being to his Dominant man of mine……..and I am so grateful he takes the time out his busy schedule to teach me how to give my entire self to him……………

  45. Nathalie says:

    To all,

    What’s the use explaining this blissful feeling deep inside you to someone unaware of its existence?

  46. LilyLove says:

    This is beautiful. I’ve never been able to put the words down…but you’ve done it. It took so much to not cry at the truth in front of me. Thank you for this ^_^

  47. peace says:

    Beautiful. Any man would be lucky to have you. you are loving and different. Don’t let no hateful feminist try and discourage you. You are a real strong woman.

  48. greenfairy says:

    truly beautiful poem,its takes so much strength to give yourself completely to one person,to trust them without doubt,to trust them with your mind,your body and your heart..there was always something missing in me,and ive now found the man who who puts the last piece of me in place,ive never been more in love and so utterly fufilled and happy as i am now,and i know that i do that for him,i am everything to him and he makes sure i know that everyday,people who say subs are weak,pathetic or have mental issues dont have any idea what they are talking about,we are not ill,or sick or perverted,we are in healthy relationships,we love each other and trust each other,something alot of people in so called “normal” relationships are unable to do.i love myself now more than i ever did,and thats because of him,no man has ever made me feel so complete,i owe what i am now to him……..

  49. SLAVE A says:


  50. Trip says:

    Amazing and Beautiful. Those who criticize a D/s relationship were most likely hurt or offended by somone who called themself a “master” to justify controlling behavior and rough sex. A true D/s relationship, in my opinion, is about responsibility and accountability. It’s a true power exchange. Having someone submit to you is the greatest Gift and Responsibility that you can ever experience. Masters don’t go around “recruiting” submissives… submissives seek out Dominants because they recognize their strength and ability to instruct and protect. As for submissives being “weak” and “mindless”… Why would a Dominant want a weak or mindless submissive?… Understand this… the stronger and more independant the submissive is, the greater the value of the gift they give by submitting. I think that in a D/s relationship, the Dominant should find it just as challenging as the submissive. Another thing… (someone uncorked my bottle, hehe).. Dominance and submission are not things you are taught. They are your Nature. Training is nothing more than a way to learn to better express who you are.

  51. Beth says:

    This is just ABUSE!
    RUN NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    • megorah says:

      May i ask what is abusive about it? i worked at a battered women’s shelter for 5 years, and happily live in this lifestyle…any abuse i have had in my life has been from a relationship that was far from this. i warrant that these lifestyle choices are hard to understand, but would like to state that i as a submissive am never demeaned, talked down to, belittled, or felt to feel bad about myself, rather, my Master holds me to a higher level of self pride, and works hard to give me all i need in the way of feeling good and proud of myself…far from abuse.

    • His Submissive Princess says:

      Yes I agree with you..I also meet alot of battered women and its never from a relationship of Sub and Dom. My Master keeps me up high, he is proud of me and loves to show me off..he has me on a pedestal. I know Im a little bratty when I want something but he understands me and spoils me even more..I love it. And im glad that more women are more into opening up and admiting to themselves that this is what they truly want.

  52. ninah says:

    Thank you so much for this poem, I hid my submissive nature throughout my life andI have finally let myself be who I am ….I feel stronger and more alive now than ever before. I have a patient Master and am more free than I have ever been in my life. Be proud of who you are, your an inspiration to us all 🙂

  53. Diesel says:

    I am truly amazed at the beauty of life and the things that surround us daily It is amazing how in a pack of wolves there is one pack leader the alpha male and then there is an alpha female who decides the pack order but still submissive to the pack leader
    Then there is the herd ,one bull or stud controls the fate and stability of the entire herd and all the powerful creatures are submissive to just one
    Or the trees and vegetation that dominate the land and protect it from erosion
    every entity has a master of one sort or another even the “bible” instructs man to “go forth and have dominion over all the earth” we are instructed to “subdue the land”
    It really does not matter from which point of view you look at it
    there can only be 1 chief everyone else has to be indians and to say you are not submissive is to lie to yourself
    why you ask! who pays your paycheck and take a good hard look at the money that does not belong to any individual but the government that issued it
    Take a little time to think long and hard about your current role in life and society then let me know if you are truly equal with anybody
    forever your friend who learned the power of submission through the suffering of dominance

  54. Bill Andrews says:

    I think the following story would be a very good eye and mind opener to many of you. Open your minds and your hearts to things that you don’t always understand, you might find that which you’ve always been looking for!

    A confused submissive came before a wise Master who adored her. She felt that to submit to Him would mean she would open her heart to unbearable pain should He ever leave her. She hungered for Him and needed Him, but was ready to walk away in panic.

    The gentle Master knelt her before Him and started a tale of love and devotion. As she looked up at Him His arms began to widen and open like a large tree, which stretches its branches to the sky.

    At that moment the Master appeared rooted to the floor and His impressive size towered above her like a giant tree. Then He began to speak… “I’m here for you”… now and always no matter how far time and space takes U/us. Whether you walk away from Me today or you stay and serve Me I will not turn from you. I am as patient as time itself; I will take not from you unless you give freely and completely of yourself, but I give unto you regardless– for My love is unconditional… Like the olive tree that can both feed you and shade you, I am there seemingly eternal to your short life on this earth. If you need My fruit to feed your hunger I will give you all the fruit you need. If your skin grows dry and loses its luster, the oil from My fruit will restore it and make it glisten. When you need comfort My leaves will gently caress your face with the slightest breeze.

    When you need discipline My branches will correct you when the wind blows strong. If you just need My shade to protect you from the sun, My branches will shade and protect you. If you need warmth at night My fallen branches will fuel the fire to keep you warm and safe. If you need a refreshing breeze My leaves will fan you and cool you.

    You are My gardener. When you submit to Me, you tend that which keeps Me vibrant and full of life. When you kneel under Me and till the soil, you give breath to My roots. When you water Me, My sap flows strong through Me raising My limping branches. When you soil yourself collecting fertilizer with your bare hands, you strengthen and humble Me with your devotion.

    Although My life will go on, Life would not be the same without you. Your dedication and unconditional care for Me keeps Me vibrant and nurtures My very core. The sustenance and protection I give you seems little reward for your servitude. Still the gardener serves the tree from her heart and the tree in return gives to her heart all that He can!

    I am planted firmly on the ground and cannot follow you if you walk away from Me…. But be assured I will survive. One hundred years later and two of your lifetimes; I will still be there, waiting for “you” in the same spot to offer you all that I do now. Stay with Me and be My gardener. You cannot get lost in Me for W/we are complementary to each other. I am your devotion, and you give meaning to My existence. Apart W/we live life and survive; T/together W/we bloom eternally!

    As the Master finished His last words the sub cried herself to sleep at His feet. That night, He stood planted there like the Olive tree offering her His unconditional love and protection as she slept. As she would tend to Him with her devotion the next day… and everyday thereafter!

    • sweetsub says:

      very nice story too. thank you

    • Kim says:

      That is a beautiful way of describing this lifestyle.
      I have just discovered that I am submissive. Not only submissive, a “natural” submissive. I cried for a week. I fought this diagnosis for days. But I was found by a wonderful Dom. He took the scary out of the stories I’d heard. He explained it to me so I knew my role. And my answer to everything he explained was “but thats just who/how I am”, therefore, the “natural” submissive.
      Ive always loved to please my man. I thought that was normal.
      I please people automatically. I thought that was normal.
      I put others above myself. I thought that was normal.
      I didn’t want to be labled. But I realized the lable is for the world to understand who I am.
      The lable doesn’t define me.
      Im just me.

  55. Darl says:

    Thank you for the insight. I just met a guy who has asked me to enter into this lifestyle. Not ever having even thought of this before, I am trying to research for him to see if it is something I can do. This seems so much more realistic than some of the articles I have read today, some have been downright scary! This gives it a much more “softer” side.

  56. And what of the dominant male’s feelings. If he is deserving of the submission of a lovely woman (and she has determined that before submitting) then his love and responsibility for her are boundless. Knowing that her submission to him is the ultimate expression of love, admiration and devotion, he will be overwhelmed by the sensations of total devotion coursing through him, mind and body. Knowing that a loving partner will welcome even abuse in order to prove her devotion will move him to accept the totality her love and return it with his total love and devotion. A master/slave situation in which the master becomes enslaved by the love of the slave.

  57. lula says:

    I am a submissive woman and I independently chose to be this way. I have never felt more love and trust in a man or had so much joy in pleasing another. My heart feels devoted to his along with my body, my mind and my soul and I feel like this love is a diamond in the rough as far as relationships go. I have had 5 “normal” relationships, and while they were good submitting is better- for me and for him. I crave his body and his instruction and I have never been more excited to open my soul or spread my legs for anyone.
    To those of you that don’t get it – I’m sorry you do not know the COMPLETE joy in being Dom/sub Man/Woman. But I’m not sorry my sex life is better than yours!

    • v.leigh says:

      “But I’m not sorry my sex life is better than yours!”

      This cracked me up and I HAD to reply! Good for you lula!

      I am just exploring becoming more submissive myself and gradually introducing my husband of over 6 years to my desires. While we have always had a satisfactory sex life, I have felt a need for something more from him – something that I could not put into words.

      This poem describes so many feelings that I have grappled with. I am a business owner in an industry not common to women – that makes me a bit of an anomaly to begin with. This slowly changing shift in roles is such a complete release from the difficult decisions, the pressure and the stress that I carry everyday. It is gradual right now… my husband is used to seeing me as the dominant in every aspect – but I am not truly happy that way and he is a strong man in his own right. I know his love for me is so complete that he deserves the privilege of being my master.

  58. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to say that when I first started and my Master wanted to train me, I was unsure and confused. It was this poem that convinced me that yes, I am a submissive woman, but it doesn’t make me a weak woman, or one less deserving of respect. It makes me a loved woman, with my own identity that thrives off pleasing my Master. This poem changed my life for the better.

    • His Submissive Princess says:

      Omg Im the same way..I will be moving with him in a few weeks and Im scared because I want to be perfect and do the right things, I know I can but Im still afraid. I know he will help me through this and have lots of patiance with me.

  59. Phyll says:

    i am just beginning a relationship with a man who is into the Master/submissive lifestyle. This article is such a help for me to understand feelings that i have never had before. thank you

  60. river says:

    I’ve been “found” by my Dom by chance. When He told me i was a sumbissive i didn’t know what he meant. All this was new to me, completely. The more i learned the more i realized He was right. I am submissive by nature and in the wrong hands i’ve been abused (emotionally and physically). In the hands of my Dom i am cherished, loved and protected. Not everyone is a sub or a Dom. So they may not understand what this relationship means. And the life they live works for them. While this life works for us.

  61. colleen says:

    I have had submissive feelings for most of my life. Throughout my relationships, I kept them hidden, unsure whether to voice them, whether my partner would understand. Then someone came into my life. Instinctively, I knew that this was the one I could share all my dreams with..My ‘secret’… It was if he were a part of me, a part I had been missing for so long. With him I feel free. Free to explore any avenue I desire, with him as my guide. I give him my complete trust because his love surrounds me every day and I know that my pleasure ultimately gives him great pleasure. I have been freed from the restraints of my own mind and have been given wings. I will be a willing sub to my Master. Only with him am I truly able to find myself.

  62. Rain says:

    I am new and am in training. I first want to express my feelings about how sad I am for those that really don’t know the true meaning of love There is no greater love than that of a Master and his slave. I am not in this relationship because I have to be I am in this relationship because I want to be. I serve my man because I want to. It gives me great joy knowing that I make Him happy and I fulfill His needs. But its not a one way thing I receive much more back in return. My Master is concerned about my needs as I am of His. We complete one another. It is not a sign of being a weak woman for it takes great strength to put your life in another persons hands. We complete one another. We share a trust in each other more than a lot of people will ever be able to understand I enjoy the presence of Him always being here with me even when we are not physically around each other I still can feel His presence.
    This love is built on total love and trust with my man. We are honest and hold no secrets from one another. I am forever grateful that we are together this love is none like the others I have ever had and I treasure each and every moment of it. I have finally discovered what true love is really all about!

  63. Sharon says:

    Being a submissive woman this brought tears to my eyes…….what a beautiful expression of what we are.

    Thank you!

  64. xyna says:

    It’s not been a few years since I officially started in the lifestyle and my Master and partner in life treats me like a princess. We’re truely in love and he’s aksed me to marry him and he’s taught me so much and yes, I am honoured to be a submissive 😀 I’ve always been in the life style and just never knew it had a name and no, I don’t have any real insecurities or low self esteme or anything like that at all… I’m a very educated woman with a very successful career and I treat everyone with respect and people respect me as well…

    I hope that beautiful poem about a submissive woman in love continues to encourage people everywhere to remember that there is nothing wrong with being a submissive.. It’s not an abussive frame of mind at all.

  65. Cletus says:

    Hello. I was hoping to talk to someone who understands submissive women. My wife has come out, so to speak, and told me she is submissive and I have absolutely no clue what to do about this. I love my wife and want to make her happy. Can any of you offer me some nuggets of wisdom? Id’ be most grateful.

    • hmm says:

      she wants you to be a man. Now that’s a bit vague but show affection to her like cuddling and stroking her hair. Don’t just randomly do it. Like when you are waiting in a cue smile at her or something. When she comes to sit beside her, pull her close. You can then say how you are glad you met her, it doesn’t have to be too cheesy. All the basic stuff that a man should do to assure his wife. Women/submissive women need assurance trust me. You might not be the best in the bedroom but doing the simple stuff works wonders.

  66. s says:

    that defines my dream woman 🙂

  67. New to this world says:

    I would like to thank whomever posted this verse. I have wondered for years why I was so turned off by physical affection from my husband or any other man for that matter. Since doing some research, I have discovered that I am truly a submissive at heart. I tried for so many years to be the perfect independent, strong woman when all I managed to do was be the biggest Bitch around. My husband has willingly accepted his role as my Master and things have been wonderful ever since. Upon realizing that being submissive to my Master does not make me a weak person, our marriage has gone to a whole new level. I willlingly turned over full control of myself to him and I have felt more love and respect from him ever since. Our marriage has been better in the past year than it has ever been in the 20 yrs prior. Thanks again for the post.

  68. sas says:

    i love this, i dont think one is forced into it, it is a chice and only a strong person can make the choice to give all of them to another

    • Jim says:

      No one is forced. It is given, for sure. It is also a big responsibility to be the one who is dominant. Not to be taken lightly.

  69. faith says:

    My husband and i fell in love at first sight 27 years ago. We have been married for 25. At 17, with no computers and coming from a relatively small town, we had no experience or knowledge about D/s. We began living as Master and sub almost immediately, without guidance, just following our hearts. We have two grown sons and are close to our family and friends, but our private live has remained private. It is obvious to all of them that he is the head of our household, but that never seemed unnatural or need explanation. I cannot imagine my life without him, I am more in love with him than ever and I believe the nature of our relationship has much to do with that. I was drawn to him from the day we met, and vice versa. It is a beautiful relationship and one that will continue until we leave this earth. For those who judge, understand a quarter of a century is a very long time. This love is real, this type of love lasts. I am not submissive to everyone I meet, everywhere I go. In fact, before I retired, my job was one of leadership and management. And yes, 27 years in…the sex is still amazing! You are probably living in a glass house right now…I’d watch those stones if I were you.

    • Jim says:

      I can’t agree with you more. I now have a relationship with a beautiful submissive woman and have been with her for a few years and our sex is fantastic and I WANT to be around her. Not like when I was married where all I could do is work longer hours..
      I am relatively new at being in charge (about 4 years) and could use any tips you might also have that I may not know about. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    • Susan says:

      I love what you’ve written and feel the same about my boyfriend (for almost 8 years). He can’t/won’t express his feelings for me, but they are there.

    • Arthur says:

      Love at first sight..or almost at fiiest sight? wow I am still single and haven’t found a suitable woman for me. My aunt and another man told me to follow my heart. I also read the book of Ephesians Chapter 5 where it says husbands love your wives and wives submit tioyour husbands.

  70. sweetsub says:

    Wonderful wonderful site and ‘poem’. i hope to find my Dom/ Master one day soon. To be collared and owned by a kind and loving master, to whom i can give my all, myself

  71. Gunner1310 says:

    I have been a Dom for over 20 years , and ret after 30 years in the Marines, if all Subs. had that understanding.
    that is wonderfull

  72. hmm says:

    To be honest, I like an woman with an opinion as the next person but a woman with an opinion for me means someone I can have a conversation with and disagree with any choices I make. Not frigging yell at me or throw a hissy fit on how all men are mean. The heck! But a woman is someone who isn’t afraid to look at me or come to me with anything she feels. To be happy with the cooking and cleaning and not demand a cleaner, yes. I’ve met those…to be sensitive, just glorify been a woman even if you work.

  73. deanna h says:

    i truly felt what she expressed deep in my being. i thank who shared this. it helped me understand my self.

  74. Jim says:

    I know from experience that women who are submissive to their man, the relationship lasts. When there is a power struggle, there is always resentment and frustration and anger. There could be a lot of passive aggressive behavior related to this.
    I was married to a woman where we locked horns on every issue. We have since split and we are now both in relationships where one is dominant. I am dominant in my relationship and my ex is in a relationship where she dominates. We are both truly happier. My girl friend will do anything I ask and if she asks something of me, I give freely too. However, there has to be the one who makes the final decision.

  75. bossmanwes says:

    I have found my purpose and she is faithful and submissive to me. We fit like a glove.

  76. Anonymous says:

    to all of you who think that the person who wrote this is out of their mind, then you have no idea what you are talking about. go experience it first then come back and reply. or… dont. this is a preference. so grow the fuck up.

  77. April Blue Colton says:

    I love this poem! Expresses many feelings about submission!

  78. kimberly says:

    i have recently been choosen by my Master, we met through rather odd circumstances, i knew when i first looked at Him that He was a Dominate, i have always been submissive, i could not look into His eyes and our conversations were innocent and trusting, the first chance He got He asked me some questions about my lifestyle when i told Him i knew already the day i met Him that He indeed was Dominate…He and i have been together since He was my Sir and recently He has became my Master this poem is a great rendition of how it is and this comes from a submissive soul, To give complete controll in its self is a gift we are strong we have to be in order to obtain the special bond. my Master makes all decisions in our life He recently bought a house and we will share in this together it is a gift unto me from my Master, He treats me with great respect and loves me like no other has. The lifestyle is not for all many do not see the faith love and devotion it takes to live the Lifestyle it takes a few to make it work and a few to act like it is the biggest disrespectfull thing. a true Dom/sub life is not to demean or humiliate it is to pleasure and be pleasured in ways not all can comprehend. i am submissive by choice it is in my soul!

  79. tsar says:

    You are the most valuable thing a man can be keeping?
    I am ready to pay my price for a woman like you
    Be queen in my life
    And a slave on the bed
    Thinking, including thinking
    You are the most precious of all gems minimum

    But the question is: Do you accept but do not have the passion, love and leadership (and sometimes cruel) you’re to be his own ?????
    Wait for your reply

  80. rgoldman@billcunninghamshow.com says:

    Hi – I am a producer for a new national talk show called The Bill Cunningham Show. I ran across your blog, and would like to chat with you about the idea that a woman’s role is to serve her man. As a matter of fact, I am producing a show this Thursday on that very topic, and would like to ask if you or anyone you know would consider coming on board (we provide free travel to NYC) to discuss this topic. I would need both the man and woman in the relationship. I hope to hear from you soon.


    Rich Goldman
    Sr. Producer
    Office: 212-419-7485
    Cell: 646-701-3860
    Cell: 855-833-7770, ext. 2
    Fax: 212-419-7406
    Email: Rgoldman@BillCunninghamShow.com
    NEP Studios
    401 7th avenue
    2nd floor
    New York, New York 10001

  81. Anonymous says:

    Of course bein a sub or slave does make u strong to devote everything to 1 person of your choice makes u stronger then u can ever imagine so to the 1st comment u clearly haven’t got a clue u choose who u want to hand yourself over to I’m a very strong person till it comes to in between the sheets anyway but I know what I’m lettin myself into and wouldn’t change my life style 4 any1 as its so fun excited and fulfillin to know u r makin some1 a very happy person!!

  82. allhis77 says:

    I love this. For yrs i was considered the strong dominant person in my relationships. I felt like i had to be the new strong, independent woman that has become the definition of women of the day. And i was extermely unhappy in my 1st 2 marriages. 1st one lasted 15yrs, 2nd one 6yrs. I would fantasize about giving myself to someone. So my 2nd marriage i unconsiously searched for a more dominate man but not truly understanding what i desired i found an abusive man instead. There is a HUGE difference. I think that is where people get confused. A true Master is not selfish and has a huge responsibilty because he truly puts my needs above everything else. He understands and gladly embraced the knowledge he is responsible for me. When i meet my fiance i opened up and told him of my fantasies that i had never shared with anyone. He immediately took control. It was like a breath of fresh air and homecoming for both of us. He always knew he desired to be dominant but had not found a woman who was willing to submit herself and i finally felt free and loved. With both of us being new to the lifestyle we had to learn from trail & error what worked for us. The reality vs the fantasy. That we didnt have to embrace every aspect of what we thought was the lifestyle. I know this relationship is so different from my other 2. We have no secrets so we have more trust. We have much better communication. We show & have more respect for each other. And yes the sex is THE BEST we have both experienced. Is this lifestyle for everyone? Of course not, but for those who dont understand it and condemn it…….haha….it wasnt that many yrs ago your idea of a strong woman was considered abnormal. I will remain submissive and happy. And so thankful i finally found my Master.

  83. Cristian says:

    Beautiful poem. With every verse my mind went “yes!yes!yes!”

    I am a dominant man always trying to bring out that submissive side of a woman, although karma had brought me lots of women that have never really experienced the pleasure of being submissive.

    It’s my mission in life to teach my girlfriends about the need to be that way. I know that a lot of women are not comfortable in this role, but most are, even when they don’t know it and they play the role of a “strong” woman imitating the behavior of man, being absolutely clueless about the power of being submissive. Few women of today have really felt the power of being submissive and that’s the only way to be a “strong” woman in my opinion.

    I am a mean and self absorbed individual but whenever a woman gives me that submissive look and that sweet voice along with all her submissive attitude of “you know I’m your girl why you mad?” … I fukin’ melt.

  84. Arthur says:

    Hello, I am workiing on becomeing an intergrated male balanced by the attractive traits of both the nice guy and jerk. Right now, im a shy guy that is getting nowhere with most women. I prefer a wife.

  85. bahaa says:

    im looking for Women who love being submissive to men for marry her and whipped her and do my ordars any women want this gust add me on yahoo masterwantslave37@yahoo.com ok thank you bye#

  86. lee says:

    all women are submissive by instinct. the problem is that most men are weak, unreliable arseholes. the result is that women have to go against their natural instincts and be the strong person in the relationship. by the way, i am a man who used to be one of the above arseholes.

  87. Anonymous says:

    That was absolutely beautiful. She found the perfect words. I agree with Nzlovergirl — A huge Thank you! The haters have no clue and I truly feel sad for them, They will never truly know a love like this.

  88. xexe bilioxi says:

    People wonder y the world is corrupt.

    Obviously brain washing is and has been in process.

    At first it may have been a positive way to give females a doctrine as to occupy themselves … but eventally it was taken advantage of.

    If we men && woman were created 2b equal ….. (lies,lies,lies) ….

    Woman was created 2 be mans companion.

    As far as what else for a woman to do with “herself” …. that will allways be “her” choice, CHOICE!!! JUST AS MAN HAS HIS CHOICES, WOMAN ALSO HVE CHOICES!

    Sad reality, if a woman does not search deep enough she could be “led” to obey
    Man, and keep being submissive, subserpient, etcc.

    while man has no true deep purpose on life but to “just live”
    To breed && to live …. alone or not alone. A guy will continue to walk with or with out
    “A woman” … not “his woman bkz there’s no such thing as “his woman” ….

    Man has many woman, bkz those woman allow it.

    If the woman chooses 2 disagree with man he just keeps walking,
    Her heart, her concerns, are no meaning to man.

    If a woman chooses 2b submissive okay that’s her.
    Guess she’s happy that way.

    Ask yourself what would make u happy?? Is being submissive really worth it?
    How many times have you kept your mouth shut? And how much does this man owe you for all you have done for him? ……

    Its okay, because his other submissive lady will gladly accept you in
    “Their life” …. because submissive lady from the beginning eventually got replaced.
    They all do. There’s no such thing as a man who NEVER cheated, but there is a such thing as a man who genuinely allows you to be happy with out having 2b submissive

  89. c.page says:

    That was a story congratulations how can I find woman like that

  90. BIG STICK says:

    As a Domm having been conected to the D/s lifestyle for over 35 years with various submissives, the author hit the cat o ninetails on the back. This poem is a good reference point of understanding for someone who wants to know what a Domm is looking for in his submissives.

  91. mirabai says:

    To those who think being submissive is a weakness…

    You have to OWN yourself before you can give yourself away.
    Think about what that means…

    How many women in traditional relationships are empowered enough, and VALUE themselves enough, to be able to give themselves to their partner, mind/body/soul? There are some who do, to be sure.

    How many women in traditional relationships unconsciously believe their partner provides what they inherently lack? How many are willing to compromise themselves in order to gain that sense of security and wholeness? Probably more than you realize.

    Many traditional relationships are actually about being “in need”, not being “in love”. .. but women tell themselves pretty romantic stories about themselves and their relationships so they don’t have to face the terrifying reality that they don’t believe they’re “enough”.

    There is nothing anyone can say to make you, who think submission is a weakness, believe differently about it. In order to change your mind, you’d have to first challenge your own reality… you’d have to shine a light into the deepest darkest places within you… question those foundational “truths” you were taught as a child… and that is something you will never do. It’s just too terrifying to deconstruct the illusions you hold that keep you comfortable.

    You may be fortunate enough to have some life circumstance force you to your knees (no pun intended!), where you have to find who you really are inside, or die… but no one does that kind of painful personal inner work voluntarily.

    I’m a submissive woman.
    I know my worth.
    I love myself.
    Fortunate is the Man to whom I give myself.

  92. andy says:

    Some women love to be submissive for there master and will do anything to please him.

    i would love a new submissive lady and shower her in love and pleasure the way i see its a two way street give and take.

    If i had a wish this would be to be in a cockhold relationship and giving the lady all the action she desires as the husband looks on and enjoys the show.

    As for me fit fun and a guy who loves to please the ladies lol ….

  93. happy at home says:

    Have you noticed the one clear difference between the submissive writers and the non-submissive writers? Anger. I’m neither a Doctor nor a Psychiatrist. I don’t know why each group feels like they do. But if you want indicators of which group is happier, just read the posts. Then you can decide which group you prefer.
    These submissive writers are intellectual, non-condemning and are at peace and happy with themselves. Even as the non-submissive writer attacks, the submissives have not been judgmental. Controlling your emotions is a sign of strength. Spewing hatred and profanity is a sign of weakness.
    Beautiful poem for beautiful people. I sincerely hope that you who do not know our lifestyle find the love that we have found.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very well said. I was going to scroll down to the end and write my story but it’s all been said. I’m in my 40’s and have always known I was sub in the bedroom which is an exception from the other areas of my life. I’ve never had a partner until the last year with whom I could explore these feelings. This isn’t something you can just give up to anyone. He has to be trustworthy with not only my body but my emotions and my heart. Not all men are Doms. Not all women are submissives. It doesn’t work to try and make this fit into any relationship. If you are neither, I can understand the difficulty in seeing how this can be fulfilling and not just weird. I’m so fortunate to have found a wonderful man who is exactly the Dom that I need him to be and so much more. I love him in a way I didn’t know I knew how to love. He treats me with respect. It has nothing to do with humiliation and causes no harm to me. He completes me.

  94. janet says:

    hello seeking for one night stand

  95. His Submissive Princess says:

    Im a Cuban latina and I have met the love of my life, African American man..All my life I came across men that wanted strong feisty women..I tried to be who i was not..Dont get me wrong Im strong, I have raised my kids by myself and I have been mom and dad since my husband passed away..But I always longed for a Dominant male by my side..I have found him!! For a long time I could never admit to myself that indeed I wanted a dominant man and that I was submissive….All I have to say is that the feeling of giving yourself totaly to the man you love and giving him all control is the most mindblowing experience ever…And I dont mean to any dumb boy out there that can say *Im Dominant* No..Not every man knows how to treat a Submissive woman…
    I love this man with all my heart..and he adores me…Its a whole different level…its amazing!! I will never go back to who I was.
    Im proud of who I am..and always will be.

  96. His Submissive Princess says:

    And I want to also thank you for that beautiful poem…You have described what I have so wanted to say all my life.

    Happy and Proud of who I am.

  97. Anonymous says:

    I am sexually submissive, but I would never live that way as a lifestyle choice. To be sexually submissive is a fetish, for some people it turns them on. There is nothing sacred or beautiful about it. This verse is putting a man at the level of a god and that’s ridiculous. He doesn’t know everything, he has faults and he won’t always know what to do for the best. If you honestly think that you are destined to be someone’s slave than you probably have some psychological issues from your childhood that need to dealt with. You are not living as a fully developed adult human being if you live this way.

  98. Eddy says:

    i have had various sub females from all sorts of backgrounds and all sorts of shapes and sizes.
    It is the opinion of my subs and i that we enjoy our roles and that we do get sexually heightened by this, many of my subs feel and have expressed to me that i am kind, gentle and considerate dom that gives them the absolute freedom to say NO at any time because i feel that as affection and sexually we both have to feel the pleasure and be comfortable in what is a union of minds and bodies !!!

  99. GrammaticallyCorrect says:

    Look guys, whether you like or dislike this verse/poem/you-name-it-confession, I must say that you are all a disgrace to the English language. Go back to school before even attempting to contemplate grown up relationships.

  100. pigrider says:

    More plz

  101. tclem says:

    I am a sub and a christian, I am complete first by God and then master, whom I know God has placed over me in authority. I have never felt as fufilled as I do right now, nor as cherished and loved. Do not judge others as u will be judged. I loved this poem says exactly how I feel. Thank you

  102. SweetWitch says:

    I believe this is something we are born with..something that we desire and enjoy. Its the same as some liking blondes or brunetts, skinny fat,tall short. I feel pleasure to be dominated, I want to serve and give my Master, I feel joy doing so, When I say dominated I mean it in a good way not a bad way…we want to be taken by the hand. At least in my case no one is forcing me to do anything. For many yrs I was frustrated because I could not find the right man for me. My husband abused my submission all for the wrong reasons, Not any man can be a Master, there is a balance, and above all you must trust him. Above all I love him like I have never loved anyone.

  103. Dean says:

    Hello slave I feel your statement was very well said offering your complete body to the master for him to use for his pleasure are you still wanting to serve and where are you from ?

  104. ariel says:

    Just rember there are different kinds of subs. My master loves me and takes care of me but also punishes me when i have disobayed him or have forgotten/broken a rule. But there are also the type of subs who would rather have pain or be treated as his/her dom/dommes doormat.

  105. His Submissive Bitch says:

    My, my…. I really don’t like haters.. I submissive role very seriously has well… I love serving my Master.

  106. Savannah says:

    This poem makes me even prouder to be a submissive~ ^^
    Very young bisexual female pet in need of master!!

  107. bigdaddya says:

    To all who oppose what “YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND”…….

    I am a proud Master. My submissive bows at my feet. She does this because of her love for me. I allow her to do so because of my love for her.

    It takes a PROUD, STRONG, and LOVING woman to give herself completely to a man. She is my world as I am hers. The love is unconditional.

    There is NO DRAMA or ARGUEMENTS in this relationship. How many of you who oppose can say that?

    Yes I am a Christian. Yes I go to church. Learn these two verses people,

    Colossians 3:18
    Wives, be subject to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.
    Ephesians 5:25
    Husbands love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.

    Now tell me this is wrong again. If you say it is, YOU are not a Christian because you do not believe the bible.

    The love we have for one another is more than you can fathom.

    I can see her kneel before me. She can see me as she kneels before me.

    You kneel every Sunday at the church alter to someone whom you cannot see, hear, touch, or smell but yet you submit unto the Lord.

    This lifestyle is not about whips, chains, torture, demeaning, degrading, nor about control. This is about a love and a bond that truly makes one’s life COMPLETE! You people only see the so called “bad” in our lives. But did you ever stop to see the good?

    Let’s see if the ones that call this “sick” and wrong” have ever had a moment like the following….

    “””My love, my friend, my submissive cooked and cleaned for her Master. She then sat on the couch and laid my head in her lap. She told me of her day as I LISTENED to her. The whole time she was rubbing my neck, my back, and professing her love. After she finished, I carried her to the tub. I then ran her a bubble bath. I undressed her and placed her in the tub. I bathed her and washed her hair as I told her of my day. She listened eagerly as a child listens to a story. When I was done, I picked her up placed her on the warm towel I had pulled from the dryer, and wiped the water from her naked body. I then “OH WAIT! I guess I lost all of you liberated women when I said “I listened to her tell me about her day”, carried her to the bed, tucked her in, and kissed her goodnight.”””

    Your husband came in, kicked his boots off, sat in front of a tv and asked you what was for dinner. He ate, watched more tv, then kissed you on the head and went to bed. You had to clean the kitchen, do laundry, and hoped you had time to get a 2 minute shower before you had to go to bed.

    You are ignorant on the subject at hand. If you do not know about quantum physics, would you stand before a professor of the subject and tell him he is wrong. Wait! Do not answer that because there are people that would just for the sake of argument.

    So I ask, what is the problem?

    And why are the ones against it so affraid to have a name on their reply?

    • His Submissive Princess says:

      Bigdaddya you are exactly like my Master, Im so in love with him. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to serve him. I never knew love like this. Bigdaddya I would like for you to please email me since I do have a few questions to ask. If that is ok? Intellectualbrat@aol.com

  108. Gordon says:

    Well, i love my wife Kali when she shows respect for me. Showing respect means to keep the house clean, raise our 5 childrens, make dinner every night and being accessible for sex whenever and however i want it.
    I love womens who knows when to shut their mouths and smile, and keep themselves pretty and fresh for their husbands.
    Kali spend the day with our 3 youngest daughters everyday, Lavender, Azalea and Gianna.
    We have two boys at school, Gordon Jr and Georges. I also decided i want to have another baby, so she`s now 9 weeks pregnant.
    She is respectful with me, and knows our roles. I must discipline her and kids when needed, i lead the family and they follows me.
    WHats wrong with that? My wife is happy, always wearing pretty dress, and loves our kids.

    This is the best way to work out a wedding,

  109. Butterflykisses says:

    Simply put: Absolutly Beautiful.
    I have looked for this kind of love most of my adult life. I have known for awhile now I’m submissive but have yet to find what I’m truly looking for. So to you, the beautiful woman who has found true bliss…happiness…love…hope and to be cherished the way you deserve, thankyou for sharing what some of us could never put into words.


  110. unknown says:

    Wow u have voiced everything that I wanna be to my potential Master and hope that I can be everything to him as you are to yours

  111. mystique/hecate says:

    I am the author of this poem. Wrote it to my Master in 1976

  112. Johmey says:

    GUYS!!!!! Everyone walks a DIFFERENT path. THEY ALL LEAD TO THE SAME PLACE. lol. There is no “wrong” way to live your life. And if someone tells you that you are wrong for being you, shut them out of your mind and LISTEN to your own inner silence. You will find that this whole thing about right/wrong is only an illusion.

  113. Anonymous says:

    I love this kond of woman

  114. Brittany says:

    What a lovely story! And have been amused by some of the comments about this! Live the life you want to lead! This person is not asking you to follow in her foot steps! To me it is something that I have thought about numerous time and wonder if I will ever make a trip down this path! But we are all people and we have the RIGHT to make our own decisions! Read your book again! And rem your upbringings! If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all! All of you subs I wish you the best in your life choices and hope you continue to feel the way you do. Because above all else…. IT’S YOUR LIFE!! No one else’s 😉

  115. Lili43 says:

    Well, being devoted to your husband is a normal thing. Ive been raised in a very conservative Christian family, ive learned that women must obey their husbands and make babies. I am the 4th of 9 childrens, and i am proud to say that now at 35, i am married to Christopher and mother of 4 kids. Hubby choosed all of their names(with special qualities he`d love our daughters to have later, helping them to be good wifes) ; Christielynn Devotion, Christopher jr, Chelsea Honor and Caleeah Faithful .
    I try to please him as much as possible.. even though sometimes its hard..
    good luck to everyone xxx

  116. Queenofhearts22 says:

    I am 22 and completely devoted to my master, He is the head of our house and I am the body one could not work without the other. I have an eagerness to please him, I am not fearful or isolated only loved. He trains me everyday and loves me everyday I am 100% percent safe knowing he is there for me. If you think its about pain and oppression, you are wrong, it is about love and devotion that is shared between us. I trust him with all of myself, There is nothing I would not do for him and him for me.please do not judge me on what you think happens in my life, As a working , educated woman, this is how I have chosen to live. Loved.

  117. A fellow submissive woman says:

    I really feel this right now. Im just getting into this with my first master and understand. I’m still having trouble and don’t feel like I’m ever going to be good enough for him but I do love pleasing him.

  118. His Submissive Princess says:

    I have never felt more complete than I am now. When my friends look into my eyes they can see the happiness flowing in my soul. Be who you are, dont be afraid of what others think. For a long time I was afraid to express who I was because of how women have faught so much for our independence, I did not want to sound ungreatfull. But now I feel I can be me with my man, he is like someone I have never knew, he was I always dreamed about. And at last I found him.

    Even now I realize why y family was always so over protective with me, I guess soehow they knew who I was since a little girl, but the thing they dont understand is that I am a strong woman and I know how to stand alone. I just chose to want to have him in my life the way I do.

    Some women think that we are less than they are because we chose this way of life, we are not, we are stronger than what you think.

  119. Jan Webster says:

    The patriarchy is in the process of being unplugged. Christianity is just another organization created to make slaves and has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, one of the great ascended masters. The paradigm shift has arrived and all this nonsense (roleplay really) will be obsolete. Women aren’t really submissive at core level; this is more like a dress they wear and has nothing to do with who they actually are. Submissive women have often found this is a great manipultive tool to avoid any labor at soul evolution. They found a way to check out so to speak which allows them a dark little corner to carry out the drama. Most “submissive women” are masculine in appearance and mannerisms. Ironic, isn’t it? In other instances being submissive to a man is a useless attempt to even out the gender imbalance from which they suffer. Another oddity of submissive women is their hostility towards other women. Sort of like an abused subordinate office worker going home and kicking his dog. I shouldn’t be suprised if more claims of submissive women were openly declared in epidemic proportions in desperate hopes of a clinging to a world that is dissolving and no longer serves.

  120. anonymous says:

    where can i find a woman that adores her man, brags about her man, uplifts and cherishes. A lost thing it is.

  121. Missy says:

    Most Men & Women today are not ready for this kind of submission. I am 22 years old (husband 24) and I am very happy to have found my men who is able to show much appreciation for my submission and does not take advantage of it. To be submissive, to someone you love, does not mean you’re being weak or stupid. The relationship can only be good if both partners have the right idea about submission. Sex and the mind conection is inexpressibly satisfying. Arguments do not happen, rather debates. Support and Trust is taken for granted. My husband and I have stepped up from social relationship norms and there is nothing that can get wrong in our marriage.

  122. Anonymous says:

    what a bunch of bull, it’s a fake letter someone made up and your falling for it, good way to start a web site……

  123. Quinton says:

    I have a friend. She is 20 and I am 44. She wants me to own her and be my slave. We are very erotic and sensual and playfull. We are meeting very soon and then will plan our first session. W have been talking for weeks (texting, phone, chats). She is one of the most sexually charged woman I have met. I wanted to know how I should handle the first session. Like, prob nothing crazy, no whips, bounds, etc.. but, I know she wants handcuffs and some light spanking. Any advice or a sort of how to guide for the Master. This is my first real session…

  124. heather says:

    wow those who judge how others choose to live their life…it says nothing about them and everything about you who judge….

  125. heather says:

    what i meant to say above is that when you judge someone it says everything about who you are and nothing about them…..

  126. heather says:

    i am a submissive woman and my life is great i live a pretty normal life just because i am submissive to my Husband does not mean i am a door matt of any kind. W/we are a family and i cook and clean and He takes care of me and i take care of Him… the life is rewarding in many ways…i think people that don’t fully understand the connection between a sub and her Master tend to judge it is a way of life for some people just like for others maybe the woman takes on the dominant role…. who knows but it is not for any one to judge how others live or how they express them selves. i am not brain washed either i have my own opinions and thoughts i think before others go and bad mouth this life style think about how it would feel if someone did it to you and the way you choose to live. You have this one life so live it the way YOU want to live it…take what you want from life and what works for you and leave the rest. i wake up every morning greatful for the wonderful Husband and wonderful life i have sometimes i am not sure how my Husband puts up with me but He does… Do not judge what you do not understand…and do not judge what you do understand ….. opinions are like ass holes every one has them!

  127. Bones says:

    That is beautiful. I wish I could find a SUB of my own like that. One day.

  128. Jessica Ashly says:

    This poem frustrates me because I am in love with an older man. He makes me feel this way.

  129. erinH says:

    my fiance found this online and it sparked our discussion in Dd. i ended up starting a blog and posting it to mine. Sharing in so important in the Dd community. Thank you for sharing this!

  130. Traavis says:

    A beautiful tribute to both Master and Slave! My compliments! Has anyone read and have a copy of ‘The Tree’ I believe is the title written by anonymous I think. It describes the master as a tree rooted in the groud and his slave chosing to stay under his protection. I would love to find a copy!

  131. Shikijou says:

    Eww… why did some of you turn this into a religious thing? This poem describes EXACTLY how I feel for my Master. This has nothing to do with God or anything you hypocritical pricks. There is no proof of god… get over it and grow up. You’re a little too old to have imaginary friends… Dumbasses -_-


  132. Willow says:

    I would like to say that I felt it was a beautiful piece. My mate and I started out a vanilla life and I taught him to become my Dominating lover. We are closer to one another than anyone we have ever met. We can stand in a crowded room and it always feels like we are the only ones that are there. There is nothing wrong or evil about this life. We have perfect love and perfect trust. The most unbreakable love known. For those that condemn us saying we are wrong for this remember us when you lust for men other than your own with your eyes for we only have eyes for our own keeping true to our love. To love, to honor, to obey. Your vows kept in our lives.

  133. Anonymous says:

    i love this poem. i was able to find someone that wanted to take my hand….or should i say, He found me. He tells me that He always knew that i would be His. i yearn for the day that W/we are together….until then….

  134. new blissfully happy, contented and fulfilled sub in consideration says:

    Wow, that is the most wonderful, beautiful thing I have ever read, it just blew me away, thank you so much. I want to say I have just started on this wonderful path, I am being considered at the moment. I am a full time carer, I do kickboxing and do workouts and by no means am I lazy or weak (in response to some comments) I am a strong woman, who has escaped an abusive marriage with my 2 kids, had failed relationships, which left me feeling empty and unfulfilled. In the time since I got talking to Sir, I have felt more happy and more fulfilled than I ever have done and we havent even met yet, but that is going to be arranged very soon. We are a unique community of strong minded wonderful people who I am so proud to be part of. How can something that makes me so happy and fulfilled be wrong? The ones who have commented who have completely the wrong idea and opinion on something which they have no idea about, I wish you all the best in finding as much happiness as I have found, but I doubt it.

  135. Nice respond in return of this matter with firm arguments and
    explaining everything regarding that.

  136. mscocosasha says:

    I am the submissive woman. I worship my Master. He is my air and treats me like the queen that I am.

  137. Jim says:

    Personally I want a woman who is my equal, nobody is dominant or submissive in the relationship. I think wanting to be one or the other is a sign of deeper psycological issues. People who are domineering and controlling are insecure. People who are needy and submissive have low self esteem. This type of lifestyle isn’t healthy.

  138. Anonymous says:

    It says everything! I love it!

  139. Kitten says:

    As a submissive woman I may kneel at the feet of my master, but I stand very much by his side. Submissive woman does not equal doormat! In fact I have some very strong feminist values in the way I live my life that marry very well with my beliefs as a submissive woman. I am a strong and empowered woman, who can be on a par or next to a man. I can hold my ground intellectually and in my endeavours. A good Dom will celebrate your talents not undermine them.

    I am not weak because I enjoy my man treating me like a lady and being a gentleman. I am not weak because I relinquish my control to him and let him take care of me; he always has my best interests at heart. I am not weak for giving over my body to him for sexual pleasure; it’s me he needs not the sex. I am not weak for allowing him to make my decisions when he takes the time to know what I need. I am not weak for defending his name when all his endeavours enrich our lives.

    He leads me strongly by the hand and takes every effort to ensure my happiness, my wellbeing. I am his priority. His job is harder than mine, I merely reveal in the love he surrounds me with, the control he binds me with, the honour he bestows on me. I trust him implicitly to know he will always make the right choices for me, that he will never hurt me, that he will never disrespect me, he will never humiliate me and that he only has my best interests at heart. When someone is willing to give so much to me why shouldn’t I kneel at their feet? To kneel is the ultimate sign of respect, of gratitude of adulation. Does one not bow down to a sovereign crown, do we not kneel at the foot of gods altar in worship. We kneel to divine power because it humbles us, it’s our gratitude to its guidance and love for us. Why should this action be any different just because we are but mere mortal man and woman?

    Every little girl dreams of being a fairy tale princess rescued by her prince charming. Days of old, bold knights on gallant quests to prove their love and honour for the hand of a woman. Men where dominant, strong brave leaders. Woman where celebrated, cherished and protected. Respect and honour where everything. Society lived by a code that created a harmonious and romantic equilibrium, a notion that has been lost in the modern world. To create a harmonious life there has to be balance. Two opposite elements come together and work in union with each other. It’s the way of life, the Yin and Yen. To me this is the very heart of Dominance and submission. Submission doesn’t make me weak, it shows me what is truly in my heart and guides me to a better life. My gift of submission, my relinquishing of control, that I wholeheartedly and without reservation give to master empowers me, it sets me free.

    I willingly give over control to my master, he does not beat it out of me , he does not make me obey him with fear tactics and rule over me with an iron first. I give him control, my submission through trust, respect loyalty, admiration and love. My pleasure is his happiness, and I strive to nothing but to please him. I never doubt him and have full confidence that he would never hurt me, mentally or physically. I give him control he does not take it! A D/s relationship should always be safe, sane and consensual. I trust him implicitly to lead my life because I know he has taken the time to know my needs and do everything in his power to fulfil them, just as I do for him. I support him and his name in all his endeavours. My submission is a sign to him that I am grateful for all that he undertakes for me. Our lives are rich and fulfilled because of him. He makes me feel beautiful, like the last woman on earth. He makes me want to celebrate my womanhood to revel in it. He makes me feel more loved than I ever have.

    He is everything to me. Ours is very loving romantic union, we stand together hand in had and our loving power exchange makes us equals. He is in my power just as I am in his.

    No one will break our bond.

    this was given to me long time ago by one named Bridgette.. this is for all those who think submissives are a joke.. you submit daily to alot of things.. humans are slaves to there jobs they submit to there bosses etc…

  140. Submissive in Training says:

    This poem explains exactly how I feel towards my Master, I have only been with him for 5 weeks but I can not explain how happy, and how alive I feel now I am his submissive. I adore my Master and I hope he will feel the same towards me.

    I am looking forward and very excited to be walking this way of life with my Master, although I understand it is a very long road, and I still have so much to learn.

    I am extremely keen to learn and will accept and obey all my Master asks of me. I have never been or felt so alive as I do now. My Master has definately brought a new light of life into my heart, of which he holds the flame to at all times.

  141. cariye says:

    When i read this…i cried….it is a beautiful piece of writing….full of feeling andf emotion….not writen by one who is intimidated by her Master….there is no fear in the writing only the devotion and love that her submission allows her to give….without the love and devotion a girl can not give of herself in this way….there is a grave difference between a girl who lives in fear of her Master and the one who wrote this piece….a girl who lives in fear of her Master is not in a relationship with a true Master….she lives with an abuser….a true Master brings out the submission in His girl naturally….He needs not put fear in her….she will serve Him through the love and devotion she feels….i have been in both a loving relationship with a Master (and still am)…and a relationship with an abuser….so this comes from experience….i as all submissives will give far more to one who loves and cherishes her….being submissive does not make you a weak person….to be able to give of yourself in this way….give over the total control to Another takes strength…takes trust…and takes inteligence….i am not weak….i am not stupid….I AM SUBMISSIVE AND I AM PROUD TO BE….God bless the girl who had the strength to write this piece and God bless her Master also….I wish them the best of lives

  142. lolnope,no name for you. says:

    Why are they called Master’s? I’m just curious, I’m not attacking anyone or anyone’s way of living.

    It just seems like if you use the term Master, but it isn’t slavery, it’s just a little out of context. Or a little extreme.

    A better word would allow for those who do not share a similar lifestyle, to be a little more open to it, in my opinion 🙂

    but then again, I am not familiar with living this way, in a non-religious sense, and therefore don’t understand why ya’ll seem to be referring to your partner as “Master”.

    just throwing that out there, no hate.

  143. breakherlegs says:

    Beautiful poem.
    I can not believe the hatred towards BDSM by some people.
    I am not a full-time submissive but my partner is my lover, my soul-mate, my dominant. I am a full time lover. And I feel safe and protected and cherished in his care, and I feel happiness when I please him. I enjoy feeling vulnerable before him, because I trust him and I know he would never, ever hurt me. He respects the things which are important to me and does not force me to do anything I do not wish to do, and I am willing to explore and learn from him.
    I am not a weak woman at all. I submit to him out of choice, it fills up a hole in me and only he can do that. I have strong opinions and my partner respects them. I have an exciting life and I live it. All of this is my choice.
    I may not be a full-time submissive but the poem resonates with my very soul and I know well what all of you fellow submissives are feeling.

    For all of you hating on the BDSM lifestyle, may I ask you something?

    When your partner is unwell, and your out of your way, spending time, money and effort… what are you doing? You are doing something for them by your own choice out of love.
    When you do not do something because it upsets your partner… Are you brainwashed??? Because that is what you keep saying submissive people are because they wish to please the one that they love.
    It is a selfless act, a pure act to give oneself to another. It is all about trust.

    A Master loves, cherishes, guides, protects, cares for and nurtures his submissive because he loves her.

    As the poem states, the sex has very little to do with what the relationship is about.
    It is about so much more then that and there is this terrible misconception that BDSM relationships do not involve love and worse, that it is abuse.
    Sometimes that is the case, sure. There are false doms who take advantage of submissive women, and there are certainly people who indulge in BDSM for a sex only base…
    However what is also true is that some of the greatest examples of love I have ever seen have come from D/s relationships.

    Another misconception: That it denotes feminism.
    I am a feminist. I believe feminism, like freedom, like equality is about having the right to do whatever it is that makes you happy, as long as it does not impend upon another’s right to happiness.
    When a willing submissive and a willing dominant come together, they are filling eachother’s desires, contemplating eachother in perfect harmony.

    Also, there are plenty of female Dommes and male submissives in the world, as well as gay & lesbian BDSM relationships. How does this degrade women?

    Finding your Master is for many, finding your soulmate. It a feeling of completion that you could only understand if you have felt it yourself, like most thinks.

    It is utter devotion, on both sides. How is that not the purest of love?

  144. Cat Legends says:

    I have played both roles in a relationships. There is nothing enslaving, degrading, or abusive about it. Everyone needs to understand we are put on this earth with the gift of free will and the power to understand, exceed boundaries placed before us as well as the ability to recreate ourselves and even our persona. With this understanding I have felt superhuman in my own right….. Not subjective to society or any persons thinking.

    People who do not understand this sort of concept and impose their misunderstanding that one is being weak or abused or even without will, I believe, are entrapped or within a similar situation themselves. The closed mindedness, and or feeling that others are being subjected would suggest an inflexible mind and they have set their own boundaries in the way they live, limits to their own lives and contstructs to process information. Perhaps the infelexiable ones feel this way as influence/dictated from their religion/spiritual belief system.

    I affirm in the positive those who have the courage to live the lives the way they choose to and commend their bravery to have strength and resolve to overcome life’s obstacles … Physically and mentally.

  145. kev says:

    Where do you find a submissive partner. I am not into the heavy stuff but I know what I want and would like someone to fullfill those needs without question and in return they would receive respect and love

    • hunter's Shyness says:

      I’m not sure what you mean by “the heavy stuff”. If you are thinking it’s all about the sex you are mistaken. To be in charge of another human being should not be taken lightly. If you’re just in it for sex then your question I believe has no relevance here.

  146. Hunter's Shyness says:

    After reading the comments good and bad I found something that may need a little explaining. I have always been a submissive woman. Never have I called anyone Master. Some of us use other terms, Sir, Daddy, Lord and so on. There are as many terms just as there is many different (what I call degrees) of people that are living such a life. I have a Sir/Daddy. At home I call him either of those. In public I call him Sir. Just as there are no rights or wrongs in living this way. Whatever term is used it is always used with respect. In the same way we are not all slaves, some of us are pets or Daddy’s girls for example. To put us all in the same category would be wrong,we are individuals. To the nay saying I would like you to consider something for a moment. Imagine you are completely free to be yourself, have someone you can tell your deepest darkest secrets to,knowing they will never judge and love you anyways. To have someone you know without hesitation will be there when you need them, the amount of trust that you carry with you always can not be put into words.
    One last thing, do you people that shun what you don’t know or understand realize we have a word that will cause everything to cease immediately? We give ourselves to another because it is our need, our nature. Not by force are we taken.

  147. Mike says:

    Very nicely put, this helped me to understand my girlfriend and soon to be fiance, much better especially discussing it with her,

    And to all the males here that dont understand from the male side it is NOT slavery, i never once told my girlfreind to submit to me, yet she gave me her submission, once i had shown she was the most important to me and that i would look after her no matter what, put simply it is having complete trust and understanding in each others needs,

    submissives are not weak, nor are they slaves, or mindless and brainwashed, submissives are some of the strongest people i have ever met. just because they are submissive to one person does not mean others can walk all over them and it is the Master/Guardian whatever you choose to call its responsibility to not only understand that but to nutrure that appreciate it and see it for the beautiful thing that it is,

    now should people choose to enjoy the BDSM aspect of it then it is down to the two of them and nobody else to decide it is not for everyone but those who it is that is their decision do not be fooled by the commercialization this kind of relationship is far deeper than face value and very rewarding and a lot stronger than vanilla relationships imo

    once again thank you to the author of this i found it very insightful and helped me to strengthen my bond with my submissive.


  148. Hisperfection says:

    I enjoyed this. Thank you for publishing.

  149. Being submissive brings great pleasure to both parties, I love the post. Check out my blog

  150. Anonymous says:

    I am a Proud Submissive Women……Although i am unattached at the moment a D/S relationship is the only one I seek. Downgrade our lifestyle if you will,but ours is a relationship based on complete loyalty,trust,and communication. It’s not abusive to love someone and want to see them become the best person they can be. This is the core of any good D/S relationship. I will admit that there are some very unhealthy relationships within our community as is the same of vanilla life. You have to take things slow and make sure you find the one created for you,just as you would looking for love in any relationship. Any true Dom will always put his submissive’s needs first and hold her above all others. As in return she will him. If you are in a D/S relationship and he doesn’t then you should talk and if resolution does’nt come. Leave… There are alot of abusive man out there that try and use our community to there advantage. As in any relationship…Be smart. *hugs & kisses* *my Bdsm and D/S Family*

  151. Anonymous says:

    I love this!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋

  152. Jerica Taylor says:

    Thank u for this

  153. Rosslyn says:

    Is this normal

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